The best content marketing tip you've ever been given

Have you ever imagined what should be the best advice on content marketing? What do you think it should be aimed at? For some actions or components of success? Or maybe he should not touch content marketing at all, but only push him to the right course of thought?

In this article, we collected 14 tips on content marketing from the most experienced representatives of this sphere and, based on them, brought out one, the most important advice. It is located at the end of the article, but before proceeding to it, read all the rest. Otherwise, the effect of it will be small. So, let's begin.

1. Create content that helps people.

Do not try to stand out and show your steepness. Just help people. Create such content that will solve their problems, inspire and guide you on the right path. In this way, you will get their attention and trust. And this is exactly what is necessary for the success of your business.

Jay Baer, ​​

2. Do not try to be like everyone else.

Every day, some company publishes another unique achievement or approach. The next day, all competing companies eagerly copy this idea, which, by the way, will never bring them the results that inspired them. You can copy the idea, materials, find people with the same competencies, but a single discrepancy in the initial conditions will lead you to unpredictable results. Or their absence.

Be unique and always true to your company, corporate culture and mission. Yes, you should always pay attention to the actions of competitors, learn from them and be inspired by them, but if you constantly copy your competitors, when will you create something of your own?

CharlesChapman, authoring book "Amazing Things Will Happen"

3. Define goals, study the market, choose the most effective ways.

There are three key elements that any marketer should take into account when creating content that will successfully convey the necessary information to your target audience and successfully convert them to customers and fans:

  • Set measurable, achievable goals of a content marketing campaign according to your business goals.
  • Know your market, including the final consumer, opinion leaders, customers, social network subscribers, fans and the general audience.
  • Choose effective ways to measure your content marketing, which allow you to relate your results to your business goals. Do not forget that you need to sell and make a profit.

Heidi Cohen, Riverside Marketing Strategies

4. Determine what works and what doesn't

Analyzing any successful materials, you will notice that they provide extraordinary value for the end user. Moreover, you will notice that, in most cases, a large amount of resources have been spent on creating such content. No, 40 working hours are not enough. In such cases, we are talking about hundreds of hours.

Time is the equivalent of quality. Therefore, the most successful is content based on lengthy and detailed research, as well as correctly presented to the audience.

One of the latest striking examples is the Dove video. According to the results of their research, only 4% of women think that they are beautiful. Based on this, the following video was created. At the moment, it was watched by more than 3 million users of Youtube.

Rick Dregon, author of the book "Social Marketing"

5. Train, carry value and be interesting.

Too many people create uninteresting content that advertises only the author. People will not read or share this with friends. Tell personal stories, engage people, share secrets and share tips. Your competitors probably do not.

Jeanie Dietrich, ArmentDietrich

6. Train, entertain and inspire

Very few people understand the extraordinary effect content marketing can have when it combines learning, entertainment and the ability to inspire. You can not learn a sense of humor in the Comedy Club courses, so if you want to stand out from all this hubbub of information, hire the best authors. Marketers who are experts in the chosen field and are not afraid to conduct research to create high-quality content are widely known in professional circles. The names of marketers with the skills of an excellent storyteller and able to inspire, are known everywhere. Take the same Seth Godin, for example. Want to stand out, work with the best.

Barry Feldman, author of the book "The plan to grow your business with effective online marketing"

7. Always look at your product through the eyes of a customer.

Going through the phases of the entire process of creating content (searching for ideas, creating a title, writing text), always remember your ideal reader and client. Take it as a rule - first the client's needs, and then any necessary optimization. This way you will create quality materials every time.

Christy Hines, creator of Blog Post Promotion

8. Do not expect a miracle

Your best content will be limited to reach your target audience. Create a client community in parallel with creating a content array. Think of a marathon, not a sprint distance. Do not start the movement if you are not prepared for a long and difficult journey. Create new perspectives and new opportunities to engage people and then increase their curiosity and need for you. Use a simple formula: Brand Price = Quality Content x Customer Relationship x His Commitment.

Nick Kellet, Listly

9. Be consistent and helpful.

Provide your client with all the necessary information at each stage of interaction with your product, starting with acquaintance with the company and ending with personal gratitude and pleasant gifts for a long commitment to your brand.

Dave Kerpen, Likable Media

10. Create a publication calendar

Before you create and maintain your content, create a publication calendar of your materials. Every day a huge amount of content is created, ranging from regular blog posts to complex marketing campaigns. And those campaigns that really stand out among others, with reverent trembling, follow their publication calendar. The creation, distribution and management of all materials, as well as the actions of employees are supervised according to the established publication plan.

Arnie Kuen, Vertical Measures

11. Create the best you can do.

If you create content, make sure that it is the best that can be done by you. Publishing the pass "middling" is almost as bad as not publishing anything at all. Or pan, or gone. People share and advise only high-quality and useful materials. A low-quality material, you just ruin your reputation.

Neil Patel, Kiss Metrics

12. Define your company's mission

Each company must create its marketing mission. Must answer the question "Why do you do what you do, and why do you do it?" The answer to this question is very few companies. When you broadcast your mission to a target audience, your ideal clients automatically resonate with you and your values. Thereby, they already become adherents of your brand.

Joe Pulitzi, Content Marketing Institute

13. You are what you publish.

Your reputation and popularity depends on the quality of your materials and the benefits that you bring to your customers. On the Internet, you communicate with end users through your content. Customers will judge your company based on the benefits they have been able to receive.

David Merman Scott, author of Real Time Marketing and PR

14. Every employee must be part of your marketing campaign.

The goals and objectives of content marketing also include changing corporate culture and working with clients. Every employee of your organization should be part of this process, should live by it. What result do you get by making a great website and filling it with useful materials, creating a corporate blog or magazine, high-quality social media profiles, if your customer service does not understand or ignores your content marketing strategy?

Nenad Senik,


Behind each of these recommendations are long, painstaking research and numerous failures. If you try to summarize all of the above in a chain of key actions, you get the following.

In order for your content marketing to be successful, you need to:

  • define goals
  • do research
  • pre-schedule the publication schedule,
  • know your target audience
  • provide users with useful information
  • measure key metrics at each stage of your marketing campaign.

Use these tips in practice and remember:

There are actions without results, but there is no result without actions.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, correct your mistakes and act again. Eliminate all the possibilities of losing, and you will inevitably achieve your goal. Perhaps this is the best advice we can give at the moment.


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