How to process photos online: 90+ tools for working with images

This collection was first published more than three years ago. It includes about 30 web services with which you can create images with text. For three years, many new tools for working with visual content have appeared. Thanks to convenient mobile applications, people have learned how to create masterpieces literally on the go. Therefore, multifunctional tools are included in the updated selection. With them, you can process photos online in a browser or in a smartphone application. There are various services and programs in the list: from simple and even children’s to professional visual editors.


Services and software for photo processing

This section presents photo editors: web services and photo processing software.

1. PicMonkey

Paid service. There is a free trial period. You can upload a photo from your hard drive or network resources, crop it, resize it, change the background, add a caption or effects.

2. BeFunky

Conditionally free photo editor. Basic functions are available freely, some effects and instruments need to be bought. In the free version in your account shown ads. The Russified interface facilitates the work with the service.

Photo editor with broad functionality: photo can be processed by filters, add labels, resize, change the image using stylish effects. Retouching, graphics, texture changes.

Users have access to the Collage Manager and Designer services, which can be used to create collages and design elements, such as blog caps, posters, infographics. Most of the features in the Designer tool are paid.

3. Fotor

The article "13 tips on the use of visual content in social networks" describes the use of this service. Check out the Twitter cover creation tool for Facebook.

The service is conditionally free. Free subscription allows you to retouch photos, apply effects to it, add text, frames, stickers. A paid subscription costs $ 40 per year. Owners of a paid account use the service without advertising in your account and get access to all the functionality. There is an application for Android and iOS.

4. MS Paint

Great free photo editor. It can add text and pointers to the image, crop, rotate the image, resize, perform other actions. Installed in Windows. Microsoft plans to remove this program from its operating system.

5. Picasa photo editor

With Picasa, you can make photo correction, crop and retouch images, create collages, add text to a photo. Google does not support the application and does not release updates. But the program remains popular due to its functionality and convenience.


This program is traditionally considered as a free alternative to "Photoshop." There is a version for Linux and Windows.

With the help of GIMP you can draw, retouch photos, perform photocorrection, use filters.

7. Pixlr

Photo editor with broad functionality. You can use it online, as a browser extension, on mobiles running iOS and Android.

8. Aviary

Aviary editor can be used online on desktops, as well as on mobile running Android and iOS. Adds filters and effects, retouch photos, frames, adds text.

In 2014, Aviary, a developer, bought Adobe Systems.

9. Bonfire

This photo editor is positioned as a professional. Retouch photos, add effects and filters. There is a tool for adding makeup to the selfie.

10. Pixenate

Online photo editor. You can add effects, adjust brightness and contrast, rotate, crop images. Other features are available.

11. LunaPic

Free online editor. There are tools for drawing, color correction, effects, animation.

12. Picture2Life

Online tool for quick photo enhancement. Filters, effects, color correction tools are available.

13. FotoFlexer

Online tool. Apply effects to images, retouching. There are stickers and drawing tools.

14. Ribbet

Photo editor. Available in basic version online. There is a new version of the service, which is being beta tested. There is also an extension for Chrome and an application for iOS. Ribbet adds effects to the photo, makes labels. There are themed stickers, frames and many other tools.

15. FotoJet

Conditionally free photo editor. Adds effects, text, frames. Resizes, corrects colors.

16. Poladroid

Quickly styling pictures under the photo taken with the help of the legendary camera. Requires installation on a computer.

17. iPiccy

Online photo editor and tool for creating collages.

18. FreeOnlineFotoEditor

Free online editor. There are filters and effects, the ability to add text, crop, rotate the image.

19. Portrait Pro

Paid portrait editor. Positioned as a professional software. It costs 70 dollars, there is a test period.

20. Pixelz Solo

An interesting editor for online retailers. The main possibility is to replace the background of images. Photos are processed by live people upon user request. Paid tool, there is a test opportunity to process three photos for free.

21.Online photo editor

There are filters and effects, tools for color correction, retouching and drawing. Available in the browser, as an extension and mobile application.

