Guide to content types: mindmap + examples and instructions for each format

At the mention of the word "content", most will think about the texts, some - about the pictures, some will remember the videos that they recently watched on YouTube.

But the content can be not only read and watch, but also listen, create, play it (yes, yes!).

In this article I tried to collect the maximum variety of content to:

  1. Bloggers did not suffer from a shortage of ideas and made articles better.
  2. Copywriters copywriters-copywriters, but not copyrights.
  3. SMM players brought publics to the top due to creative content.
  4. Contextologists did for the CCM and the YAN, nontrivial images.
  5. Web designers did not sit without work.
  6. SEO experts opened their eyes wide with surprise.
  7. Internet marketers could not only write well, but also speak and show.

Welcome to the magical world!

Text content

Information article

Created to tell readers about certain facts, events and phenomena.

Tips article

Material with recommendations and / or farewell to readers.


  1. Marketing in art: 48 tips on how to promote your creativity.
  2. How to make a newsletter effective: 20 tent advice.
  3. 12 revolutionary tips on conducting A / B tests.

Translation Article

Literal, but more often adapted translation of foreign material. Such articles are valuable because at the time of release they have no analogues in Runet.

Examples of translated articles:

  1. 5 ways to create a successful landing page from Todd Bailey.
  2. 25 reasons to get sanctions from search engines.
  3. Why is content marketing more effective than other types of digital advertising?

History (storytelling)

The narrative is intended to convey important practical information to the reader - to induce him to think and certain actions.

How to create a story:

  1. Stories from business and not only: 16 examples of storytelling.
  2. How to tell stories using photos: 5 tips storyteller.

Example: Internet marketing in a rustic way: as a farmer looking for clients on social networks.

Article- "designer"

Material that is assembled from parts. Often they can be arranged in an arbitrary sequence.

Article Review

Consideration of one or a number of similar problems, phenomena or objects. Supported by illustrations and video.


  1. Site builders: an overview of the 8 best services with a comparative table.
  2. Choosing the best email-service: review and comparison of the 25 most popular companies on the market.
  3. Overview of 22 prototyping tools.

Article with examples

List of evidence on any issue. Unlike the review, examples can be cited without detailed consideration.


  1. Mutual brand advertising: 80 examples of cross-marketing in social networks and not only.
  2. 34 examples of advertising from Instagram bloggers.
  3. Face-to-face: 15 examples of the design of the main page of the site.


An article with an arbitrary sequence of elements. Such a structure simplifies its study by readers.


  1. 5 frequent customer complaints from online stores: personal experience.
  2. 15 exercises for successful performances on camera.
  3. 46 best films about sales, marketing, management and business.


Collection of materials from other publications. It has a periodic nature (for example, it is released once a month). The digest introduces readers to a selection of news on a particular issue.


  1. Digest of useful tools: Issue # 1 - Working with Twitter.
  2. Digest: content marketing news for May.

Article- "teacher"

Material that has a mentor character. His goal is to encourage the reader to test or gain skills and knowledge.

Check list

Actions in strict or arbitrary order that must be performed to achieve a positive effect. Serves to test their actions in solving certain problems.

Example: Usability Checklist: 200+ points to check.


Instructions / rules that govern any detail. It is created to give readers the correct sequence of actions to get the desired result.


  1. How to resolve conflicts with customers: instructions for technical support.
  2. How to audit a PPC account in Google AdWords: step by step instructions.
  3. How to track the number and sources of leads: a step-by-step instruction with screenshots.

Manual / Guide

Extended instructions, a comprehensive review of work with something. After studying, the reader will have a whole set of theoretical skills to begin to act.


  1. Registration community "VKontakte": the most detailed guide in RuNet.
  2. Google Analytics for beginners: the most comprehensive guide to Runet.
  3. Write, do not cut: the most complete guide on the technique of freeriting.

To help create: How to write a guide?


The digital version of the book (pdf, fb2, epub, etc.). The largest text format of content, which can also be published in the traditional paper version.


  1. E-book: "Creating a landing page from A to Z. A detailed guide with examples."
  2. E-book: How to create web content.

To help create:

  1. Himself a writer: how to write, design and distribute e-books.
  2. How to use the e-book to promote your products.


A conversation in which one person asks questions and the other answers them. A good interview helps not only to gain expert opinion on issues of interest, but also to increase the audience of readers.


  1. Alexander Chizhov: "I thought a hundred times that I had found the" golden algorithm "in the SMM, and it was exactly the same that I broke off."
  2. Interview with Dmitry Rumyantsev: trends in the development of targeted advertising.
  3. How Yandex.Dizen algorithms work: an interview with the media director of the service, Daniel Trabun.

To help create:

  1. How to write a good interview on the remote: personal experience.
  2. 17 tips to help get the most information when interviewing sources.


Critical assessment of the author's work (articles, books). Serves for in-depth analysis with subsequent recommendations for the audience - to get acquainted or not with the subject of review.


