Increase website conversion: step by step plan

Theoretically, increasing the conversion rate is straightforward. Each marketer can look at the site with a smart look, go to the product page, place an order, make a diagnosis and write out a few prescriptions. Typically, these experts do not go beyond typical diagnoses and recipes: pick up the phone in the header of the site, make the conversion button large and bright, add a call to action, show the hell the feedback from satisfied customers.

12 revolutionary tips on conducting A / B tests

The beginning of the year is an excellent reason for change. In the first days of January, entrepreneurs often start new projects and try to bring existing ones to the next level. There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of online projects. These include A / B testing, which increases the conversion rate of the resource.

Glavred Lentach Taras Sychev: about checking news, god-like picchers and editorial work

Every day we absorb tons of news from various sources. Behind every, even the smallest material, there is an entire team that will check the information and serve it. To learn more about this work, we talked with the chief editor of the popular Lentach community Taras Sychev. From the interview you will learn about the fight against fake and negative, the latest exposure of the publisher and the usual life of the editorial board.

Exchange gallery: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Good day! My name is Tatiana, and in the past I worked on the copywriting exchanges. Do you want to know what awaits you, if you do not get out of it in time? It sounds like the beginning of the confession of a former alcoholic, is not it? If you are sure that you can and can sell with the help of texts and are now looking for a more or less stable source of income, you must have thought to dive into the stock exchanges.

What is a white paper and why your business needs it

Surprisingly, in the domestic market, white papers (white books) are one of the most undervalued content marketing tools. Despite its immense popularity abroad, few in Russia still know about it. When our account managers mention white books in their conversation with a client, misunderstanding invariably arises.