Content marketing in a complex subject (public case). Part 2: Comprehensive Site Audit

So, we continue the rubric "content marketing in a complex subject (public case)", within the framework of which since February 11 we have started work on the website In this article I will present a detailed report on the work done for the period from February 11 to 29, with screenshots and comments.

Comprehensive audit

The first thing we started working on the project with was a comprehensive audit. It was necessary to identify all the flaws and properly "comb" the site. The deadline for the audit is 1 business day.

Main indicators of the site

  1. Number of pages indexed

Google Webmaster indexed 532 pages, Yandex Webmaster 460 pages. All pages present in the search are taken into account, there are no discrepancies with the search results.

  1. Number of indexed images

Search engines found on site:

  • Google - 1520 images
  • Yandex - 324 images

Images are worse indexed by Yandex. Most likely, this is due to an irrelevant description and the absence of the alt attribute in the "Gallery" section. In order for the number of images in the index to increase and Yandex caught up with Google, we added the alt = ”” attribute to them, which is formed using the “album name + image name” template. It remains to create unique descriptions for each image. This work is scheduled for March.

  1. The presence of the site in directories PS

The site must be registered in the Yandex.The Handbook and Google My Business. This will help potential customers to find our client’s site more easily. At the time of the audit, the site was not registered in any of the directories. We fixed this problem.

  1. Website availability in trust directories

The question of presence in directories can already be considered irrelevant, if we proceed from the reality of the current changes in the ranking of search engines. Nevertheless, we are conservative in this matter and recommend to be present in two directories that are most important for Runet and have some (even if only a minor) influence on the ranking of sites in search engines. These are the following directories:

  • Yandex.Catalog - site is registered
  • Dmoz directory - site not registered

The presence in these directories is not a factor that will dramatically change the attitude to the site by the search engines. But, taking into account that, according to the assurance of Yandex, the search engine now takes into account about 800 different ranking factors, we believe that we should not neglect any ranking factors. A presence in the most trust directories is a fairly simple solution.

We sent a request to register the site in the Dmoz directory.

Technical audit

  1. Page loading speed

If the page loads for a long time, the user will have to wait, and this is considered unacceptable. In such situations, Google imposes a filter on the pages of the site, which is called “Download Time”. To remove the site from the filter, you need to increase the download speed and reduce the amount of pages. The search engine takes into account user preferences and shows above those pages that load quickly. Check the download speed of your site using the service PageSpeed ​​Insights. The higher the speed, the better. The ideal result is no less than 90 out of 100 points, then you can not be afraid of the filter.

Indicators of the site for computers - 84 out of 100. To increase the speed of loading the site, we performed the following actions:

  • removing JavaScript and CSS blocking the display from the top of the page;
  • enable compression on the server using gzip or deflate;
  • reducing the volume of images by compressing them;
  • use of browser caching by specifying the date or expiration date of static resources in HTTP headers;
  • compress javascript code to reduce data.

These actions allowed us to improve the rate to 88. In order to achieve a figure of at least 90, we will again compress resources using gzip or deflate functions when we transfer the site to a new hosting. This work is scheduled for March.

  1. Error 404

When requesting a non-existent URL, the site must return the code 404 and transfer the user to the appropriate page. When typing the wrong address on the website there was a redirect to the page "Site Map". To solve this problem, we created and implemented page 404.

  1. CNC (url comprehensible)

On our client’s site, the URLs of the main sections were configured correctly. However, in the Gallery section, the URLs were unreadable. Here are a couple of examples of such links:

  • //
  • //

To solve this problem, CNC was implemented in the specified section and redirects were set up (for this, a redirect map was previously created):

  1. Displays pages with or only a slash

It is necessary that the pages are accessible only with a slash or only without a slash at the end. For the "unavailable" option, you should redirect with the code 301. If Google is still sympathetic to such an error, then Yandex sometimes indexes such pages as unique at the address, but identical in content. This may result in a filter overlay. This error was not found on the Helico Group website.

