Three methods of managing online reputation

Today, almost every consumer has the opportunity to check the reputation of a supplier of goods or services within a minute. Enough to have access to the Internet. You know what difficulties a business has to go through because of this, if it has ever been faced with legitimate or unreasonable complaints from network customers. Complaints, negative reviews, unfounded accusations of fraud can negate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Often just one negative comment destroys the reputation created over the years.

Why it happens? The Internet is gradually becoming the main source of reliable information for consumers. Therefore, the online reputation of brands becomes one of the key factors for their success. Not trusting traditional advertising, buyers are increasingly reading product reviews and studying customer reviews about companies before buying products or services. People first of all pay attention to negative information when making a decision. Therefore, the negative opinions of consumers so strongly affect the business.

However, do not give up if the network has a few reviews about your company from disgruntled consumers. You can use three tactics to improve online reputation, described below, to get rid of notoriety.

Tactical technique No. 1: shut off the main channel for the dissemination of negative information

Remember, real consumers in most cases are not related to negative reviews about the business. According to Reputation Changer, a consulting firm, disgruntled employees of business projects are most often the main source of negative news about them in the network. However, potential customers will not understand who left a bad review about your company. Therefore, staff dissatisfaction, manifested by the spread of negative opinions on forums and on social networks, really hurts business.

Open an internal anonymous forum for your employees to minimize the impact of the main source of negative information. Staff will be able to blow off steam in a safe environment due to this. And you can use the data to improve the working conditions of your specialists. So, the likelihood of negative reviews on Facebook and other public platforms will decrease if you are able to interest employees in communication on the internal anonymous forum. Use the following guidelines to turn it into an effective employee loyalty management tool:

  • Delegate one or more of your employees to the forum moderator rights. This will help focus the discussion on the internal problems of the organization and the difficulties faced by employees.
  • Create several thematic sections of the forum. For example, it is more convenient to discuss the microclimate in a team and the manager’s communication style separately from the level of remuneration and the social package of the firm’s specialists.
  • Show employees the willingness of owners or company management to respond to messages on the internal forum. Listen to the wishes of the staff, if possible.

Tactical technique # 2: let your real consumers speak

So, you have created a secure discussion platform that can be used by company employees. Now provide the same opportunity to customers. Suppliers of technical products have long been using this technique, offering consumers to participate in discussions in support forums. Now every company can adopt this approach. Consumers should be able to ask a question to employees of the company or discuss certain problems between themselves.

Supporting the work of the forum for customers, you get a number of benefits. First, consumers discuss your company on your own resource, and not on social networks. Custom content increases the value of your site in terms of search engines, which is important. Secondly, you are showing consumers openness and willingness to respond to their responses. It helps you build a positive online reputation. Finally, you can moderate customer posts. For example, you have the ability to remove obvious defamation from your site almost instantly. And try to remove something from Facebook or from a third-party forum - you will spend a lot of time on it.

The following guidelines will help you work effectively with customers in a customer forum:

  • Respond to each client request as quickly as possible. This will show the audience the willingness to work with all clients.
  • Try to communicate with disgruntled consumers through private messages. Be sure to solve their problems.
  • Do not remove negative reviews about your company or product, if they are justified. Work with each complaint, demonstrate to customers the willingness to improve the quality of service and correct errors. Feel free to admit mistakes. The one who does nothing is not mistaken.

Tactical reception number 3: get positive feedback

A company that is actively working with a large number of clients may turn inside out, but it will still receive negative feedback. There will always be dissatisfied consumers who want the product "the same, but with pearl buttons." Since you cannot make all buyers be objective and understanding, take care to protect your reputation in advance. You will need a lot of real positive feedback. They eliminate the effect of negative information.

Indeed, a negative review is very bad for the reputation of your business, if you have nothing to answer it. But if you can counter a dozen positive opinions of real clients with every negative comment, the situation changes radically. In other words, work so that the majority of your customers respond positively to you. This will protect the reputation of your company from accidents and errors. The following recommendations will help you implement this tactic:

  • Directly ask all your customers to evaluate the quality of the product and the level of service. Address the key and most loyal consumers first. Ask them to say a few words about your company. Publish reviews on the site, use them in promotional materials.
  • Show consumers that you are interested in their opinions about the product and service. Create a separate form on the site or email box, to which each client can send a review.
  • Install a widget on the site that shows visitors real-world customer feedback in a random order. Of course, you should have a sufficient number of positive opinions for this.

Instead of concluding: manage your online reputation

Consumer opinions about your business are key factors for commercial success. This is especially true in the Internet era, when information is distributed among users of social networks and forums with unimaginable speed. Use content created by consumers, as well as real customer reviews, to build and protect your company's reputation.

Perhaps you have experience dealing with negative information about your business? Tell us about it in the comments. Well, and, as always, we will be grateful to you for sharing. Social network buttons - just below.

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