  1. Book review by E. Kryukova "100+ hacks for internet marketers".
  2. Swim against the tide (review of the book by E. Lamotte "Bird after bird").
  3. Each copywriter has his own rock and roll (Review of Denis Kaplunov’s book Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll).

To help create:

  1. How to write a review of the book of the genre "non-fiction": parse the examples.
  2. Use the authority of the authors to get links.
  3. 200 best books for internet marketers.


Presentation of events in the form of a sequence of screens with short text and expressive images. Today it is one of the formats of publications on Yandex.Dzene. With it, you can make selections and tell stories to readers.


  1. 7 exercises for those who are afraid to write.
  2. 5 of the most stupid brand names.

To help create:

  1. The creation and design of narratives.
  2. How Yandex.Dizen algorithms work: an interview with the media director of the service, Daniel Trabun.


Description of the specific situation in any area: what happened before, what should have been done, what was done and what came of it. Designed to obtain and implement positive experience or study negative experience and implement the knowledge gained in the work.

How to create a case:

  1. How to write a case and put nobody to sleep: an algorithm and ways to improve the driest story.
  2. 200+ best internet marketing cases in runet.

Case examples:

  1. Cases of the TexTerra company.
  2. Case for cheat behavioral factors.
  3. Case: how to increase activity in the "VK" community with the help of a dynamic cover.


Embedding brands in relevant and topical news. Such "news piracy" allows for a short time to get a strong surge of traffic.


  1. "Telegram" block? And now what i can do? Parsing the facts.
  2. The Facebook Reform is a cataclysm for several industries.
  3. New Zuckerberg statement: Facebook will post only reliable news in the feed.

To help create:

  1. How to solve the two main problems of content marketing with newsjacking.
  2. How to use newsjacking: 6 tips for content marketers.
  3. A practical guide to newsjacking for content marketers.

Email text

Such material is written on an ongoing basis and is submitted in the form of electronic newsletters. Differs at the same time fascinating, concise presentation and content. Designed to constantly maintain the loyalty of the audience and stimulate certain actions on its part.


To help create:

  1. How to build email marketing: make conclusions on the example of 50 mailings.
  2. How to make a newsletter effective: 20 tent advice.
  3. 6 errors that reduce the effectiveness of e-mailing.

Poem for business

Rhymed work created according to the laws of poetic speech. Often used for business, because it is easy to remember and allows you to embed advertising slogans and important messages for customers.

Example: A verse-based logo creation process for the Parrey company.

To help create:

  1. 1. How to sell poems and how much can you earn?
  2. 10 ways to write a promotional rhyme.

Posts in social networks

Entries that we leave on personal pages or groups. It can be both short messages and extensive reflections. Posts vary depending on the purpose.

Information post

Tells something interesting:

Promo post

Speaks about the upcoming event:

Advertising post

Advertise goods or services:

Post survey

Finds out the opinion of the audience:

Post question

Involves in the discussion:

Post Review

Describes the positive (very rarely - the negative) experience of interaction between you and customers / you and subscribers of the group:

News post

Reports interesting and relevant news:


I am glad to draw valuable prizes:

To help create posts:

  1. Contests "Vkontakte": how to get the desired results and not to "catch" a ban.
  2. Why do we need polls in social networks and with what tools to carry them out.
  3. 96 killer content ideas for social networks.

Graphic content


The sequence of text and pictures, united by a common plot. Serves for the story in pictures (in fact is a graphic storytelling).


  1. Adventures of a cat businessman.
  2. Prowling Worm, Hidden Bird Born Bite Mite.

To help create:

  1. Technology "Pandora's Box" or how to come up with a plot for a comic book.
  2. How to create your comics.
  3. 10 cool sites to create your own comics.

Intellect card

Recording material in the form of a structure, when a set of branches is made from the central element, where each can have its own branches. Serves to streamline information and facilitate its submission. With the help of mind maps, you can create a structure for future articles.


To help create: Review of 17 shareware programs for creating mind maps.

Scheme / diagram / graph

Graphic representation of something in the most general terms. This combination of text and graphics is often used to quickly understand the material. Schemes are used both independently and as part of articles.

To help create:

  1. What types of images improve the effectiveness of the content and where to get them.
  2. Charts and graphs for articles: how to build and where to get information.


The method of presenting complex information in the form of a combination of text and graphics. It serves to facilitate the assimilation of bulk textual information. Also used in education and journalism.


  1. Word of mouth marketing (infographics).
  2. Psychology of Facebook users (infographics).
  3. Email marketing (infographics).

To help create:

  1. Creating infographics.
  2. [Webinar recording] How to create the perfect infographic: the Texterra experience.
  3. Everything you need to know about infographics (Infographics).

Gif-animation ("gif")

Moving Images. Used to show interesting moments from videos, on social networks and instant messengers - to create animated emoticons.

Example: The life of a content marketer in pictures.

To help create: Guides to gifs: where to find, how to create and how to use in social networks.

The photo

Obtained by photographing the image. It is used to illustrate text materials in blogs, social networks, online stores, etc. Photos can act as independent material and be combined into photo galleries.


