Customer leakage: how it threatens and how to reduce it

Any company is interested in expanding its customer base, but we should not forget about the importance of retaining existing customers. In this article, we offer you some simple tips to help avoid customer leakage. What is customer leak and how to calculate it? Customer churn (churn rate) is an outflow of customers (subscribers, users) who maintained relations with the company.

How to deal with ad blockers

According to Yandex.Metrica, approximately every fifth visitor of the Texterra website uses ad blockers. This does not affect the business agency. But the owners of sites that earn through advertising, you can drink soothing. Because of AdBlock and similar programs, they lose about 20% of revenue.

Chancery: good or evil?

I was prompted to write an article about the clerical office due to the undeserved contempt for bureaucratic language expressed by many authors. The reason for this attitude is the lack of understanding of the meaning and purpose of the clerk, its application where the office is inappropriate, or the inability to use it. Like any tool, the clerk requires certain skills and experience.

How to remove from the text extra artistry

I will explain how, without being an editor, a business and blog owner can independently assess the relevance of the artistic techniques used in the articles. You will learn: how to present the reader in a convenient form with the information for which he started reading; how to find problems in tasty texts with sufficient meaning.

Texterra against all

It is justified - it means guilty! I do not remember at what point it happened, but I will tell you how it happened. At the end of 2010, we brought the term "content marketing" into Runet. This was not a "detuning" of competitors, it was not our know-how. And, undoubtedly, we do not claim the laurels of the creators of this term.

How to make an article to read it? All you need is ...

Articles on the Internet have gone from textual “sheets” to serious materials that can be collected into whole books if desired. The success of a web text is largely determined by how it is designed. In the material above, my colleague Yevgeny Kucheryavy answers the question of how to formalize certain elements of the article, and emphasizes that it is based on personal experience.