How to use YouTube correctly: 7 lessons for marketers

Search engines are constantly evolving, trying to meet the needs of users with the help of more advanced technologies. For example, the newest Hummingbird algorithm, launched by Google about a month ago and presented at the end of September, was developed under the influence of voice search users who do not want to use fancy requests like "winter tires SPb".

Classic SEO is evolving with the needs of the Internet audience and the improvement of search algorithms, so far-sighted search marketers are no longer looking for new ways to manipulate the issue. They try to give users the desired: valuable and informative content. Video marketing is one way to put this into practice.

In the summer of this year, the marketing company Pixability published the results of the study "100 leading brands: key lessons for success on YouTube." It is dedicated to the most successful strategies for the promotion of companies and products through video on the most popular video hosting.

Pixability experts argue that the growing popularity and availability of YouTube, due to increased bandwidth of communication channels and technical capabilities of stationary and mobile gadgets, gives businesses additional opportunities. Creating a video, he gradually drifts from the classic television advertising to the forms characteristic of the Internet.

In particular, content published by brands on YouTube has a longer duration than commercials. Internet marketing video is social and interactive. Finally, companies do not stop at banal advertising. They try to attract the audience with useful or entertaining information.

The number of videos published by the top 100 brands shows exponential growth (see illustration). According to Pixability, the 100 largest companies in the world spent 5.1 billion dollars to create a marketing video.

If the current trend continues, the 100 largest brands in the world will publish 1 million marketing videos on YouTube from 2013 to 2015.

Why youtube

The article “Which video hosting service to choose for publishing marketing content” noted that YouTube users spend 4 billion hours a month watching videos. This resource is the largest and most convenient marketing campaign.

According to Pixability, in 2005, the top 100 brands monthly published several dozen videos on YouTube. In 2012, they downloaded 10,000 videos per month to this service. Since 2005, the hundred largest companies in the world have created more than 2,200 channels and received a total of 9.5 billion views.

Other existing video hosting sites do not even come close to YouTube in terms of popularity and availability. However, this does not relieve brands from the difficulties associated with the publication of a marketing video. For example, more than half of the clips published by companies do not receive 1000 views. But brands sometimes spend on creating video budgets comparable to the estimates for the production of a Hollywood blockbuster with Vin Diesel in the lead role.

However, such problems do not prevent most companies from the top 100 largest brands in the world to successfully use YouTube to implement marketing campaigns. Taking advantage of their experience, Pixability experts formulated seven tips for marketers who want to promote projects using video.

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Video marketing lessons from top 100 brands

The Pixability study identified the main factors that help the world's leading brands conduct effective marketing campaigns on YouTube. The following tips will help you understand these factors and use them in practice.

1. Become an uninterrupted video content production machine.

The most successful brands in video marketing make 50% more videos than their less successful counterparts. They create a lot of content and publish it regularly.

On average, successful companies publish 78 videos per month. And leading media brands create more than 500 spots per month.

2. Optimize your YouTube videos

The number of video views depends on its visibility to search engines. To make videos visible, add key phrases for which users search for videos of the relevant subject in the title and description.

Please note that Google often ranks higher sites with embedded themed videos from YouTube. Therefore, optimization of commercials contributes to the promotion of corporate resources.

3. Avoid race for very high quality.

In the article “How to create a marketing video without Hollywood budgets,” we said that the quality of the picture and the cast of the video are not related to its marketing success. Very often, the most viewed video is created using non-professional equipment.

Your task is to create useful video content that can be viewed using a PC or mobile device. Of course, the viewer should be able to see what is happening in the frame, so videos of too low quality are not suitable for marketing campaigns.

4. Integrate YouTube campaigns with offline marketing

Leading brands often create videos for a limited audience, for example, for participants in corporate events or presentations. Thanks to this, the audience can easily find what they see at the event later. In such cases, many viewers subscribe to the brand's YouTube channel.

5. Brand marketing video

Videos posted on YouTube should be branded. Use the company name and logo in the credits of the video. Also, the brand must be present in the title and description of the video. Successful videos will be replicated many times by the audience, and branding will help you to get feedback.

Note that over-branding and intrusive advertising hamper natural sharing.

6. Create more content, not more channels.

37% of YouTube channels are not updated for 120 days or more. However, they are not among the most popular channels that constantly delight the audience with new videos. Therefore, do not create channels for each group of consumers if you cannot fill them with interesting content.

7. Use social networks for video marketing.

Top 100 brands get the lion's share of traffic to their YouTube channels from Twitter and Facebook. Social network users often share videos that can be used for marketing commercial content.

Publish videos in thematic publics and groups, as well as on the pages of the brand. Ask the audience to rate videos. This will help increase the number of views and shareings.

YouTube content lives long

The average lifespan of a post on Facebook is 22 hours. During this time, most friends and subscribers view it. According to Pixability, the lifespan of a video on YouTube is calculated in months.

Published video generates about 40% of the traffic in the first three weeks of existence. Another 30% of the traffic it gives from the fourth to the 12th week from the date of publication. Finally, the video generates another 30% of traffic from week 12 to week 52 after publication. This explains why brands using YouTube need to rely on regularly publishing useful videos for the audience.

Using the advice of the 100 largest companies in the world, you will increase the effectiveness of video marketing using YouTube. Also, you will avoid the race for quality, learn how to create a large number of videos and promote them through social networks. Perhaps due to this you will enter the top 100 brands and take part in one of the following Pixability studies.

Materials used: Greg Jarboe, Marketers, Brand 7, Global Marketing Brands and Pixel.

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