Advantages in the medical field. Tips for design and implementation

Last time I talked about the main mistakes in medical copywriting, eliminating which can improve the landing pages of the clinic site and increase the number of incoming requests. In this article we will analyze one of the points in more detail - vague and abstract advantages. You will learn how to turn banal and constantly repeated stamps on different sites into strong advantages, where to look for advantages if they are not there, and how to get rid of competitors at the expense of advantages.

The block "Our advantages" is perhaps the most important for the landing page of the clinic site. This is what distinguishes the clinic from the competition, what makes the site visitors fill out a form for consultation or a callback. But more often, stamped common phrases like “modern equipment”, “professional staff” and “low prices” are posted on the websites of the clinics. Meanwhile, it is enough to make quite a bit of effort so that the block of advantages will play with new, attracting customers colors.

All the advantages can be divided into three groups: the advantages of the first order are the benefits, the advantages of the second order are the guarantees, the advantages of the third order are comfort and convenience.

The advantages of the first order. Benefit

Low prices

Whatever may be said about the quality of services, the trust to the doctor and other factors - the price of the service still remains the fundamental criterion for choosing a clinic. Other things being equal, the patient will always go where treatment is cheaper. Therefore, prices - the first thing you need to be puzzled when developing benefits. In a cheaper clinic will go a greater flow, due to the large number of clients will be more profit. True, there are nuances.

If the doctors in your clinic for a salary - this is a good option. But if you work with specialists who take in several clinics, they are unlikely to want to work more for the same money, or much more - for a little more. The method is suitable for services with high added value and is not suitable for services with high cost.

Discounts and promotions

Carry out promotions, make discounts, get a discount system. The effect of the crossed-out price works, despite the apparent banality. Patients rush to undergo treatment, while the promotional price is valid. Especially - if it does not use the "Black Friday effect" - when the crossed-out price is artificially inflated, and the standard cost of the procedure is used as the promotional one. The discount system binds the patient to the clinic. Even if he didn’t like some trifle during maintenance, the patient is most likely to return to where the discount is waiting for him. Shares by patient types show themselves well - a discount to pensioners, a discount to the military, a discount on children's dentistry.

Bonuses and Gifts

Another way to stand out and tie the patient to the clinic. Many clinics successfully use the formula "sale of expensive services + inexpensive service as a gift." In dentistry, an approach is widespread where regular customers undergo a routine inspection free of charge. After the examination, it is usually followed by the removal of plaque and stone, professional cleaning or teeth whitening - these procedures are already carried out for money and the clinic does not lose anything.

Free consultations

Patients choose. Choose a clinic, doctor and attitude. The site is only the first stage. Conscious choice is made in person to consult.

Many clinics do not practice free consultations, making any live contact paid. This reduces the likely profit from the sale of services and reduces the number of customers. Especially important for expensive services. Lacking a thousand rubles for a consultation, you can get a client for twenty thousand. Afraid that doctors will only do what to advise patients for free? Set a limit. One free consultation per day. Or three a week.

Choosing a clinic for an expensive service - implantation of dentures, plastic surgery, treatment of serious diseases - a patient can go around ten medical centers, choosing not only the price, conditions and guarantees, but also “his” doctor. And much more willingly, such a patient will sign up for a consultation at the clinic where they will not take money from him. And then everything depends on the doctor.

The advantages of the second order. Guarantees

Guaranteed result

People go to the place where they are not only promised to get rid of the problem, but guarantee it and bring evidence. Minimum - a guarantee for the service performed. Maximum - a refund in case the result is not achieved or is unsatisfactory. It is clear that for the medical field the money-back guarantee does not work - the result of treatment cannot be guaranteed in principle. But you can do it indirectly - a guarantee on the seal, a guarantee on the prosthesis, a guarantee of the quality of the materials used. The number of patients satisfied with the treatment and their reviews, the “before” and “after” photos are all also indirect guarantees. The more such guarantees are given to the patient, the more readily he will come to your clinic.

Pain-free treatment guarantee

People are afraid of pain. It `s naturally. One of the reasons why a visit to the dentist, surgeon or cosmetologist is postponed indefinitely is fear. Explain in detail what causes the pain and what you are doing to prevent it. If you manage to inspire confidence, the client will come to you. Just do not lie about the "absolutely painless procedure" - the negative from the unfulfilled promise in the end will be more than positive from the result of treatment.

Fair Price Guarantee

In the negative reviews of patients, complaints about price markup and the sale of unnecessary additional services are often encountered. On the website and in the price list one price is indicated, in reality the effect is completely different. Or at the consultation the doctor calls the final cost of the service, and as the treatment progresses a completely different one appears. This is bad and dishonest. If the price on the site and the price in reality can vary due to the individual characteristics of the patient or the degree of neglect of the disease, then after the price is announced by the doctor, it can change only because of a serious force majeure. Keep your promises - and patients will definitely mark it for themselves with a fat plus.

The advantages of the third order. Comfort and convenience

Everything that serves the convenience of the patient should be voiced. Below is a list of the benefits that like the cherry on the cake decorate the offer of any clinic, making it more attractive.

