Survivors: parsers after updating VKontakte advertising office

The new functionality of the advertising cabinet "VKontakte" for advertisers saves them from having to pay for additional services. For example, for parsers. What is a parser and how it helps to save on targeted advertising "VKontakte", we have already written in the article.

Is it so? Do parsers really die and entrepreneurs can not pay for their use? What updates will be added to avoid falling user demand? Which business categories can no longer use parsers, because they have enough existing functionality of the advertising cabinet "VKontakte"?

We asked representatives of the most popular parsers to answer our questions.


I would not say that these updates affect parsers in any way.

We have, as always, a steady increase in popularity. We did not feel any negative impact.

And even vice versa. Personally, I think that such simplifications for advertisers to enter the VKontakte advertising platform should primarily contribute to the growth in the number of our potential customers.

After all, parsers have always been and will remain a means of more advanced, targeted targeting. No advertising platform will ever try to introduce to itself a similar number of functions, like in TargetHanter.

After all, it is important for them to maintain the maximum simplicity of the advertising office for ordinary representatives of small business - and this is important to understand.

And to us, in turn, come those who have already mastered the standard set of opportunities in RK. They come to master a more advanced level in order to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. For example, our service allows you to automate the search for a very hot target audience, and to analyze such an audience in the most detailed way - so far, VKontakte has not even seen the slightest prerequisites towards the implementation of this popular functionality.

Therefore, I do not see anything wrong with such updates, and I am even pleased with them, as they expand opportunities, including for us and our clients. And the easier the entry of novice advertisers to this site, the better for all of us.

If we talk about the need to pay for the use of external services, then here, I think, nothing has changed much either. A professional will definitely continue to use our service, because this is not such great money for which he would accept the limitations of his capabilities.

And who previously had enough of the standard features of the advertising cabinet "VKontakte", so for some time they will continue to be missed. Until then, until he decides to try his hand at a more professional target.

In general, we have had quite a close contact with representatives of social networks for a long time, periodically we meet and work together in a number of key areas, we participate in discussions of planned updates. The administration of VKontakte has a very open policy towards external services - this is their great advantage over foreign social networks.

And updates, of course, we are planning.

A couple of major updates will be released in the coming months.

In general, our development plans have been prepared for several years ahead, so it’s not a matter of sitting around.

Innovations in the advertising room "VKontakte" do not eliminate the need to use parsers, because with their help you can use more flexible settings for the selection of the audience. The demand for parsers has not decreased, on the contrary, there is a growth, against the background of increased interest in the innovations of the advertising office, people who have not previously used parsers are testing them. At the moment, we continue to introduce new functionality aimed at simplifying the collection of the audience.


When VKontakte released the “Active in Communities” update, many started talking about the “Cerebro era” coming to an end, VKontakte copied Cerebro. ” This update is actually the automation of those very first parsers inside the advertising cabinet. Such a functionality was used in 2014-2015. And according to our experience, it is no longer enough.

Yes, advertising with the help of a new advertising tool “VKontakte” - “Community Activity” is an opportunity to get some inexpensive clients. But to become the first in your niche, you can not just build a base for target. It is necessary to work with analytics of client profiles in VKontakte, to apply it in advertising and content plan - to investigate the behavior of the target audience in order to understand why they are interested in your products. CerebroTarget helps entrepreneurs learn how to influence readers to become clients.

Thanks to the update, the number of new and regular advertisers in "VKontakte" will be more. This setting will allow you to focus on the hottest target audience, and entrepreneurs will quickly understand the effectiveness of targeted advertising on VKontakte. I believe that the current update in VKontakte will only increase interest in Cerebro. When someone feels the benefits of advertising, he has a desire to improve their results. So, over time, this issue will bring customers to our service.

Let's sum up.

The new functionality of the advertising cabinet "VKontakte" is really useful for the small-town business. Owners of small local businesses in small cities with a population of up to 100,000 people. For example, a private pastry chef or manicurist working at home. For the micro-business, the update of the VKontakte advertising cabinet promises a benefit: you do not have to pay a specialist for the configuration and for the parser itself, all the settings are already there.

If you have a difficult niche, a regional business or in a city with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants, then it is unlikely to work effectively without parsers.

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