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The Internet scandal about the "cherry cry" in a matter of hours glorified a small Moscow bar located in the Belorussky railway station. In "Bad.Bro.Bar" they say - they did not pay for such a banquet. But with pleasure they devour their "haired kidney buds". The PR community does not believe them: the concept of the bar coincided too well with the sexist message. In 2016, this scandal on the basis of sexism has already become the “thirtieth” in runet. Perhaps the most prominent were Aviasales, whose head replied to the SMM accusation of sexism with a headshot of sexual dissatisfaction and unattractiveness of the journalist. At the end of 2016, the Moscow Credit Bank managed to be noted with a sexist scandal in the New Year history.

The topic is clearly included in the category of painful points of society, which at first glance makes it very tempting for PR managers and marketers who are looking for more sensitive nerves from their consumers.

The history of the conflict with the "Bad Bro"

The team, previously known by the bar "Varka", opened "Bad.Bro.Bar" in early December 2015. The name was coined in accordance with the interior in a brutal style: a huge massive bar counter decorated with a skull in a cap; original baseball bats; wall painted in the style of Sons of Anarchy. During the year, the bar showed no prerequisites for scandalous progress.

On December 10, 2016, a post appeared on Facebook, accusing “Bad Bro” of sexism and propaganda of violence because of a picture posted on the counter, known as the meme “BBPE” (beat the woman on [to face]). In less than a day, the conflict turned into a "holy war."

On December 13, two days later and dozens of reposts of the first post, on Facebook’s Bad.Bro.Bar page, the tent awnings were replaced, the scandalous meme belonged to the “pen” of one of the bartenders. Neither he nor the administration wanted to offend anyone.

December 14, after another day, on the bar page appeared the announcement of the event, dedicated to the already popular topic.

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The sexist information service readily picked up the media, for which such holivars are the source of the avid spicy traffic themes. So the scandal flaming fire was plentifully watered with oil, gasoline and something containing hard drugs, judging by the headlines.

The response in the media was representative: in the first two or three days Wonderzine,, TJ, LIFE, wrote about the conflict. It was the wide coverage in the press that made the PR public suspect the scandal’s origin. Especially since he fits well into the concept of the institution: what else to expect from the "bad brother", if not blows to the face in response to a harmless request.

The fact that the action was not really planned was indicated by flaws in the absence of a formulated official position on the conflict, as well as slow answers (two days before the first reaction on its page is an unforgivable period for a pre-thought SMM holivar).

The surge of interest in "Bad.Bro.Bar" on social networks can theoretically be compared with the results of a paid SMM campaign.

"To call the effect particularly outstanding is difficult," commented SMM specialist, co-founder of the DISK agency Innokentiy Lukin, - and the result will last, most likely, not for long. The Facebook audience of Bad.Bro.Bar has grown by just over 200 subscribers, and content engagement has increased. But such results can be easily achieved with the help of classical advertising. Without compromising your reputation. "

Here are the data we received from the service

“For those who follow the trends, the picture from the bar didn’t become news,” says Innocent. “This meme was in the MDK community in 2012-2013, and earlier in Dvache. The meme was used exclusively as a provocation, and all the content of these publics then. Personally, this picture even without context causes not the most pleasant sensations to me. Of course, one can’t definitely call this trick propaganda of violence. vs An droid. But in any campaign you need to clearly see the line and understand how to work out the negative. If it was my client, I would suggest replacing the meme with a similar one (for example, Batman and Robin). "

“The meaning of this would not have changed, and the disgruntled client would be satisfied. The guys, in their work on the negative, took the path of“ not tolerating feminists and people without a sense of humor. ”As a result, they could not explain their position to the author negative to remove. This is unprofessional, regardless of the entourage and the name of the bar. Thus, it is not cool to communicate with customers. "

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Do not try this at home.

Despite the fact that the Bad.Bro case turned out to have good coverage, such an experience can be called rather a terrible dream of PR people and SMM specialists. Such conflicts are rarely linked to brand positioning, they require extreme concentration and competent anti-crisis PR.

“Aviasales can afford to use such PR tools systematically, and the“ Bad.Bro.Bar ”without the further PR support the public will remember rather like guys with a sense of humor below the belt,” he said. director of the agency "PR Partner" Inna Alekseeva. “This is a random, odd choice of" joke. " Rudeness and personal insults to the visitor do not add points. Overall, the story looks very ugly and truly sexist. "

With Inna Alekseeva agree and independent PR consultant Rosalia Kanevskaya, author of the Mediabitch blog: “I remembered the case of Bloomingdale - they somehow placed an advertisement, in response to which social network users were outraged that she was encouraging date rape. As a result, Bloomingdale apologized and removed the advertisement. who is dissatisfied with something in social networks, but generally joking about violence against women in a country where 80% of women have ever been subjected to violence or violent attempts by the stronger sex is not funny. And this is not about feminism and certainly not sense of humor. You can build the male aesthetics of the bar together other attributes, or at least opt ​​for dialogue in the picture another meme (for example, rolled his eyes, Robert Downey, Jr.). The meaning would remain, but would draw the feelings were not hurt. "

“Against this case, Aviasales seem to be teddy bears,” Rosalie continues. “And at such times it seems that the flash mob I’m telling me hasn’t taught us anything.”

Case "Bad Bro" - a rare coincidence of circumstances that worked in some favor of the brand. The absence of problems with the main product, the specific target audience and the initially suitable concept of the establishment allowed the bar to “wind up” the crisis in its favor. True, Central Asia eventually turned out to be even more thinned out.

Reaction of subscribers of the bar in the Vkontakte network to the announcement of the event

Through public indignation, the bar managed to smuggle banners with USP: with a sense of humor, the bartender and the management might be bad, but the main product, that is, beer, is good.

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But such a deal is an exception, especially in HoReCa. Most often, creeping up indicators of popularity against the background of scandals - this is rather a disaster. At least a recent example of the restaurant "Saperavi", where guests were denied charging the smartphone. No matter how invigorating the owner of the network, in reality, the discussion turned into an unpleasant course: they remembered that they did not accept cashless payments, they discussed the quality of the dishes with which there were problems.

More often conflict cases simply do not work. Especially when it comes to obscure brands. Even very, very sexist antics get only a quiet indignant murmur and settle in the reposts of individual activists of a particular social network, as well as in some not very loud publications. As, for example, this attempt to expose sexism in Belarus.

But if “hooked”, then the brand will not come out of the water. Since December 13, the Moscow Credit Bank launched a video in which viewers suspected sexist habits in the behavior of Santa Claus. The video was accused of misogyny (hatred, hostility, contempt for women), a wave of indignation started on December 15.

Even before the scandal, the PR department of the IBC managed to pay promotional publications in the media, in connection with which the situation in the information field became absurd: a “touching New Year story” in shades of sexism, chauvinism and misogyny. However, unlike “Bad.Bro.Bar”, PR managers of the bank began to respond to the situation immediately. A press release was issued with excuses, negotiations began with the public. It is hoped that the PR service will manage to resolve this conflict.

Western experience shows that most of the accusations of sexism for a brand or person are a blow to reputation and a big problem. Recall at least the physics of the mission "Rosetta". The cause of the scandal in social networks has become a shirt, and the consequences - remorse, tears and apologies. Of the most recent examples, the President of Chile, who apologized to the public on December 15 for smiling too broadly when he was publicly presented with a sex doll.

Perhaps sometime for the Russian business such a reaction will become the norm. For acts that can hurt someone's feelings, you need to apologize publicly. And at least try to make amends by following actions.

Well, or at least not too openly rejoice at the jump in interest in the brand.

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