53 text writers and editors whose articles are worth reading.

Why stew in your own juice if you can learn from the mistakes of others and learn from the experience of other people. In the selection: 53 editors, journalists and copywriters, for the activities that are to be monitored.

I selected experts so:

  • recalled famous authors of books and conference participants,
  • I searched for unknowns through a search
  • watched the communication in thematic groups of social networks.

Selection criteria: the completeness and relevance of information in a personal blog or pages in social networks, compliance with the topic of copywriting and editing. Only blogs that are regularly updated with new materials are considered.

The list remains open. Maybe I did not add someone. If you know someone else, write in the comments.

The list is not ranked by income level, number of books, or degree of adherence to info style. "Writers" are arranged in alphabetical order.

1. Alexandra Volkova

Social network:

Copywriter, marketer, journalist.

Sasha's blog is about the texts and the work of the editor. It is difficult to break away from reading.

2. Alexandra Zhukovskaya

Social network:

Explores media, works as an editor.

He leads a telegram channel where he publishes "cool articles, announcements and industry events." In it you will find everything about journalism, media and good text.

3. Alexandra Karepina

Social network:

Business correspondent, corporate business trainer and teacher.

Sasha’s bibliography includes “The Art of Business Writing”, “Writing Convincingly”, “Designer of Business Writing” and other books.

The author's blog: tricks, tips and tools for creating business letters, texts and presentations.

4. Alexander Marficin

Social network:

He worked as the editor of the "Lifehacker" and the blog "Netologii", the chief editor of "Macradar" and a freelance writer vc.ru. Now he is responsible for the content and communication of Amplifer.

Alexander keeps a blog in which he writes about applications, books, services and favorite channels in Telegram. By the way, Alexander also has his own channel there - Editor’s Tools. Join channel, you will not regret.

5. Alexander Chizhov

Social network:

Development Director Pepper.Ninja.

He keeps a blog about SMM, in which he pays a lot of attention to content. Alexander talks about learning content, compiling content plans, types of content. Another "lazy ssemeshchika" is a channel in the Telegram.

6. Alexey Alexandrov

Social network:

Copywriter and SEO-specialist, administrator of the public “Overheard | Naming.

In the Itiriy blog, Alexey talks about copywriting, advertising, content marketing, and naming. In it you will find interviews, tips, book reviews and squeezes of them.

7. Alexey Rozhkov

Social network:

Copywriter, author of texts "with meaning, soul and humor."

He maintains a blog “Splash Writes,” where he talks about content and advertising, shares secrets and copyright developments. Bonus: illustrations by a professional artist.

8. Alina Samulskaya-Kholina

Social network:

Copywriter and content marketer.

Alina's Facebook account will be interesting to copywriters and editors, almost all the posts in it are on the topic. Also maintains a blog dedicated to copywriting and, a little, SMM.

9. Andrey Miroshnichenko

Social network:

Journalist, teacher, editor and media analyst. The author of the book "When the newspapers die." Read Andrey's posts on Facebook to know more about trends in media, PR and communications.

10. Anna Linnden

Social network:

Philologist, freelancer, editor of "Mad Seals".

In her “tube” blog, she discusses working moments, gives advice to new authors and entrepreneurs, and shares her personal experience.

11. Arthur Belostotsky

Social network:

Editor and commercial writer.

In a blog, he puts out cover versions of songs and tells how to improve the text, fight against procrastination and study at the School of Editors. If you communicate in Telegram, then join his channel.

12. Valentina Movillo

Social network:

Copywriter, journalist.

Leads the group "Copywriter does not sleep," in which he shares his thoughts on how to write texts for business.

13. Victor Fomin

Social network:

Editor. Worked in Cossa and Netolog.

On a Facebook page, Victor discusses formats, products, and insights with colleagues. Also there you can find digital vacancies and links to interesting articles.

14. Vladimir Zdor

Social network:


He maintains a personal blog in which he gives advice not only on copywriting, but also on SEO.

15. Daniel Shardakov

Social network:

Copywriter and blogger.

On his website he talks about the basics of copywriting and marketing techniques, shares the secrets of mastery and practical examples.

