9 effective ways to promote content

In the era of information noise, you can not afford to publish content and passively wait for success. Even if you regularly create cool articles and reviews, they may go unnoticed among other publications. To solve this problem, you need to promote content. In this article you will find a description of 9 methods of promoting publications.

Note from the author: this article is already a bit out of date, so I also recommend that you read this material here Content Promotion: 44 ways to increase the audience’s reach. It is much more complete and useful.

Method # 1: Ask a reputable person in your industry to comment on your material.

Before publishing, send your article to an expert and ask her to comment. Insert a comment as a quote in your material and refer to the site or the blog of an expert. Tell a specialist about the publication of the material and ask to make an announcement in social networks.

Method number 2: write 20 descriptions of the article and publish them on social networks for several weeks in a row

This method is suitable for promoting large forms: books, white paper, research reports. Create 20 engaging descriptions that can be used for posting on social networks. These can be quotes, numbers, unexpected conclusions. Publish on social networks a link to the publication for 20 days in a row with different descriptions.

Method number 3: mention companies and experts, inform them about the publication

If you mention any companies or experts in your article, interview specialists, cite industry gurus, tell us about it in the announcement of the article. Do not forget to notify experts and companies about the release of the material. This guarantees you additional "sharing" in social networks.

Method number 4: contact people who share similar content

In social networks you can find a lot of unfamiliar users who share content related to your industry. Meet these people and offer your posts.

Please note that this is not about mass spam, but about personal communication with users of social networks. Take the time to respond to comments, discuss the problem and in between offer your own content. Add users as a friend. This will confirm that you want to communicate personally with the person, and not send him spam.

To find users who share similar content, use the tools of Ahrefs or the Open Site Explorer.

Method 5: Turn an article into a video tutorial, podcast, or presentation to reach a new audience.

Many users prefer not to read, but to watch or listen to the content. Give them the opportunity: turn the article into a video, presentation, podcast. Transforming content into a new type gives you a second life.

Method number 6: add a link to the new content in the most popular publication

There are surely articles in your blog that bring you a lot of traffic from month to month. Add a link to your new material to one or more of these articles. Using Google Analytics or Yandex. Metrics, you can determine the most popular materials on the site. And the Social Crawlitics service will help you identify the materials that get the most distribution in social networks. By adding links to them, you attract the attention of a previously unreached audience.

Method number 7: announce content in thematic communities

Publish announcements in groups and communities on social networks, on thematic forums, websites and blogs. To avoid spam charges, you must be an active and authoritative participant in such communities. Stimulate and support discussions, it will help you draw attention to the publication.

Method number 8: use paid ways to promote

Contextual advertising, thematic advertising on social networks and on popular resources among your audience will help draw attention to new content. Take advantage of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising targeting. These social networks are considered the most suitable platforms for promoting business content.

Method number 9: use the Flipboard social aggregator

Use the Flipboard social aggregator. With it, you can present your publications visually appealing: as an article in a glossy magazine. Your Flipboard posts will be available to subscribers on Facebook and other social networks.

To notice your content ...

... actively promote it. Use the potential of social networks, communicate with industry experts and reputable community members. Offer your audience content in various formats: videos, podcasts, presentations, and infographics are convenient to consume on the go. Social aggregators will help you expand your reach and present your publication as an article in a glossy magazine.

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