  • Convenient parking
  • Unified electronic patient record
  • Record for a specific, patient-friendly time
  • Walking distance to the clinic from the metro
  • Listing of results of ultrasonography, tomography or X-ray
  • Emailing test results
  • Recording diagnostic results on a flash card or disk
  • Free tea or coffee if you had to wait for the doctor

Most of the advantages that make the patient's life easier, almost every good clinic already has. But for some reason they are not voiced - but in vain. Undoubtedly, these are not fundamental selection criteria, but everything is made up of trifles.

Benefits Without Benefits

Turning unobvious factors into the advantages of the clinic

Every second client writes standard cliché phrases in the brief, believing that the clinic has no particular advantages. This is not true.

Ordinary things can be submitted so that the customer is imbued. Reception by appointment for a specific time is standard and familiar. Nobody even thinks that receiving by appointment for a specific time is the absence of a queue and waiting in the corridor. This is a time saver. Is the client ready to pay just for receiving by appointment? Not. And for the time saved?

The work of the dentist "four hands" with an assistant. It would seem that this is not about the client. But no. The work "four hands" - it is faster, more convenient, better, in the end. The faster the doctor works, the less time the patient has to endure an unpleasant procedure. Working with an assistant reduces the patient's time in the chair, and, accordingly, unpleasant sensations.

Everyone has advantages. They only need to make out. All that is needed for this is to look at the services provided from a different angle. Let us consider several techniques, using which you can gather a strong pool of the advantages of the clinic, which are not ashamed to put in the block "Our Advantages".

Look at the clinic from the patient’s point of view.

A common situation: the doctors know their business brilliantly, they can tell a lot about it, but from their point of view. From here pearls are born in descriptions - such as "provides the doctor with an excellent overview during the procedure," "an informative display that allows the doctor ...". Sorry, are we selling the equipment here, or do we want to tell the patient how to solve his problem? The patient does not care how comfortable the doctor is to work ... He needs him to be comfortable. Look at the whole process of treatment from the point of view of the patient and you will see a lot of new things.

Professional modern equipment. This is written on every second site of the clinic. It sounds impressive and beautiful. But can you imagine a handicraft doctor? Tell us what exactly this equipment is good from the point of view of the patient. What problems does it solve? Having tried to do so, you will be surprised how many interesting things are concealed by familiar things.

Watch for competitors

Get stronger where others are weak. A lot of people remain dissatisfied with the services of a particular clinic. It remains only to play on the weaknesses of competitors. How to do it? After all, in someone else's plaintive book you will not look. Easy. Refer to the forums and review sites.

Patients often complain about services. See what they complain about most often and use it to your advantage. Often complain about a long time of treatment? Tell that the doctor is working with an assistant to reduce the time of treatment. Pain? Explain why it appears and what you are doing so that it does not exist. Impolite personnel, cold in the office, unsatisfactory results - all this can be put at the service of their own profits. Find the story of failure and tell why this is impossible for you. Forums and social networks are an excellent cut of the audience and a tool to improve their own services.

Tell about doctors

I recently conducted a survey. I wanted to make a list of questions that are most significant for the patient when choosing a clinic. There were many answers, the answers were different. But everywhere the doctors were the first item. Their experience, expertise, professionalism. Where they worked before, what school they graduated from, what experience the specialist had. The vast majority of people do not go to the clinic, but to the doctor. Highlight doctors performing the procedure. If the reception is conducted by an expert and a master of his craft - this is an advantage. Highlight the person, not the abstract "professional staff."

Keep records

The average experience of doctors, the number of candidates and doctors of science in the clinic, the number of patients per month, the percentage of patients satisfied with the services of the clinic, the occupied places in the ratings - all this can be played up perfectly in the text. The numbers inspire confidence. At the same time try to tell the truth. If you write "Clinic number 1 in Moscow" - do not forget to tell you what exactly you are number one. And in whose opinion. The unproven use of the epithets "best", "No. 1" not only does not inspire confidence, but can also be challenged from the point of view of the law on advertising.

Practical work

Creating benefits from nothing

Like everywhere else

As needed

Modern equipment from leading manufacturers.

With the help of the German 3D-tomograph Galileos we get clear three-dimensional images in which we see what is happening outside and inside the jaw. Due to this, we make an accurate diagnosis and draw up the correct treatment plan. A medical microscope and intelligent microbore with cooling allow the doctor to work without touching the living tissue and without causing pain to the patient.

Professional staff

We select doctors to work in the clinic with experience in their field from six years. 93 specialists work for you in 12 areas of medicine. The minimum experience of a doctor is 6 years. Maximum - 35 years.

Individual approach to each patient

The clinic has a quality control department. We review every complaint and every sentence to get better. In conflict situations always go towards the client. The result - 93% of our patients are satisfied with the treatment and service.

Patient comfort and convenience

We accept by appointment. To make an appointment, you do not need to go to the clinic - fill out the callback form and the call center operator will contact you to choose the most convenient time for you to visit. No queues and waiting in the hallway.

Low prices

Thanks to the constant flow of satisfied patients, we were able to keep prices as low as possible. The cost of the initial examination with the consultation of a specialist is 900 rubles. This is 400 rubles cheaper than 95% percent of Moscow clinics.


There are no advantages without the product itself. Change clinic, change processes, change yourself. Change product to become better. If you do not introduce a cumulative system of discounts - it will not. If you do not decide to hold the action - it will not. If the staff is rude to customers - until you fire him and dial a new one - customers will leave. Behind every advantage is a strong product. Make the product stronger, talk about it - and customers will not be long in coming.

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