Rewriting vs copywriting

You still rewrite texts and articles for your site and wonder why you have so few visitors? Everything is very simple: retelling your own thoughts, even if in beautiful words, you don’t broadcast anything new on the air, you create unnecessary entities and create unnecessary content for anyone. Surprised? Have you ever seen at least one copy in your life that would be better than the original?

This work with the text is not rewriting.

The author of the original text, unlike you, worked with this material, studied the topic and, no matter how pathetic it sounded, let it pass through itself, and that is why the author’s position is traced in every article and even between the lines. What about you? Well, some kind of work was done with someone else's material (by the way, it’s right to say “rewriting” texts, not “rewriting”), you pumped your skills once again on the selection of synonyms, or even did a quality rewriting, only in the best case Retelling to the reader will be just understandable. And that's all. And that is not a fact. Because there is no opinion, no experience, no more expertise behind it - there is a candy wrapper, but there is no candy.

Are you still rewrite?

Continuing to keep everyone around for simpletons, you make a very big mistake and, moreover, spoil your karma. Not only the one we are used to hearing in life, but also virtual. How? It's very simple: search engines already know how to recognize the plagiarism behind the overseas word “rewriting”, moreover, literally every day they make it better and better. And no longer consider such texts to be valuable, useful or relevant. That is why the risk of falling under the filters with such content increases, frankly, exponentially. The logic of search engines is simple: the pages are not ranked with beautiful and well-written phrases, but those that contain an expert response to the request. That is why, if you type in “the theory of relativity” in the search box, first on the list you will see links to encyclopedic articles and the work of Einstein himself, and not the last Petit Ivanov course added to the essay bank, even though “excellent”.

Copywriting. Where to begin?

First of all - set a goal. Answer to yourself the question: “What do I want to achieve with my text?”. Have you answered? Now think about how you will solve this problem. Imagine the collective image of a representative of your target audience, because your text must be addressed to someone, otherwise it is a job wasted.

But now immerse yourself in the material as deeply as possible, so that your reader can learn something interesting and new for himself, so that he wants to buy your product (is it better than others? So tell us about it) or order your services .

Difficult? No one said it would be easy. Moreover, at first you can hardly avoid the typical mistakes of content marketing, but gradually the quantity will start to grow into quality. Although, most likely, as you learn the basics of copywriting skills, you will begin to realize that this is really a profession that, like any other, cannot be mastered.

Instead of conclusion

It’s time to stop ignoring age-old wisdom. Everyone must do their job. Not only that, taking on everything a little bit, in the end you do not do anything, you simply risk being left with nothing. If the owner of the meat processing plant starts teaching the designer how to create the package, and the seller sells sausage, nothing good will come of it. That writing content, as well as website promotion is better to leave it to professionals.

Watch the video: How to Rewrite Features and Benefits. Karon Thackston (December 2019).


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