22. Picozu

Online photo editor that works without Flash. Retouch photos, edit psd files. There are drawing tools. The cost of use from 200 euros per year.

23. PhotoCat

Free editor. It is possible to retouch photos, add effects, text, frame.

24. Pizap

The online editor Pizap is available in two versions: based on Flash and HTML 5. The second is in beta testing. In Pizap there are filters, stickers, the ability to add text, create memes, draw, retouch photos. The basic version is available for free.

25. CutMyPic

Free photo editor. Adds effects, rounds the corners, adds shadows to the photo. A simple tool for beginners.

26. SnapsTouch

The tool turns photos into drawings made with the help of various tools and techniques. Available for free.

27. Sumo Paint

Functional online editor. Basic tools are available for free. Able to draw, adjust photos, crop, adjust colors. The developers are positioning the service as a browser version of Photoshop.

28. ImageBot

Free photo editor. There are filters and effects, stickers, drawing tools. You can add text to the photo.

29. GooEdit

Expansion for Google Chrome. Works with photos online without prior download to PC. Able to draw, retouch. Adds effects. To edit a photo, you need to hover the cursor on it and press Alt and the right mouse button.

30. Online Image Editor

Corrects colors. Adds text, frames, forms to the photo. Available for free.

31. Phixr

200 filters, stickers, shapes, frames, color correction, adding text. These and other tools are available in the Phixr photo editor.


With, you can add effects, frames and stickers. There are tools for color correction and retouching.

33. ImageOid

Free photo editor, is in beta testing. While only able to apply to the photo effects.

34. Psykopaint

Crazy service for drawing, as the developers position it. With the help of Psykopaint you can draw and apply effects to the photo. The main feature of the service is that it imitates the style of famous artists, for example, Van Gogh or Monet.

The full version costs $ 5, basic tools are available in the free version.

35. MyImager

Online service for editing photos and creating drawings. There are effects, drawing tools and retouching.

36. Pixer

Service for working with photos. There are effects, color correction tools. Available for free.

37. Photo505

A huge collection of filters and effects for photo processing.

Tools for creating infographics, gifs, memes, demotivators, cards

This section has both serious tools for professionals and services and programs for creating entertainment content.

38. Canva

This conditionally free service allows you to feel like a designer to people who do not know how to draw. Our tool will help you to master the tool: a review and recommendations for creating presentations.

39. Piktochart

This conditionally free service allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality infographics. Basic features are available for free. Access to full functionality costs from $ 165 per year. For non-profit organizations and educational institutions there are preferential conditions.

With the help of Piktochart you can also create presentations and layouts for printed products: posters and flyers.

40. Infogram

My favorite service for creating infographics. Conditionally free tool: basic functions are available for free, access to all features is paid. Interesting features of a paid account include:

  • Adding your logo to the infographics.
  • Publication of clickable links to graphs.
  • Premium infographic templates.
  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • Integration with Google and Analytics tables.

The cost of paid packages starts at $ 19 per year.

41. LogoGarden

This is a paid service for creating logos. Registration is not required. The service only recognizes the Latin alphabet, which is inconvenient for Russian users. You can make template logos yourself. Their cost is $ 12.5 per share. You can also order a unique logo for the price of 39 dollars.

User can:

  • Choose a ready-made template from different categories.
  • Choose the appropriate font.
  • Apply effects to the image and text.

42. LogotypeMaker

Service for creating logos. To get started, you must enter the company name in a special field on the main page. After that, the service offers logo templates that can be customized.

After completing the work, you can save the logo and buy access to download. The cost of the basic subscription, which gives access to files in the png format with a 300 dpi extension, is $ 25.

43. Quozio

Convenient and free service for creating beautiful pictures with quotes. Just enter the text and choose the template you like. Postcards can be shared on social networks or sent by e-mail.

44. Quotescover

This service allows you to create pictures with quotes. Here you can find interesting quotes of famous English-speaking people, as well as use your favorite quotes that are not in the list. Service supports only Latin. With it, you can make:

  • Covers and posts for social networks.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Screensavers for smartphones and tablets.
  • Templates for printing and prints for clothes.
  • Posters, announcements.

