Let's talk about creativity or 5 rules of success for a copywriter

Tchaikovsky repeatedly said that inspiration is a state when a person works like an ox, and does not flinch a handle coyly. And Zakhar Prilepin, for example, argues that inspiration is an excuse for lazy people. They, lazy people, refer to his absence in order to justify their inaction. And so many great ones believed and continue to count. We, the copywriters of the agency VelikaPlaza, do not belong to the great (yet?), But relying on our own work experience, we believe that the appetite comes with eating, and inspiration comes only during work.

A good copywriter should work tirelessly. The situation in modern content marketing is such that there is simply no time to wait for “enlightenment”. Not only a couple of days or hours, but even a dozen or two minutes of delay can be crucial. So the text for the site copywriter should write quickly. In this case, the content must be selling and without common mistakes.

Road going by walking

“Anyone who has the ability to put words beautifully on paper can become a good copywriter” is a mistaken opinion. Alone is not enough for this. A web copywriter should not be afraid of difficulties and be able to learn from their mistakes. The Texterra team knows this firsthand. We have formulated for ourselves several clear rules that are a good help in our work. Believe me, each of these rules - suffered and forced.

Rule number 1. Clearly structure the working day. When it is known that a certain period is set aside for a certain work, it is a great boost to mental activity. Of course, it will be very difficult for someone with unaccustomed to enter the working mode. But here you can draw a parallel with the army - at first it is hard, and then you get used to live according to a schedule, and everything falls into place!

Rule number 2. Get to know yourself. All people have their own, different from other rhythm of life. It is necessary to determine at what time of day the highest activity period occurs. And it is during this period that the most important tasks need to be addressed. But this does not mean that the rest of the time you can do nothing. The time before and after this period is also necessary to devote to the implementation of any tasks, albeit less relevant and less important. A sharp start, just like a sharp cessation of such activities, can lead to a complete loss of interest.

Rule number 3. Competently rest. The best rest is a change of activity. No need to dwell for a long time on any one job. This will lead you to a dead end. Much more efficient to alternate load. Mental work can be combined with short periods of physical activity. It is also useful to switch to other creative tasks. Write during the day for different clients, different projects. Changing topics during the day is more effective than working on one topic.

Scientists have long proved that the human brain is a much more advanced tool than a computer processor. Whatever tasks you perform at a particular point in time, at the subconscious level, he continues to work on an unfinished project. As a result, the desired result will still be achieved.

Rule number 4. Keep the brains in good shape. It is worth remembering one old truth - "it is never too late to learn." In web copywriting, you have to do it all the time. But to sit at the desk need not in the truest sense of the word. It is necessary to constantly analyze the information relevant to professional activities. You can do this in different ways. For example, someone in Texterra watches television series at one’s leisure or another related to copywriting, while others read fiction and journalistic literature from specific authors. All this, albeit not explicitly, but pours water on the mill of our skill. Increase your competence anytime, anywhere.

Rule number 5. The crisis is inevitable, like the sunrise. One has to be prepared for the fact that sooner or later a “creative stupor” catches up with any online journalist. As a rule, this happens at the most inopportune moment. In this case, there should always be some ideas in stock: sketches or ideas that can be easily brought to mind. The most important thing is not to be afraid of the creative crisis, but to be prepared for it.

American artist and writer Austin Cleon, famous on the Internet, claims that the artist (in the broad sense of the word) must be a collector. He advises to pay to collect interesting finds of colleagues on the pen. They can be your source of inspiration during a difficult period.

But the story is always spiraling. Behind the inevitable crisis always comes the same inevitable rise to a higher level of professionalism. So, the road will be mastered by walking.

About the most important thing

We know for sure that the recommendations given in this article will not turn anyone into good copywriters overnight. But on the other hand, they will greatly facilitate the work of those who simply work tirelessly in the field of writing unique and effective texts for websites. And this goal is much more important, because in the world of modern content marketing, a strong artisan is hundreds of times more valuable than a talented but capricious creator.

However, we must not forget that modern technologies, with the help of which search engines evaluate the quality of sites and rank them, are developing very rapidly. One thing is indisputable: raising positions in extradition depends on good texts. So, starting to perform the next creative task, remember - no need to wait for inspiration from nature. To take it is our task. We have just shown you one of the most convenient roads to this.


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