  1. Redirect www - without www

Redirect works correctly on all pages of the site.

  1. Availability of robots.txt file

Robots.txt is a file created for search engines. It contains parameters for site indexing. It is necessary that the robots.txt file is compiled correctly. In the case of the website helico-russia, this file was compiled incorrectly. In order to correct this error, we scanned the site, found "junk" pages that need to be hidden from indexing, and compiled a new robots, which is now available at - //

  1. Availability of XML sitemap

With the help of sitemap.xml, we inform the search engine about which resource pages need to be indexed and how often they are updated. At the time of the audit, there were unnecessary links in our client’s map:

We updated and updated it. Now it is available at -

  1. Webmaster Panels

The site must be registered in the panels for webmasters "Yandex" and Google. In the panel for webmasters, you can find out all the information about site indexing, crawl errors, adjust the main mirror and much more. At the time of the audit, the site was not registered in any of the panels. We fixed this error.

  1. Analytics Counters

The site should be placed Yandex.Metrika or Google Analytics. At the time of commencement of work, the site was registered in three main systems of analytics of the RuNet:

  • //
  • //
  • //

Therefore, we have not taken any additional action on this issue.

  1. URL hierarchy

Headings should not be contained in end-to-end blocks. A large number of titles on a page causes a “blurring” of relevance or even worse: a page can fall under the search engine filter and be excluded from the search results. The hierarchy in the headers is observed, but the H2 tag is present in the "Subscribe to the newsletter" block, which is undesirable.

To eliminate this error, we output the caption in the correct (in terms of page structure) html-tags (div).

  1. Goals in feedback forms

To track conversions, you need to link targets in analytics systems with feedback forms. The site was set up a goal for the Question-Answer section, as well as a goal to view more than three pages. It was necessary to configure two more goals:

a) successful sending of the application form from the helicopter card page

b) successful sending of the subscription form to the newsletter

We set up these goals in two web analytics systems: Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics.

  1. Micromarking

In order for the page to have an attractive snippet in the output and get more clicks, it is necessary to use a micromarking on it. To solve this problem, we added a micro-markup on the following pages:

  • Section "Contacts"
  • "Blog" section
  1. External links to the site

Referring sites: 180

External links (approximately): 266

Some links are located on sites far from the subject of the site. A little later, we will analyze these sites and, if necessary, remove poor-quality links.

Text audit

  1. Text relevance and "usefulness" of content

A preliminary audit of the texts in the sections showed that their uniqueness is zero. Verification was carried out using the service Advego Plagiatus.

It is clear that this affected the ranking in organic delivery, where the site of our client is inferior to competitors, despite the fact that the client wrote these texts himself.

This happened due to the fact that these texts were not protected by copyright. And how could this be done if the client’s website was not even registered in any of the panels for webmasters? To prevent this situation from occurring, each new text must be added to the Original Text of Yandex and sent to the fast index in Yandex.Webmaster (the “Check URL” section) and Webmaster Tools by Google (the “ View as google bot "). What our experts will do every time you add a new section or article.

  1. Tags title, description

On most pages, the meta tags H1 and Title are the same. Basically, these are pages dedicated to additional equipment. To solve this problem, we will rewrite the title and description meta tags on these pages. This work is scheduled for March.

  1. Broken links

In the "Additional Equipment" section 11 broken links were found. All have been replaced or removed.

  1. Duplicate content

No duplicate content has been identified, no complaints.

  1. Blog

The site did not have a “Blog” section, and for the implementation of content marketing and the processing of information requests, this section is critically necessary. Therefore, we almost immediately added it to the site structure.

Site usability

  1. "Bread crumbs"

"Breadcrumbs" or "Site Navigation" should display all the way from the main page to the current one. On the site this element was present.

  1. Internal relink

It is necessary to implement the proper linking in the main sections. For this purpose, we will compile a linking map, which will expand as the blog fills up with articles. The task is scheduled for March.