45. Photovisi

Conditionally free service for creating collages, cards, covers for social networks. Its advantages include ease of use. Basic features are available for free. Access to full functionality costs $ 4.99 per month.

46. ​​Smilebox

The program for creating collages, postcards and photo processing. After installing and registering software, basic functions are available for free. Use this tool if you want to be able to work with photos regardless of internet connection.

Using the program you can:

  • Process photo.
  • Create postcards and collages.
  • Make flyers and photo albums.
  • Make out emails.
  • Create video cards.

47. Pagemodo

This service is designed to create covers for Facebook. Even with it, you can create a bright post with visual content, as well as arrange the company's page.

The tool is paid, the cost of use starts from 6.25 dollars per month. Paid subscription gives such opportunities:

  • Create bright covers for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Registration of publications and pages.
  • Create voting and contests.

48. Profile Picture Maker

With the help of this service, you can make a userpic for social networks. The tool is available for free and without registration. Photos can be enhanced with a simple editor. Also available templates and effects. You can upload a photo with a resolution that is suitable for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

49. Internet Marketing Ninjas

C using this tool, you can quickly adapt the image to the publication in social networks: resize and crop photos. You can choose an arbitrary image size or save the photo in a standard format for social networks: as a cover or profile photo for Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

50 .Imgflip

C using this free service, you can make a gif-animation of online video, video from a computer or photos. It is enough to specify a link to the video or upload a photo, select the parameters and save the file in gif format.

Also, the service can do demotivators, simple diagrams, memes.

51. MemeCenter

Free tool for gif-makers. To create an animation from a video, you must specify a link, select a suitable passage, select an image size and save the file. Also MemeCenter will help to quickly make a meme.

52. Quickmeme

To create a template meme, you need to login with your Facebook account, select a template and add text.

53. Pin it

The Pin it browser extension allows you to instantly publish to Pinterest any image that you see on the web. Install the extension, specify the board for publications and use the extension.

54. LICEcap

A handy free tool to record GIF animations from the screen. The program must be installed on the computer.

By the way, the developer LICEcap has a simple SnapEase free photo editor.

55. "Risovach"

Russian-language generator of memes and comics.

There are several domestic services with a similar feature. Examples:

  • 1001 memes
  • Mem-arsenal.
  • Memchik.

56. Snappa

A cool tool for creating and editing photos, covers for social networks, infographics. There are paid and free features.

57. KeyShot

A paid tool for creating three-dimensional images and animation. First of all, it will suit online retailers.

58. QuickPictureTools

A simple tool for adding text, frames, rounding corners, creating calendars and collages to a photo. Available for free.

59. Big Huge Labs

A tool for creating demotivators, posters, cards. Registration required.

Screenshot tools

The tools presented in this section take screenshots.

60. Jing

A free program that will help you quickly take a picture from the screen or record video. Requires installation and account registration.

61. Awesome Screenshot

A free Chrome browser extension that allows you to quickly take a snapshot of the screen and process the resulting image. Also, the tool will help edit existing photos and record video from the screen.

62. LightShot

Another simple and free program for creating screen shots. Using LightShot, you can add text to the screenshot, select an area, add arrows, or draw arbitrary shapes.

63. Screenshot "Yandex.Disk"

Simple and convenient screenshot. Takes screenshots, adds pointers, text, highlights areas.

64. Joxi

Another cool service for taking screenshots. There is a browser extension. Screenshots can be saved in the service repository.

65. You Clever

YouTube video browser for the browser. Among other features, You Clever makes quality screenshots of videos on YouTube. Also, the combine can make gifs with a single click.

Converters and resizers

In this section there are several tools with which you can conveniently convert files and resize photos.

66. Simple Image Resizer

With this tool you can instantly change the size or resolution of a photo. To do this, upload an image and select a new size. The service also knows how to compress, optimize and convert photos. Supports PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TIF formats.

67. Picresize

Another service for resizing photos. Also, this tool allows you to rotate a photo and process it with simple effects.

