How not to lose your mind while doing sales?

“How to persuade a client to continue cooperation?”
"It's already the end of the month, and the sales plan is still not fulfilled ..."
"Tomorrow is an important meeting, but the presentation is not ready - again, it will be necessary to somehow get out ..."

These and other thoughts constantly revolve in the minds of many sales managers and do not give them peace of mind day or night. As a result, stress becomes a faithful companion of their lives. "And what to do? - you ask. Such is my work." No doubt, the work in sales is really fraught with stress. It is worth a little gape, as another competitor is already on the heels, luring customers to his side. What kind of peace can there be?

But here I will tell you one thing that you are unlikely to be delighted with. Nobody forced you to become a seller. One fine (and, perhaps, terrible) day, you decided: "I will work in the sales department." Surely, you knew what was going on. Therefore, now there is no point in complaining about your unhappy fate. He called himself a seller, get into the abyss of stress (sorry for the distortion of the famous proverb).

Although it may turn out that you are in the sales sphere completely by accident. Perhaps you entered the faculty of commerce under the pressure of parents, received a diploma, and you had no choice but to go to work in the specialty. Or someone of your acquaintances offered you a “unrealistically cool” job in sales, and you agreed, having no idea what your expectation was.

It does not matter how you got here, much more important is how you feel in the role of the seller. If lately you are increasingly asking yourself the question: “What, actually, am I doing here?”, If you go to work, do it as hard labor and watch a watch a hundred times a day to get home quickly, have a quick bite and collapse on the sofa, then you need to urgently make the legs of the scope of sales. So to the mental hospital is not far ...

In general, if you understand that it is time for you to tie up with sales, and you are already looking for a blank sheet of paper and a pen to write a letter of resignation, you can not read this article. Take a quieter job, for example, landscape design or library business, and live yourself in pleasure.

If sales are a matter of your life that you will not agree to exchange for anything else, then you can be congratulated. However, this does not mean that you are insured from all the "charms" of stress. Over time, it can become chronic and then - write disappeared. At best, you face insomnia, because of which you will walk all day like a zombie, scaring your customers. At worst - a personal crisis, then you certainly will not be up to work.

This all means that you have to tame this terrible beast called "stress." You can not get rid of it completely yes, in principle, you do not need it. Stress in moderate doses, even useful for sellers - it does not give them a chance to relax and increases their motivation. So, it would be more correct to say not "How to get rid of stress?", But "How to reduce the amount of stress to a minimum?". Finding the answer to this question, we will further.

1. Make a schedule to attract new customers and stick to it.

If your team is too busy working on current reporting and making deals with regular customers, then it simply will not have time to attract new customers. This, in turn, can lead to the fact that there will be a complete lull in your company when your employees are more or less free from their affairs. Do not allow this.

Organize the work of your team (no matter who comes in: office plankton or ideal employees), make sure that your regular customers are satisfied and at the same time attract new ones.

"Here I am!", - you will say and you will be right.

But do not despair. Over time, you will perform all these actions on the machine. At the same time, long-awaited calm will prevail in your soul, because you will know that beyond the horizon a whole sea of ​​new opportunities awaits you.

You no longer have to put pressure on each potential client, trying by hook or by crook to persuade him to deal. You will communicate with customers more confidently and relaxed, no longer taking them as your last chance at salvation.

2. Call potential customers every day.

Communicating with potential clients should be part of your daily work routine. Never leave the office without calling at least one of them. Even if you have only 20 minutes of free time, you should not spend them on the next coffee break. It is better to pick up the phone and dial, finally, this is an unfortunate number, which has long been gathering dust in your diary.

And what will happen next, you already know yourself. A call to a potential client can turn into a real meeting, and a real meeting can lead to a deal. Of course, there are no guarantees. You can immediately get a refusal from a potential client, and even a request to leave him alone. Therefore, the more calls you make, the more chances you have from your partner to hear the cherished "Yes!".

When calls to potential customers become your daily habit, you will click them like nuts. You will no longer grab the phone with a trembling hand, intending to make an important call. Your voice will emit confidence that your potential customers will certainly feel.

Do not postpone calls to potential customers for later. If you constantly evade this task, then one day you will have to make 20 or even 30 calls in one day. When you think about it, your hair is on end, isn't it? Then pick up the phone now and call the customer you were supposed to contact a couple of weeks ago.

3. Prepare to talk with potential customers in advance.

Remember the times of your studies at school or university. If you were a complete slob, you probably hated taking exams. Of course, because you were preparing for them at the last moment. But can a person learn a couple of days of the information contained in the whole textbook, with a volume of 200-300 pages? I bet there is not, unless he has a photographic memory.