  1. Site structure

The site structure does not fully reflect the information provided to visitors on this site. It needs to be made more detailed. It is necessary to divide the site into sections and subsections, each of which is devoted to its own topic. Firstly, in this way we will be able to achieve the relevance of pages, and secondly, their number in the index will increase.

Based on the collected semantics, we assessed what information should be provided to visitors, divided it into sections and on the basis of this made a new structure of the site. In more detail about what texts have been added, read below, in the "Content" section.

  1. Adaptive layout / mobile version

The current market situation is such that users are very actively using mobile devices to visit websites. Google ranks the responsive sites higher for mobile phones than those that do not have a mobile version. In this regard, we plan to use an adaptive layout for the site. This month we have already created prototypes for all pages (examples of prototypes will be given below, in the “Redesign” section).

General notes on the layout and flaws of the site

  1. Appearance of announcements

In order for the announcements to be more visible and get more transitions, we decided to increase their size. In the block "News", which is displayed on the main page of the site, increased the images and headlines, as well as changed indents.

It was:

It became:

And inside the “News” section, the design of announcements was changed in the same way.

It was:

It became:

  1. Company details

Company details are not only one of the commercial factors of ranking, but also a factor that greatly increases the users' confidence in the company. This data should always be visible. Therefore, we added them to the footer of the site so that they appear on all pages of the site.

  1. Newsletter Subscription Form Design

The old subscription form looked a bit clumsy and absolutely did not attract attention. We made her more professional.

It was:

It became:

  1. Snippet group on Facebook

In the "Contacts" section, the snippet output code of the company group on Facebook worked incorrectly. We fixed this error.

It was:

It became:

  1. The menu on the left side of the screen

The menu in the left part of the screen in the “Additional equipment” section contained a non-working link and did not display the necessary information by subsections. This error has been corrected by us.

It was:

It became:

Semantic core and relevancy map

To collect key queries, we used the Key Collector tool, which allows us to parse all the queries from the history of search engines, including hints. The semantic core thus collected came from more than 7,000 queries, including commercial and informational ones. A significant proportion of requests fell on untargeted and garbage (about 40%) associated, for example, with toy, radio-controlled, used and even helicopters for polishing the floor. Similar requests were swept aside by us as we cleaned. And here, of course, thanks for the help to Tatiana Kupreeva, who, as an expert in the helicopter business, advised and guided us.

The bottom line for the main sections was about 600 commercial requests and about 1500 information requests (for processing on the pages of the "Blog").

In the process of clustering the semantic core, an understanding emerged that the site structure can be significantly expanded. We offered to add 22 new sections (at the time of the beginning of their work there were 34). Basically, these are sections related to various categories of helicopters - light helicopters, medium-sized helicopters, two-seater helicopters, six-seater, VIP. And, of course, the sections "Blog" and "Reviews" were also in this list.

It took us 4 working days to make a relevance map.

Based on the relevance map, we created a mind map that more visually reflected the new structure of the site.


When the relevance map was ready and accepted by the client (the blessing, we received feedback promptly, on the day of the call), the next step was the processing and optimization of texts to sections. The authors (copywriters) who performed the task of processing texts were faced with two basic conditions:

  1. keep the expertise (factology) in the texts
  2. preserve the uniqueness of texts

During the reporting period, we have optimized and partially revised (editorial) 22 texts. Written from scratch (under new sections) - 16 texts. All texts are covered up. I provide links to these sections:

a) processing and optimization


b) written from scratch:


In parallel with the writing of texts for the sections, we developed a content plan for articles in the "Blog" and for posting on third-party thematic resources. The publication schedule was approved as follows:

  • one blog post per week
  • for third-party sites - two publications per month

Considering that due to holidays, the first reporting period turned out to be quite short (only 11 working days), for February we planned to write 3 articles to the blog and one for external publication. The final content plan consisted of the following topics:

  1. Problems of the helicopter market in Russia, (interview with Elena Zanina, CEO of Helico Group) - for external publication
  2. VIP helicopter interior
  3. Helicopter H145 confirmed readiness for operation in the offshore zone
  4. What you need to know when choosing a helicopter (Infographics)

All materials were written in February and wrapped up in March, except for interviews with the general director of HeliCo.