68. Converters from PDF to JPG

Here are a few tools:

  • Smallpdf.
  • ConvertMyImage.
  • PDF to Image.
  • PDF Converter.

69. Ezimba

Convenient converter and editor. Converts files, adds to the photo effects.

Mobile tools for working with photos

This section presents applications for Android and iOS, with which you can process photos.

70. Snapseed

Free application for Android and iOS. Able to change photos using filters and manually, add text, frame photo.

71. VSCO

Mobile photo processing tool. Available for iOS and Android. The application will help add filters to the photo, change the contrast, colors, make other improvements. VSCO has social networking functionality.

72. Perfect 365

An app for fans, rather, for lovers of selfies. Перед публикацией фото в Instagram приложение помогает добавить виртуальный макияж. Доступно для Android и iOS. Есть бесплатные и платные функции.

73. Prisma

Популярное приложение для iOS и Android. Улучшает фото с помощью эффектов и фильтров. Есть платные и бесплатные функции.

74. S Note

Приложение для Android. Добавляет заметки к фото, обрезает изображения, создает рисунки. Бесплатный инструмент.

75. Moldiv

Фоторедактор для iOS и Android. Программа добавляет к фото рамки, создает коллажи, добавляет к изображению фон и стикеры.

76. Vinci

Мобильное приложение. Умеет ретушировать фото, добавлять арт-фильтры и эффекты. Доступно для Android и iOS.

77. Adobe Photoshop Express

Бесплатная мобильная версия "Фотошопа". С ней можно добавлять к фото фильтры, кадрировать изображения, ретушировать картинки. Есть программа для Android и iOS.

78. Snapchat

Приложение для Android и iOS с функциями фоторедактора, мессенджера и социальной сети. With Snapchat you can share photos with friends. Before sending the image can be edited.

79. YouCam Makeup

Application for young lovers of self and social networks. The program will help add makeup to the photo. There is a version for iOS and Android.

80. Afterlight

Mobile photo editing application. Adds filters, cuts, frames a photo. Link to Google Play and iTunes.

81. Retrica

An application for creating photos and short videos. With the help of Retrica, you can add filters, stickers, text to images. There is an opportunity to make collages. Can be used on Android and iOS.

82. AirBrush

Application for lovers of selfie. Available for iOS and Android. Improves a photo, eliminates defects, adds a make-up.

83. Photo Editor

Convenient photo editor for Android. The photo enhancement kit includes filters and effects, a framing tool, and a frame. You can create memes.

84. Cupslice

Convenient mobile editor. With the help of filters it improves the photo before publishing in social networks.

85. Pics Art

Mobile photo editor for iOS and Android. There are filters, stickers, drawing tools. Able to make collages.

86. LightX

Mobile editor. The application is in development, but is already available for download on Google Play. Changes the background, adds text. There are tools for drawing.

87. Photo Lab

With the program, you can make collages, animated postcards. Photos can be changed using effects. There are versions for Android and iOS.

88. Cymera

Application for Android and iOS. Designed for lovers of beauty photos: adds effects and makeup, masks skin imperfections.

89. Square InstaPic

Application for processing photos before posting to Instagram. Adds filters, backgrounds, frames. Crops, frames the image. Can be installed on Android and iOS.

90. BeautyPlus

Photo editor for connoisseurs beauty. Visually improves the condition and color of the skin, masks imperfections, removes dark circles under the eyes, whitens teeth and performs many other virtually rejuvenating procedures. Available for Android and iOS.

91. DHQ Solutions Photo Editor

Using the mobile editor, you can add filters and effects to a photo, make a collage or a postcard, scale it. There is a drawing tool.

92. PhotoDirector

Application for mobile. Able to add to the photo frame and scene, create collages. Using PhotoDirector, you can delete individual objects from an image.

If you want to delegate the processing of photos to specialists, the last item in the selection is for you.

93. Freelance Exchange

On the stock exchanges you can almost instantly find professionals who will process the photo. Here are some examples:

  • Kwork.

Perhaps you know some cool tools for working with photos that are not included in the selection? Write about them in the comments.

Watch the video: Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : The Basics for Beginners (January 2020).


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