How to become an ideal client for a marketing agency

Perhaps you are familiar with a strange situation: you cooperate with an Internet marketing agency, pay bills with decent amounts in a timely manner, and marketers are unhappy with something. The employees of the contractor are kind of inhospitable, and the director hints at all that you should go to another studio. Responding hints of willingness to overwhelm partners with money do not arouse enthusiasm.

Probably marketers blacklisted uncomfortable customers. In this case, the problems will not disappear with the change of the contractor. There is only one way out: you will have to change your approach to work and become a desired client for any marketing studio.

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What attitude is needed for successful interaction with agencies?

First, immediately forget about trying to solve everything with money. You do not want marketers to work with you just because of your thick wallet? The option "I'm paying grandmas, and you are running in front of me here" does not work on the Internet. Yes, and for Gazprom too. Of course, you can easily find contractors who are ready for anything for the money. But their insincerity will cost you dearly. Therefore, it is in your interest to build equal communication. Believe me, this affects the result of joint activities.

Secondly, do not expect to get a turnkey result. You will also have to work. Most likely, the work will consist in the need to answer the many silly questions of marketing specialists almost around the clock. Well, they will seem silly to you.

Thirdly, you will have to be patient. The SEO magic gate has closed, and integrated Internet marketing does not bring instant results. Do you think the agency is making straw or trying to get as much money out of you? Discuss this issue with potential partners so that you have realistic expectations.

How to prepare for cooperation

The effectiveness of interaction with an Internet marketing agency at least 50% depends on you. To get the most out of collaboration, you need to see the goals and objectives of marketing your project. The option "get as much traffic and sales as possible" does not work. Before negotiating with an agency, or rather before searching for a suitable studio, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose and objectives of marketing? In 5 minutes any agency will formulate goals and tasks for you, but will they be yours?
  • The goal is the predicted result of the activity. Tasks are the steps necessary to achieve a goal. The goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, defined in time.
  • Do you have a content strategy? How did you fix it? Content strategy is one of the main tools for solving marketing tasks. If you formulated it, get ready to discuss and adjust the key points with partners. If you do not know what it is, get ready to learn and take an active part in its development.
  • Have you been doing internet marketing? What tools do you use yourself, and what do you trust to outsourcers? What tools do you not believe and are not going to spend on them a budget? Be prepared to discuss these issues with marketers.
  • Who in your organization will be responsible for interacting with the agency? Who will be involved in creating content, handle leads, make deals? If you are repairing cars, one of your auto mechanics will have to tell office smart people about car assemblies and assemblies.
  • Do you know your audience? Who visits your site, reads your content and buys a product?
  • Are you ready to share confidential business information with partners? Marketers will probably want to know your business secrets. They will say that an accurate recipe for creating your product is necessary for the successful implementation of an advertising campaign. How will you respond to this?

Answer these questions in writing. Involve your colleagues in this work: heads of relevant departments, salespeople, customer support managers. Your answers will significantly increase the effectiveness of negotiations and further cooperation with a marketing agency.

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How to interact with the agency after signing the contract

Marketing on the Internet is different from the repair of apartments, so you will not be able to pay the bill, give the partners a password from the site and go on vacation for two weeks, hoping to see a 100% increase in sales after the return. You need to make sure that the audience receives the necessary information, and the agency and your employees receive feedback and convert it into transactions. The following guidelines will help you to interact with marketers:

  • Appoint a specialist responsible for working contacts with partners. Make sure that all tactical interaction with marketers is closed on this person.
  • Specify which agency employee is personally responsible for your marketing campaign. Exchange contacts.
  • Keep in touch with the agency's top managers. This is necessary to discuss the strategy of interaction and control over the implementation of the marketing campaign.
  • Participate in the development of a content strategy and a content plan. Challenge your employees to monitor the content created by the information needs of the audience. Simply put, check that agency copywriters create high-quality texts.
  • Discuss control of marketing campaign implementation. The agency will probably regularly send you a standard report with a set of quantitative metrics. First, make sure you understand and correctly interpret these indicators. This will allow you to avoid manipulation and investment in an extensive project development path. Secondly, ask marketers to tell you about quality changes. Pay attention to behavioral metrics, changing the composition of the audience, the emergence of loyal customers.
  • Trust the partners. No, it's not about silently paying money and not criticizing, even if marketers get some crap. Give the agency the opportunity to work calmly. Do not jerk the manager every 15 minutes, if your contextual ad is not displayed in the first position, there is no link to your content in the top 10 of the natural issue or to the client's comment on the social network for five whole minutes. In the end, did the agency take money from you? Let now get out and show the result, but for now you have tea and check the friend glass.

Communicate with marketers from the perspective of a partner, not a controller. This will simplify the interaction and make it comfortable.

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How to distribute responsibility

During work with the agency you are waiting for success and failure. With success, everything is clear: you will thank you for them when you endorse an invoice for payment for services. Failures are harder. Most customers blame the agency for tactical mistakes. And rightly so. For example, the wrong tactics of promotion in natural delivery, poorly crafted ads for contextual systems, the lack of real activity in social communities is the responsibility of marketers.

But are you ready to share with the agency responsibility for the unsuccessful strategy? It's not just about trying to make a profit in a falling and unpromising market. Only you are responsible for the business strategy. What about mistakes in strategic planning of a marketing campaign, development of a content strategy and advertising concept? The responsibility lies partly with you, as you are involved in planning and approving strategic decisions.

Ideal customer: what is it?

The ideal client does not consider the marketing agency as a seller of a turnkey solution in beautiful packaging. No, good marketers always have ready-made packages for you. They are always ready to do the work for you and show the result. But successful cooperation is possible only if you are ready to become an agency partner, and not a passive buyer of services.

Consider the contractor a guide to selected targets. The agency can show the road and even build bridges. But go to success will have to be hand in hand. Then you have a chance to find your ideal marketer.

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