It was prepared by our CEO Denis Saveliev. We decided to use this material together with the client for external publication. As it covers quite serious questions about the helicopter market as a whole - about the main players, the notification system of flights, about how many helicopters are sold in Russia - we decided that it would be interesting to a wide audience.

Material will be posted during March. Now we are searching for a suitable site.


Согласно нашим договоренностям с клиентом, материалы в раздел "Новости" мы пишем и верстаем в неограниченном количестве по инфоповодам от клиента. В рамках февраля было написано и заверстано четыре новости:

  1. Завод Robinson начал принимать заказы на новый R44 Cadet
  2. В начале марта пройдет выставка Heli-Expo в США
  3. Дарим спутниковый трекер каждому покупателю двух контейнеров для Robinson R44
  4. Авиационные власти США (FAA) сертифицировали дополнительный топливный бак на Robinson R66


Regarding the existing layout of the site and its overall design performance, it was obvious to us that the site needed to be improved both in terms of usability and friendliness, and in terms of optimization for mobile devices.

All of you probably know that Google has been around for a long time, and Yandex, starting from February 2, 2016 (Vladivostok algorithm), takes into account the mobility factor as a ranking factor. You can check this in the panels of webmasters "Yandex" and Google.

Checking showed that the site has no pages optimized for mobile devices:

Plus, after creating the relevance map, it became clear to us what the new structure of the site will be and that we will be able to significantly improve usability by implementing a filter in the "Helicopter sale" section.

Based on this, we have decided to start work on the redesign of the site.

As part of the redesign task, we created prototypes of the main pages for the future site in the three most popular resolutions: 960 x 540, 640 x 960, 320 x 480. The first thing we did was identify the types of unique pages. They turned out to be 26. Multiply by three resolutions, we get 78 page prototypeswhich we eventually created.

The work on prototyping took us three working days.

Traffic results

Summarizing the work done for February, let's look at the traffic figures:

  • General traffic for February amounted to 3516 unique visitors. In comparison with the same period last year (February 2015 - 1601 unique users), this is 1915 more transitions:
  • Search traffic amounted to 1410 transitions. In comparison with the same period last year (in February 2015 - 1369 transitions), which is 41 more transitions.


The first months of integrated promotion work are always very difficult. First of all, because of the number of tasks and their volume.

There are several important points that form the principle of our work. First, we are well aware that the client will stay with us for a long time if he sees the result.

Secondly, we know that quick search results cannot be achieved. We usually orient the client that an upward trend in traffic can be expected after 4 months in operation (from correlations, based on the budget).

Thirdly, taking into account point one, almost always in the first 2-3 months of work we carry out a much larger amount of work than is stipulated in the contract.

And, of course, we do not do such detailed reports for each client project. Save time. Sometimes it turns out that to the detriment of ourselves we neglect this bureaucracy, because the client does not see all the work, details, and expects only the result.

I would also like to note the number of specialists who worked on this project in February. There are ten of them: account manager, project manager, SEO specialist, analyst, programmer, UX expert, copywriter, editor, proofreader, content manager.

In conclusion, I will give a plan of the main tasks for March:

  1. Writing / processing / optimization / layout of 14 texts to sections.
  2. Writing 4 articles in the "Blog", layout and their publication in social networks.
  3. Writing 2 articles for external publications.
  4. Selection of trust sites and placement of materials on them.
  5. Creation and imposition of news on information leads from the client.
  6. Creating design layouts for prototypes.
  7. Develop a content marketing strategy.
  8. Creation and layout of unique descriptions for pictures in the "Gallery" section
  9. Creating a linking map and its implementation in the main sections.
  10. Transfer site to a new hosting.

To be continued.

Update. The following parts of the case:

Watch the video: Webinar: Your Guide to Content Marketing 2019-05-21 (December 2019).


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