The third secret of content marketing: why it is important to destroy the usual picture of the client’s world

The previous article on content marketing secrets dealt with online business promotion strategies that rely on consumer education and motivation. As you remember, good content gives potential and existing customers new and useful information about your business, and also makes the website users act. Going even further, we can say that content marketing destroys the usual stereotypes of most Internet users.

Of course, you want to know how the training and motivating content works, as well as how it changes the mindset of your potential customers. In addition, you will be interested to see in an example how to create "destructive views" and breaking the content of templates.

Unique trade advantage - why is it needed?

To analyze in detail the mechanism of action of content, it is necessary to return to our first article. You know from it that CEB has been researching the work of various marketing teams working in the field of B2B sales for many years. Specialists of the company paid special attention to marketers, focusing on the development of UTP - a unique trading advantage. Under the UTP, we will mean a certain advertising message that allows the seller to bring the buyer to the territory where the seller is far superior to its competitors (other sellers). That is, UTP is an obvious advantage of the company over its competitors, a strong point, a certain characteristic in which it has no equal.

To illustrate the concept of a Unique Trading Advantage, consider a hypothetical example.

Hypothetical case with UTP

Imagine that you deliver medical equipment for ultrasound (ultrasound). Your ultrasound machines have a unique design. In addition, they are very light, compact and ergonomic.

Your UTP is a direct solution to the problem of doctors who conduct ultrasound examinations. Every day, for several hours in a row, they hold in their hands the inconvenient sensors of the ultrasound machine, which often becomes the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Because of this, doctors take the hospital several times a year and are absent from the workplace. Most doctors believe that this problem is an inevitable payment for their working conditions. They consider themselves doomed to frequent sick leave, as all people who constantly strain their hands suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since you are an experienced marketer, you decide to help your consumers. You are studying the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome in doctors who work with ultrasound machines. The study shows that this problem most often occurs in people dealing with uncomfortable and heavy sensors, which are equipped with old ultrasound machines. In addition, your experiment confirms that the use of light and ergonomic ultrasound devices dramatically reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in physicians.

Here it is, your USP. Now you can teach your consumers something they didn’t previously know about their business. In particular, doctors did not pay attention to ergonomics, weight and design of ultrasound machines, as they did not think that these factors affect the frequency of occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. You have changed the consumer's thinking in terms of perception and evaluation of your own field of activity. This automatically leads your potential customer to the territory where you are far superior to your competitors. After all, you deliver the lightest and most ergonomic ultrasound machines.

Please note that your UTP automatically makes you a leader in the niche where you “expand” your advantage. Probably, most manufacturers and suppliers are trying to offer customers the most advanced ultrasound machines. Therefore, competition among sellers of this equipment is high. And you sell devices that solve the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome from doctors. Therefore, you have few competitors, or they do not exist at all.

Repeat for yourself again - Unique Trade Advantage changes the consumer's views about his field of activity, and also makes you a unique supplier in his eyes. You either work without UTP - and then you have to compete with the entire market at once, or you create your own UTP - and you work "in your field". But what is important: it is impossible to "invent" the UTP, it must be real.

How tutoring and motivating content works

Unfortunately, in today's conditions, when you can get access to the Internet almost by force of thought, traditional advertising will not help you attract the attention of your customers.

As we said earlier, today's buyer goes 57% of the way from choosing a product to making a deal on his own, without the help of the seller. In other words, your customers have already studied the selection criteria and even chose a product or service even before they called you. Attempting to change their choice will be similar to the actions of a potter who is trying to sculpt a jug of frozen clay. Therefore, it is vital for you to UTP, which changes the mindset of the client.

As you remember, a successful content marketing strategy is aimed at changing the client's ideas about his own business, as well as at educating and motivating the consumer. How does this happen in practice?

Effective content affects the client as follows:

  • "Ignites" the client, awakens interest in it, pushes to revise ideas about their own business.
  • Opens a new horizon. Represents an idea that destroys a client’s familiar “world view”.
  • It confirms this idea in practice, forcing the consumer to look at the business differently and act.

Here's how to build work with doctors from the above example:

Content should "ignite"

What do we mean by this verb - “light”? Your content should have as many contacts as possible with the potential target audience. Here are some ways to achieve this.

  • Creation of specialized sections on the company's website dedicated to the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome in doctors. These materials necessarily contain information about the losses of clinics and private offices associated with a high incidence of physicians.
  • In case your site does not have a sufficiently large traffic potential, such materials begin to publish on other platforms where your audience is present - on medical blogs, in communities, on social networks, on forums. Look for sites with a high concentration of your audience.
  • Articles explaining in detail the relationship between heavy and uncomfortable equipment for ultrasound and the appearance of hand disease. Publication of such articles both on your own site and on third-party sites.

Incendiary content solves a single task - it should interest potential customers and push them to learn more information. Your content should motivate you to look for details.

Content must represent

Your materials should help the audience to identify the problem - even the one about the existence of which she does not even realize. What content will work better? We would recommend using content that is more credible to your audience, it could be:

  • Report on the results of the study, authoritatively illustrating the relationship between the absence of a doctor in the workplace due to carpal tunnel syndrome and the dissatisfaction of his patients.
  • Video interview with a specialist in the field of ultrasound, which tells about the financial losses of his private clinic due to the absence of a doctor because of a disease of the hand.
  • The results of another study confirming the link between the ergonomics of the sensors for ultrasound machines and the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Introducing content actualizes the negative consequences of carpal tunnel syndrome problems for consumers' businesses. In addition, he shows clients that the disease of the hand arises precisely because of the use of inconvenient and outdated sensors, and not due to the fact that "all doctors working with ultrasound machines suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome." Thus, the potential consumer understands that he can personally control the impact of the incidence of this syndrome on his business. Please note that you have just taught a client something new about his field of activity - something he didn’t even guess about before.

Content must confirm

We talked about the fact that the UST is impossible to come up with "artificially." It is impossible to "give birth to paper". It needs to be identified, formalized and - most importantly - created in reality. At the same time, your content must constantly confirm the existence of the problem and the way to solve it. How to do it? In this particular example, this could be:

  • Online test to accurately measure the effect of carpal tunnel syndrome on the ultrasound business. The site user indicates data about the ultrasound machine used, the number of patients served per day, and other information. After that, he receives a specific figure reflecting his financial losses as a result of using outdated equipment.
  • Information demonstrating the magnitude of the financial loss of an abstract physician using a heavy sensor of an ultrasound machine and suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome due to this.

Verifying content allows your potential consumer to assess the extent of the problem in specific numbers. It is necessary not only to voice the problem, but to show its scale in numbers. Your user should learn from your content about the number of lost patients and the amount of financial losses. Your client measures the problem in the units understandable to him, which motivates him to change the situation. Pay attention to this again - you just motivated the consumer to do something to solve the problem. Needless to say that this decision is connected with the purchase of ergonomic ultrasound machines? The ones that you sell. And who no longer have analogues.

So, your content should ignite, represent and confirm, to teach the consumer something new about his business and motivate him to action. If your content does not change the usual picture of the client’s world, you just waste it and your time. The essence of content marketing is building a conversion scenario when the user of the CAM makes a decision. Do not you sell a service or product. You voice the problem and suggest the way to solve it. Take it for granted.

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