16. Denis Kaplunov

Social network:

Copywriter The author of five books: “Copywriting of mass destruction”, “Content, marketing and rock-n-roll”, “Effective commercial proposal”, “Neuromarketing” and “Business Copywriting”.

Denis has a blog "Copywriting from A to U", but it has not been updated since 2015. New articles can be found in the blog of his studio in the subsection “Kaplunov’s Notes”.

17. Dmitry Kot

Social network:

Marketer and copywriter.

Author of books: "Copywriting: how not to eat a dog", "Marketing text: a model for assembly", "E-mail marketing: an exhaustive guide." He maintains a blog on mastertext.ru, where he talks about selling texts and detuning from competitors.

18. Eva Katz

Social network:

Marketer, specializes in advertising on Facebook.

In her blog you can find valuable tips on editing and creating content for social networks, supported by examples from practice.

19. Ekaterina Kushnir

Social network:

Copywriter and marketer.

On her page, Catherine shares interesting literature, work tools and fascinating stories from the life of freelancers.

20. Elena Asanova

Social network:

Journalist, PR man, is engaged in branding online projects and storytelling for business.

On his page makes announcements of training activities for copywriters, editors, content marketers.

21. Irina Usichenko

Social network:

Editor, author, project manager. In her blog and the telegram channel "Ruthless Irina" writes about everything in a row: finds in work, life discoveries, riding. In general, it is interesting to read.

22. Irina Yaroshchuk

Social network:

Writer, marketer.

In "VKontakte" is a group of "Good content against the garbage on the Internet." There, Irina publishes "usefulness for authors, chief editors, marketers who love their work, are interested in the world and broaden their horizons."

23. Katerina Eroshina

Social network:

Commercial writer, teacher of Netologii and the Yandex Academy. Editor of the Crazy Internet Marketing Seals. By education - a programmer.

Katerina has a blog on Medium, articles under the editor on madcats.ru and notes on Facebook. Read - do not reread. Bonus: cool haiku.

24. Katya Shirokova

Social network:

Content marketer and editor at Elba.

In her blog, Katya tells “stories about music, writing, and life.”

25. Konstantin Rudov

Social network:

Editor-in-chief of the Texterra blog.

Add him as a friend and learn to write correctly. Save your proofreaders and editors from the extra headache.

26. Konstantin Serov

Social network:


He loves to write about marketing and IT, "project management, people and themselves." Keeps a blog and telegram channel "Serov will analyze."

27. Leonid Melikhov

Social network:

Lawyer, copywriter, marketer.

In social networks talks about the intricacies of legal marketing and copywriting. Many examples of errors performers and delusions of customers.

28. Lia Canary

Social network:

Copywriter, internet marketer.

In a blog, Lia talks about SMM and content. Here you will find materials on illustrating articles, content marketing and searching for the target audience.

29. Lyudmila Sarycheva

Social network:

Glavred "Modbank", co-author of Maxim Ilyakhov in the book "Write, cut."

He maintains an adaptive, but not boring blog "Kompotik and Hawaiian mix". It tells about the editor and the work of the editor. Gives advice # Skrsch in Telegram.

30. Maya Bogdanova

Social network:

Journalist, editor, PR man. Author of the book "Content-technology: how, where and what to talk with customers." Believes the text changes the world.

In a blog, Maya writes about writing, personal brand and working with social networks.

31. Maxim Ilyakhov

Social network:

Glavred All Russia. The author of the service of the same name, the book "Write, Reduce", newsletters and courses devoted to a strong text. Editor-in-chief of “T-F”, “Finolog”, “Megaproryv”.

Maxim has a “boring adaptive blog” and a channel in Telegram. Read the articles and tips Glavred, if you want to write without the "water" and bullshit.

32. Mari Makeeva

Social network:

Farmer and freelancer.

He writes little on his personal pages, but he is actively engaged in the group “PSHKRSCH | Infostyle. There's a lot about design, text and marketing. Marie also has a blog on Medium.

33. Marina Safonova

Social network:

Editor, project manager, executive secretary and author of articles in TJ.

In his blog, talks about personal performance, text and wardrobe. You will also find summaries of interesting lectures and travel reports in it.

