How to evaluate the professionalism of a copywriter

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the demand for copywriting services in the English-speaking segment of the Internet has increased over the past year by 320%. At the same time, 32% of companies faced problems when searching for qualified specialists. One of the reasons for this situation is the lack of owners and marketers of online projects with the knowledge necessary to assess the professionalism of web writers. After reading this article, you will learn what requirements a copywriter can present, how to evaluate his qualifications.

Please note that below we will talk about the assessment of the professional qualities of a copywriter on the text written by him. These can be works from a portfolio or a test task prepared for you. The assessment of the personal and business qualities of a potential employee is beyond the scope of this article. You will probably cope with the study of resumes, feedback and recommendations of the specialist, as well as in the course of communication you will get an idea of ​​his personality.

Imagine that during a personal meeting, a telephone conversation, or a chat in an online chat, a copywriter made a favorable impression on you. Now you have opened on the desktop screen or printed out several works from the portfolio of a specialist. What is worth paying attention to?

1. Rate the text without reading it.

It is not necessary to read the text in the illustration below in order to understand that it is, with a high degree of probability, qualitative.

And the text on the illustration below most likely was written by an amateur.

You already understand the difference. Good text can be seen per kilometer. It is structured: it has a heading and subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, paragraphs, separated by a blank line. If the text contains illustrations with captions, boxes, graphics, consider that you have found a good specialist with a probability of 99%.

Of course, the structuredness of the text does not always speak about the skill of the author. Probably, the editor, the bild-manager and the coder were contrived over the material. It would be nice to look at the raw version that the copywriter sent to the editor in a text editor.

Perhaps a novice copywriter read a clever article and structured an absolutely crazy text. This will pop up when you read the work.

However, the lack of structure almost always says that the text and its author require additional attention. You may have a doctor of medical science who, in the interval between complex operations, sketched for mere mortals a reminder of the self-diagnosis of a terrible disease. The editor will turn this diamond into a diamond. Perhaps before you just useless text and the author.

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2. Rate specialist literacy

This is an obvious requirement: a copywriter must write correctly. This is a critical requirement for projects that do not have the ability to pay for the services of a proofreader and editor. However, do not rush to write off the applicant, if you have found an extra comma in your portfolio, a slip of the pen, or even an obvious mistake.

This is normal when a copywriter makes a mistake. All professional authors are mistaken: even journalists in major publications or famous writers. It’s bad if there are a lot of mistakes in the text. It is bad if there is no one to fix them. When you see a bad one, there are obvious mistakes that say that the author didn’t easily skip the lessons of the ruskov language, but neither did he open a neodnoy book.

You will not find an author who makes no mistakes at all. But you need to try to find a specialist who writes competently and has the skills to correct and edit your own text.

3. Assess the level of expertise of the texts.

Remember the example of a doctor of medical sciences who somehow sketched a text useful for the audience about the diagnosis of a dangerous disease? He can be forgiven for almost everything: lack of structure, poor text formatting, and even spelling and grammatical errors. Why? His text has great value for the audience: no one else in the world knows how a person can independently suspect and pre-diagnose a disease.

You need a copywriter who knows how to dive deep into an unknown topic for him and give expert-level texts to the top. If the author in the portfolio has works on the topic related to the scope of your business, you can easily evaluate the level of expertise of the text. If a specialist has never encountered the proposed topic, but you want to cooperate with him, you will have to take a chance.

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Invite a potential candidate to write a few articles. Assess the level of expertise of the text, discuss the result. Suggest the copywriter to write a few more articles and evaluate the dynamics of the quality of materials. See how the audience responds to the materials. You will easily understand whether the author has managed to sort out a new topic for himself, whether he knows how to study on the go and deeply immerse himself in the topic.

4. See if the author can work with the text.

It is about the author’s ability to articulate thoughts clearly and logically, use intonation, work with emotions, and suggest rational arguments. Read the text and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I like the text?
  • Was the author able to interest the reader?
  • Do you want to read another text of the author, leave a comment, put Like?
  • Did you believe what was written?
  • Is there no excess emotion in the text? Is the text too dry?

The quality of your valves does not cause doubts, but do not hire an author who writes that "our valves and dampers have an incredibly high quality, repeatedly confirmed by the highest jury of the most prestigious industry competitions." Also, refuse to cooperate with a specialist who writes that "stockings of our factory are the subject of women's wardrobe, which is 100% nylon and serves to solve aesthetic and hygienic tasks." You understand that you can write a little more emotional about women's underwear, but it is more rational about fixtures, right?

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5. Check whether the author is able to write selling texts.

This is a very ambiguous point. Every product and every audience needs a suitable type of marketing text. For example, if you sell remote server administration or apartment renovation, a calm informative text would be best as a seller. If you sell online courses of magical weight loss and money, you will need an aggressive emotional text suggesting an immediate response. And if you sell the above-mentioned underwear, cosmetics, jewelry or jewelry, it is quite suitable for selling a normal text: moderately emotional, persuasive, informing, calling for action.

You are not satisfied with the specialist who sells water heaters with the help of emotions, exclamation marks and the "Buy" button wedged after each paragraph. You will not be able to achieve the desired result if the copywriter does not know how to actualize the needs of a potential client, emphasize the properties of the product and explain their benefits, provide the client with a choice and offer to make a conversion action.

6. Specify whether the copywriter has a basic knowledge of Internet marketing.

As you understand, the compliance of a copywriter with this requirement is not determined by the examples of works in the portfolio. If you like the texts of the specialist and you have decided the question of cooperation, ask him the following questions:

  • Does a copywriter have a basic knowledge of search engine marketing? Well, if a specialist is familiar with the functionality of panels for webmasters Google and Yandex, can work with web analytics systems Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica, It is very good if a copywriter is familiar with the requirements of search engines for sites, the principles of ranking resources in a search.
  • Is the copywriter familiar with the principles of SMM? You are lucky if the candidate has "pumped" accounts in popular social networks. It is great if a specialist takes an active part in professional discussions, knows how to attract attention, gently provoke the audience, reasonably defend his point of view.
  • Can a copywriter create visual content? Well, if the author is able to process images, use services to create infographics, make presentations.
  • Does a copywriter have a sales idea? If a potential employee has an entrepreneurial experience or has worked in the sales department, he uses his experience to create content.

If the author has the relevant knowledge, you have met a universal soldier, cooperation with which will be successful. If the copywriter does not have knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, do not put a cross on it. Suggest a specialist to gradually master the knowledge necessary to work together.

Where to find a professional copywriter?

You'd be surprised, but in the field of Internet marketing a lot of good copywriters work. To choose a specialist, you just need to be able to evaluate the professionalism of a writing specialist. Yes, and in some places you have to take risks and trust newcomers in responsible work. Thanks to this, you will very quickly understand whether you made the right choice.

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