15 exercises for successful performances on camera

Let's start with the question, bro. Want to be awesome YouTube? Even if Dud already settled in you, you still strive to express your thoughts coolly on the video - it’s not just that you read our message.

Do not look here for trivial tips about concentration. You are waiting for a severe brainwave. They drove.

What do you know:

15 exercises for speaking (remember the ease with which bloggers put words on the video, you too can)

Exercises develop creative thinking, help build strong constructions from words in the "right now" mode. Now you are an interesting conversationalist with a brightly crafted speech - all your ladies, well, or men, it does not matter.


Around is full of items. Take any and sell within 3 minutes. Describe its qualities by epithets, as if explaining the use of an object to a small child, while telling about color and texture. Remember the job "sell me a pen" at the interview? Something like that.


Look, what a smooth card, she can cut sausage in the campaign. Stylish and comfortable. Look at the design - minimalism in strict colors. She is so easy to pay in Pyaterochka, you will not believe. Transfers to other cards at the speed of light, and maybe faster. This is Tinkoff Bank ...

Performed at home or in the office with colleagues. Choose three items and set a timer with a bell. Task: it is beautiful to sell someone a chair, a hole punch and a cup of coffee in 9 minutes. And so every day, until you feel like a wolf from Wall Street.


This exercise is designed to develop voice and improve diction.

You take a passage of text 2-3 sentences and read once with a loud voice, a second quiet time. Then you choose the average value - your "convenient" volume - and you read it in a normal voice.

Now reread the same passage as quickly as possible, and the second time slowly, stretching every word. The third time you read at normal speed.

Repeat the same procedure with high and low voice. You read the passage with squeaky high notes, you read with a bass, you read with a mean value.

Repeat three passages a day.


You open any article from the Texterra blog. 3-4 paragraphs are separated from it, you read and retell it. Is it done? Read again and retell again. Do this with one article every day.

Continued - the mother of learning

Turn on the telly or video of your favorite blogger. Watch for 30 seconds and turn off the sound. Continue the story using the original information, plus add your own. You have 30 seconds to complete the story. Do 5-10 minutes a day.

Blast of logic

This exercise is convenient to perform together or in a team. You are asked a question, you find a logical answer, and then you call a parallel word.


- Wow, cool song. What is this band? (take the word group)

“Hmm, a group ... Maybe a blood type?”

- Watermelon, is it a fruit or a berry? (take the word berry)

- Berry? Probably raspberry.

It is carried out for 5-10 minutes a day, and also spontaneously during communication.

Smart people sittings

My favorite exercise. You come in video chat - any one of your choice (except erotic). 20-30 minutes you keep up a conversation with the locals.

Yes, it's hardcore, because you still have to switch perverts, but there it is well trained speech and addiction to the camera. For example, I explained to random interlocutors why they needed to buy the book “100 hacks for internet marketers” and even convinced one.

Exercise is performed once a week.

Language separation

The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to generalize and share the values ​​of objects.

We take your computer. By itself, it belongs to the class of appliances, but also divided into classes - stationary, laptop, all-in-one. These categories are divided into brands and models.

That is, we “assemble” the computer to a class of equipment, or “disassemble” to a class of laptops, for example. Or we leave technics in other subjects - phones, cars, microwaves. In general, the essence is clear.

To exercise you need two people. One lead, second player. The facilitator selects items in the room and gives the player a task to disassemble the item into lower classes, pick it up or think up an analogy (go to other items of the class).

We work for 5 minutes with one subject. The main thing is not just to jump from computers to laptops, and then to poppies or asuses, but also to go to the side. For example: laptop → asus → phone → button → elevator → freight → car → audio → brand → wine → red → banner ...

Blind record

This exercise helps to relax in front of the camera. Just repeatedly record your workout speech on camera and delete, without looking, until you get used to the keen eye of the lens.

The Mystery Of Lewis Carroll

Writer Lewis Carroll came up with a riddle that became cult. It sounds like this: "How does a raven look like a table?" Our exercise is built on its basis - it perfectly develops creativity and the search for unexpected solutions.

You will need two more to complete. One says the animal - "hedgehog." The second one calls the lifeless subject - "moped". You answer: "How does a hedgehog look like a moped?"


A moped has spikes on wheels, a hedgehog also has needle spikes, it can gather into a ball like a wheel.

When a similarity is found, the participants switch roles. Repeat 10-20 times a day.

You can complicate the task. One participant calls the state, and the second chooses any item - you say that they have in common. "What is love like a dresser?" Think and write in the comments.

I knit as I want (for the pros)

This exercise is similar to the previous one, but with one nuance.

Again we take three participants. The first one calls the item from memory, the second one finds the item in the room, the third one says what they have in common. So it was already? Yes. But now look.

As soon as you name the connecting part, the participants ask what the function or separate part of one object is like the function of another and how they are related.


- How does a hedgehog look like a moped?

- The moped has thorns on wheels, the hedgehog also has needle thorns.

- Good. And thorns at the moped for what?

- Yes it is easy. The wheels are protected by spikes from skidding, so that the driver remains intact. The needles protect the hedgehog from the dog so that it also remains intact.

Perform 1-2 times a week for 20 minutes. Soon you will explain to anyone what the marketer has in common with the polar bear and why they comprehend Zen together.

Came, saw, told

Exercise develops easy speech, performed together.

The first participant chooses the subject, the second 5 minutes tells his story, functions and involvement in the salvation of mankind. The perfect result is a half-hour lecture on any thing nearby.

Thinking out loud

The task of the exercise: learn to start and maintain a conversation on any topic you like.

You come to the mirror, look at yourself, and start thinking. After a couple of seconds, reproduce all the thoughts that come to mind. Try to keep the rhythm of the story, moving from thought to thought. It is carried out for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week.

I'll start, and you continue

Exercise develops communication skills on an arbitrary topic. Performed with colleagues in the office.

You will need 6 people - 5 players and 1 presenter. The selected player begins a story on any topic, at the signal of the moderator, the next one continues the story. After 5 minutes, a new presenter is appointed.

Magic naming

Recently practiced this exercise with colleagues in the group "Overheard Naming". Good warm-up for the brain.

You can perform one or two. The first participant names a noun, for example, "cat". The second comes up with 5 or more adjectives and gives the word new unexpected properties.

  • Space cat.
  • Vocal cat.
  • Berry cat.
  • Driving a cat.
  • Whispering cat
  • Legendary cat.
  • Smoking cat.

Practice 10-20 words per day. Slogans and names are generated directly during practice. By the way, if you don’t have a partner, train on things you see at home, or use a word generator.

Honey spoon

Hold another extra exercise. It helps to stretch the speech apparatus before the performance.

You take an ordinary spoon, put it on your tongue and speak your speech for a minute, pronouncing the words as clearly as possible. This will wake sleeping muscles and make speech more expressive.

All right, take advantage of health. You do not have to practice all the exercises at once, start with the three most fascinating in your opinion, and then switch to others.

The camcorder is waiting. Good luck bro.

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