Central Asia is in shock: the most scandalous advertising campaigns of major brands

For several days already passions have been boiling around the advertising campaign of Reebok # nykakameramki. The pendulum scandal swings, revealing new details. The specialist who approved the scandalous slogans, was fired. Now he tells reporters about the outdated society and is looking for a new job.

Meanwhile, Reebok commented on the situation at the official level. Brand spokesman Daniel Sarro said that the scandalous posters were not coordinated with management and do not reflect the views and opinions of the company.

The phrase "Move to ..." has become a meme and walks on the Internet.

In this regard, it is a sin not to recall other advertising campaigns of major brands, which at one time shocked Central Asia.

A selection made exclusively for your entertainment. We do not advocate anything, do not demean anyone and do not look for hidden meanings in these selections.

"Unhate" (Benetton, 2011)

Italian clothing brand is known for thoughtful, bright and sharp social advertising posters. But the campaign "Unhate" ("No to violence") surprised even the brand fans who got used to provocations. Political and religious leaders on posters "merged lips in kisses." Well, marketers would use real photos from the chronicles! No, this is it - Photoshop Almighty =)

Heroes of the photo were in an awkward position. If the conditional Paris Hilton can get into court trials because of insulting honor and dignity, then political leaders are clearly not up to it. Therefore, the White House limited veiled campaign disapproval. "Our policy does not approve the use of the name and image of the president for promotional purposes."- said White House spokesman Eric Schulz. Explicit disapproval was expressed only by the representative of the Vatican, declaring insulting the feelings of believers. Benetton decided not to tease the geese and quickly removed the photo with the kiss of Pope Benedict XVI and the Egyptian imam from the campaign. However, it has already managed to scatter on the Internet and create a resonance.

"Ice Cream is our religion" (Antonio Federici, 2010)

The idea of ​​an advertising campaign is simple - ice cream is so tempting that it is impossible to resist it. But for its implementation, marketers of the British brand Antonio Federici have clearly chosen the wrong topic. London authorities have banned the placement of posters with a pregnant nun and ambiguous looking priests on the streets of the city on the eve of the visit of the Pope of Rome. Hypunut did not work, although advertising still appeared in some magazines.

"Commit to something" (Equinox, 2016)

The advertising campaign of the network of fitness clubs Equinox with the slogan "Dedicate yourself" is just a storehouse for fans of scandals. Here and public feeding by a breast, and "strong / independent with 40 cats", and the man-narcissus, and the country guy stuck over with bees. Judging by the negativity in social networks, the campaign did not hit hard on someone else's complexes.

"I flash in #mycalvins" (Calvin Klein, 2016)

This is the first advertising of underwear, which was accused of promoting sexual harassment. After a photo of young actress Clara Christine from a juicy perspective appeared in the official Calvin Klein account, activists launched a whole campaign against the #mycalvins series. In their opinion, such photos encourage an unhealthy tendency to photograph women under a skirt or shorts. Later in the UK even tried to introduce a law providing for imprisonment for such images.

The brand did not go on about dissatisfied and did not delete the photo. The heroine of the scandalous picture stated that people are simply trapped in relation to their body. True, for her most scandalous photo shoot became the peak of her career. World brands after the scandal did not offer her cooperation, and the actress’s career has not yet been set.

"Behind closed doors" (Eckhaus Latta, 2017)

At the sight of a new advertising campaign, many thought that the official website of the clothing brand Eckhaus Latta had been hacked and turned into a strawberry archive. Because the series of photos "Behind closed doors", dedicated to the new collection, was not just frank, it balanced on the verge of erotica and frank porn. Nude intimate places models creatives closed pixels, but it did not make the photos more modest. Some posters captured models of the same sex, it was these pictures that caused the most discontent.

"Looks like some stuff on the side" (Burger King, 2016)

The Russian mat is an advertising engine, the creatives of Burger King decided and released posters with a veiled obscene slogan for the announcement of the new promotion. In social networks advertising zafukali because reception is beaten (earlier the brand already did something similar).

What do you think about provocations in advertising? Should I go beyond to achieve marketing goals?

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