34. Maria Komarova

Social network:

Editor in Chief of Form. Writes articles for Ekvid, holds events for designers, maintains a blog. On the pages of "Smart Masha" articles about text, colors, movies.

35. Mikhail Pozdnyakov

Social network:

Copywriter with a marketing mindset.

In a blog, Mikhail publishes case studies and articles about Internet marketing, gives advice to novice authors and entrepreneurs.

36. Nadezhda Pominova

Social network:

Content marketer.

In the “Do it inbound” blog and the telegram channel of the same name, he writes about how to turn the reader into a client. There you will find useful materials for creating and managing content.

37. Nata Zayonts

Social network:

Copywriter, freelancer, editor WebPromoExperts.

On her Facebook page, Nata talks about digital vacancies, useful articles and internet marketing events.

38. Natalia Volnaya

Social network:

Commercial text expert, “Correct copywriters academy” trainer, content marketer.

Natalia’s blog covers copywriting, SEO promotion and marketing in general.

39. Natalia Karja

Social network:

Founder and head coach of the Academy of the correct copywriters.

In his account on Facebook he shares interesting thoughts about the work of a copywriter.

40. Natalia Fein

Social network:

Copywriter and content marketer.

On Facebook, Natalia publishes notes on factbooking, headlines, and difficulties in working with customers. Particularly pleased with the design of posts.

41. Oksana Silantyev

Social network:

Multimedia producer, trainer and consultant.

In a blog, Silamedia talks about how to distribute content, create an effective presentation and clean up the site.

42. Olga Kireenko

Social network:


Olga has an interesting account on Facebook, many of whose posts are dedicated to working with text and neuromarketing.

43. Pavel Molyanov

Social network:

Copywriter and editor.

Writes a text blog where she publishes research, case studies and valuable tips. To receive notifications about new articles, Pavel recommends subscribing to the channel in Telegram.

By the way, thank you very much for “Overheard | Copywriting ", often sticky there.

44. Pavel Fedorov

Social networks:

The editor of "VKontakte", previously worked in the publication "Zuckerberg will call" and "Netologii".

In a blog and a telegram channel, Pasha talks about the livelihood: about freelancing, editing, working on himself, layout and money.

45. Peter Panda

Social network:

Writer and journalist. The author of three books: "Copywriting: at the call of the network," "Texts that Believe" and "Copywriter, Grow."

His website has a blog dedicated to the practice of copywriting. Peter's books and articles inspired many to write more expensive and better.

46. ​​Roman Skrupnik

Social network:

Editor and commercial writer, works in cossa.ru.

Understands media, marketing, technology and native advertising. He runs a blog at speclst.com, where he shares his experience.

47. Sergey Kaplichny

Social network:

Copywriter in "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber."

Sergey has time to write both for the publisher and for his blog. There is a lot of information about books, productivity and, naturally, work with the text. Sergey also has a channel in Telegram.

Sergey tells how to store ideas and work with them

48. Sergey Troubadour

Social network:

Copywriter, adept selling texts.

On the agency's website, together with colleagues, keeps a blog. There are such headings as marketing analysis, commercial offer and email-copywriting.

49. Sergey Shabalin

Social network:

“Jedi” in the IT-agency, krossfitchik, climber and just a good man.

In his blog, Serega shares lecture notes and impressions about the books read, writes about learning and creativity. Definitely must read.

50. Tatyana Andreeva

Social network:

Copywriter, a lawyer with a decade of experience.

Tatyana's blog is “rather a notebook of utilities, so as not to forget and have on hand a checklist or a list of convenient services.” It is worth exploring it, especially novice copywriters.

51. Julia Volkodav

Social network:

Lawyer, copywriter and writer. The author of the novel "The Wolf of the Soviet Variety".

Julia writes a blog where she teaches writing and earning.

52. Julia Medvedeva

Social network:

Journalist, blogger, editor.

Keeps a blog about jobs and professions on the Medium platform.

53. Yan Hatskevich

Social network:


In his blog, Priony writes about everything that pleases, including editing. Also leads the same name channel in the Telegram.

The list should not be years of abandoned accounts and "vyvvlaznyh" blogs. If found such, write in comments.


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