30 plugins for Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations that will speed up your work

If you use Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations, this article will help save time on routine tasks, expand the functionality of standard services and do the work much faster.

Everyone knows about browser plug-ins, but for some reason, plug-ins for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are undeservedly ignored. The additions below will be useful for internet marketers and everyone involved. Go?

Google Docs


  1. Create diagrams with Lucidchart Diagrams:
    • 19 chart templates;
    • can be done including mindmap, develop floor plans;
    • charts are saved and they can be re-inserted into any files.

Analog: Gliffy diagrams.

  1. Turn lists into mental maps (mindpads) with MindMeister:
    • creates mindpam in one click;
    • multi-level lists are used for structuring;
    • The design is standard in blue, does not change.
  1. Build graphs with Yob - Graph Editor:
    • convenient settings;
    • 4 design templates;
    • converts data from tables in documents to a chart.

Schedule example:

Presentation of the functionality from the developers (in English):

  1. Add new fonts to Documents with Extensis Fonts.
  1. Use pre-styled styles with Styles:
    • 20 styles;
    • Mostly not Russified fonts.
  1. Expand your Google Docs tool list with Doc Tools.

Developer Presentation (in English):

  1. Add code to text files with Code Blocks.
  1. Format tables with Table Formatter:
    • more than 60 templates;
    • table templates from Word Office;
    • You can create and save your templates.
  1. Add pictures with Dreamstime Stock Photos.
    • all pictures are “transferred to the public domain” (i.e., they have a license of CC0, they can be legally used without copyright infringement);
    • convenient search by categories and keywords;
    • also works on Google Forms and Presentations.

Save time:

  1. Google without opening a new tab with Wolfram | Alpha for Docs.
  1. Translate into Google Translate right in the document with Translate +.

Developer Presentation (in English):

  1. Shorten links with URL shortener:
    • per click shortens the URL of the open "Google Document";
    • reduces the highlighted active link in the document;
    • reduces and automatically replaces the highlighted active link.
  1. Publish texts in Wordpress with WordPress.com for Google Docs.

Developer Presentation (in English):

  1. Create resumes from templates with VisualCV Resume Builder.
    • there are free templates;
    • You can create in Google Docs, or you can use the main service;
    • suitable for beginners, as an example of filling out a resume.
  1. Check texts in "Glavred" directly in the document.
    • the usual Glavred works without switching tabs;
    • page check takes no more than a second.
  1. Save time with Template Gallery.
    • creates a document from templates;
    • There are mock-ups for schedules, calendars, letters, resumes, and more.
  1. Generate barcodes with Koodid Barcodes.
    • several dozen different types of bar codes;
    • works in a couple of clicks;
    • You can adjust the code size.
  1. Convert the text in a file to html or Markdown with GD2md-html.

"Google Spreadsheets"

  1. Save the tables in .doc with Save As Doc.
    • click to save Google Sheets in .doc format;
    • You can specify which table area to save;
    • convenient formatting.
  1. Format and clean cells with Power Tools:
    • combines functionality of Merge Sheets, Split Names, Random Generator, Merge Values, Remove Duplicates, Find Fuzzy Matches and more;
    • formats tables: combines data from several cells, sorts, removes duplicates; there is an advanced table search;
    • clears formatting.
  1. Format table styles with Table Styles:
    • 24 ready style tables;
    • You can create and save your styles for future use.
  1. Perform a Monte Carlo simulation to assess risks with the Risk Solver (works on the same principle as the original add-in for Excel).
  1. Format tables in Markdown with MarkdownTableMaker.
    • converts the entire table or selected area only;
    • works on click.

Google Presentations

  1. Match colors with Paletti.
    • 200 color schemes, each with 5 shades;
    • when selected, an example of use is shown;
    • favorite schemes can be added to favorites;
    • Charts can be applied to individual slides or to the entire presentation.
  1. Look for and add icons with Icons:
    • simple keyword search;
    • many free options;
    • all with a transparent background.

Analog: Insert icons for Slides.

  1. Look for pictures with Unsplash Photos.
    • free photo stock with HD images;
    • no water heaters;
    • for personal and commercial use.

Analog: Adobe Stock.

  1. Turn gif presentations with Docs365 GIFmaker.


  1. Prank Google Slides with Social Slides:
    • expands design possibilities: there is a search for stock photos by keywords, work with layers;
    • You can use templates of formats and designs;
    • There is a posting of JPEG slideshows by clicking on Buffer;
    • You can click to save the slides in PNG, JPEG and SVG.
  1. Create diagrams with Lucidchart Diagrams for "Google Presentations":
    • functionality, as in the plugin for "Google Docs";
    • free use.
  1. Hurt a familiar designer. Use magic unicorns with Magic Rainbow Unicorns Slides.
    • Turns boring design into cool and bright;
    • 4 shades of a rainbow at once: from the brightest with the most saturated;
    • improves mood 2 times or more in one click;
    • distracts from the everyday hustle and bustle of everyday work.

What extensions do you use? Write in the comments - let's make the most complete list together!

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