Of course, you had to get out: use cheat sheets, write off your neighbor or invent some excuse to soften the teacher. And you still managed to defend their blood C grade. Have you ever thought for a minute what damage did you do to your health? Sleepless nights, gigabytes of new information, liters of coffee and energy drinks ... It's amazing how you have not lost your mind or have not earned a heart attack.

If you miraculously got your diploma and you believe that you will never have to do homework and take exams, you are mistaken. Work in the field of sales involves continuous study and testing of your knowledge and skills. Each conversation with a potential client is a mini-exam that you must pass with dignity. And the better you prepare for it, the higher your chances of success.

Before calling a potential customer, you must write a detailed plan. Who will you talk to? What company does this person work for? What questions can he ask? What do you want to achieve with this call: make an appointment, make a commercial offer or discuss the details of the deal? You just have to know the answers to all these questions. In addition, you should carefully listen to your interlocutor in order to understand his problems and suggest adequate ways to solve them.

Throw out the words "impromptu" and "improvisation" from your vocabulary. If these techniques helped you out during school exams, this does not mean that they will help you in communicating with potential clients. Do not forget that your first contact with them will be made by telephone, not live. Therefore, you will not be able to put down the vigilance of your interlocutors with the help of charm and charisma. Save them for the next stages of your interaction. And now - make a plan and be sure to keep it in front of you during a telephone conversation, and even better - learn.

Preparing for a conversation with potential clients will give you confidence in yourself, since you can already, more or less, control the situation. Remember the very same excellent students or if you want the "batanas" who studied with you. Admit that you silently envied them, because they passed all the exams in two accounts.

What was their secret? In elementary preparation. They did not leave their affairs for later, hoping for a chance or a freebie, but just slowly prepared for a month. Therefore, they radiated self-confidence and equanimity. And why be afraid if you know everything?

I do not suggest you become a bookworm or a whiz. Just get ready for everything in advance. Then no questions or objections from customers can take you by surprise.

4. Avoid excessive expectations.

Have you received a whole list of so-called high-quality or promising leads and are you already rubbing your hands in anticipation of good deals? Do not rush to rejoice ahead of time. If a potential client has left you his contacts, this does not mean that he is ready to make a purchase. Perhaps he did it simply because of politeness or so that you leave him alone with his obsessive advertising. It may be that he needs additional information to make a final decision.

Anyway, you shouldn’t hope that your leads will automatically become a client. To achieve this, you have to sweat: strengthen ties with your potential customers, understand their true needs and tailor your offer to them. By preparing for the worst, you will avoid disappointment - a typical consequence of excessive expectations. In addition, you will be armed to the teeth and will be able to cope with any force majeure situation.

5. Continue to "process" potential customers regularly.

Many sellers make a gross mistake: they concentrate only on short-term leads, that is, those customers who are more likely to make a deal with them in the near future. At the same time, they completely forget about the long-term leads that can bring them even greater benefits in the future. If you want to build an effective sales funnel, you need to regularly get in touch with every customer who has shown interest in your products or services. At the very least, this should occur once every few months, preferably more often.

Even if a potential client decisively refused your offer, do not put an end to it. Everything flows, everything changes. Perhaps in a couple of months his company will expand, and he will just need your help. By regularly “processing” your potential customers, you will be able to discover the incredible opportunities that your customers have lost sight of.

Again, over time, the process of customer management will become a habit. In your sales funnel, everything will be laid out on the shelves, so you will no longer have a panic fear of the future.

Your potential customers will no longer perceive you as an annoying seller who, by any means, wants to lend them their goods and services. You will become a reliable expert for them, whose opinion can be trusted.

Start managing stress before it starts controlling you.

So, we have reviewed a number of tips, following which you can save the lion’s share of your nerve cells by selling. The essence of these recommendations comes down to the fact that you should consider the sales funnel as a long-term process that requires daily hard work. If you do not solve current tasks on time, for example, call potential clients or hold presentations, they will accumulate and accumulate. Where it leads? You will then have to rake your debris on an urgent basis, while experiencing not just stress, but mega-stress!

As you can see, much depends on you. You cannot completely eliminate stress from your life, but it is in your power to eliminate the main cause of its occurrence — procrastination, that is, the constant postponement of important things for later. Start unraveling the accumulated cases right now before it is too late.

Of course, you can not do this. Nobody makes you. However, be prepared for the fact that in this case, your life will change dramatically. If you leave everything as it is, in a couple of months you will be surrounded not by an office interior, but by white walls, and you will not be wearing an elegant business suit, but a battered straitjacket. A tempting prospect, isn't it?

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