Self-made photo for the book review article on the Texterra blog

To help create:

  1. 10 ways to create amazing pictures that your users will want to share with friends.
  2. How to process photos online: 90+ tools for working with images.


Image that is created manually or by means of computer graphics. Serves the same purpose as photography. It is taken from popular photo hosting sites or is drawn specifically for the material:

To help create:

  1. Where to get high-quality illustrations for a blog or website.
  2. Creating images for social networks: dimensions, watermarks, tools, examples.


The document is needed for the presentation of the company, the new product / technology, success in activities, plans, etc.

It can be created in Microsoft Office as a PowerPoint document in * .ppt or * .pptx format, as an Acrobat Reader document in * .pdf format or in online services like SlideShare.


  1. Presentation "Penza region - a particle of Russia".
  2. What is a content strategy: from design to application.

To help create:

  1. How to insert a Power Point presentation on a website: the best alternative to SlideShare.
  2. How to make a cool presentation if you are not a designer.
  3. How to turn a boring text into a bright presentation: a guide for working with SlideShare for beginners.

Poster / poster

A large format image that is created for informational, campaigning purposes, as the announcement of something, and also for the sale of goods or services.

This may be a poster for some profession:

Movie Poster:

Poster for posting on social networking sites:

To help create:

  1. Online poster editor.
  2. How to create a poster worthy of attention.


A short utterance or picture that instantly attracts attention because of its mass recognition. You can easily make a meme for any material and situation:

To help create:

  1. Memes, comics, jokes, seals: as frivolous content helps to seriously increase sales.


Poster type image, which is created in peak motivators:

To help create:

  1. 35 demotivators about Internet marketing and SEO in runet.
  2. How to process photos online: 90+ tools for working with images.

Audio Content


The book sounded and recorded on the carrier. It is created for convenient listening in stationary conditions (at home, in the office), and in motion (at the wheel, in public transport, in the subway). It can be framed as a single file, but more often it splits into parts, where each is a separate chapter.


  1. Audiobook Phillip Kotler "Marketing by Kotler.
  2. Audiobook Harry Beckwith "Selling the invisible."

Interview podcast / recording

Recorded in the format of the radio transmission audio file dedicated to some issue. It may be a single character or enter the cycle of podcasts. Subscribing to them is done through websites, RSS, SoundCloud, etc.


  1. Podcast "Generate with the editor-in-chief of the Texterra blog Konstantin Rudov.
  2. Podcast with Denis Saveliev about content marketing.

To help create:

  1. What kind of hard and soft to use to create killer podcasts.
  2. How to create a podcast, or content in your ears.

Song / music / jingle


  1. Examples of radio jingle.
  2. Jingles and Liners.

Lesson / textbook / audio course

It is recorded as a file or a sequence of files. It can be listened to from a PC or recorded on audio media. Serves for training listeners.


  1. Audio English courses "English for every day."
  2. Audio textbook "History of Russia from ancient times to the XVII century."

Webinar recording

Soundtrack taken from a webinar. Designed for comfortable listening, when there is no desire or ability to watch videos.

Example: Records of webinars "Texterra".

Video Content


The meeting / presentation in the online mode, where the presenter tells something, the audience comments on the course of the broadcast, and in the end he answers the questions.A great way to get your audience closer and get customers.

Webinar on traffic from "Yandex. Dzena"

To help create:

  1. Webinar promotion: 13 ways to reach an audience.
  2. Overview of 9 Russian-language sites for webinars.
  3. Live broadcasts from the computer to "VKontakte".
  4. How to get on the air on Facebook?

Online streaming

Any live video content. It is interesting because it shows the state of affairs in the "here and now" format and can be recorded for further viewing.

To help create - online broadcast services:

  2. Google Hangouts.
  3. Eagle Platform.

Video Course / Lesson / Practicum

It can have different forms - live broadcast, video on YouTube, video file on a computer or video media. This is what a YouTube post looks like:

Writing a workshop on text verification

To help create:

  1. Review of simple video editors for beginners.
  2. Video courses as a kind of content: what questions you should ask yourself if you want to create a video course.


Mega-popular content format thanks to journalist Yuri Dudiu. It is the same as a text interview, but in video format.


Interview with Courage Bombay

To help create: Yuri Dud: How to talk a tree.


Same as text review, but in video format, where all items can be shown in dynamics:

Overview of eight-string guitars from Alexander Fur

To help create:


Same as text guide, but in video format, with the ability to show more than tell:


Speech by Denis Saveliev on "How to implement content marketing"

Video for business

Filmed commercials advertising client’s products or services:

Video presentation of the village Koskovo

To help create: What video hosting to choose for the publication of marketing content.

Channel news / note / podcast / answer to a question

Short but succinct videos:

The answer to the question "What is landing"

To help create: Maintain branded video channels.

Video infographics

Same as infographics, but executed in video format, where its elements are shown in motion:

Video infographics for online freight service

To help create: 7 best services for creating video infographics.

Game content

Quiz (game test)

Quiz test "Help Stepan at customs" from "TF"

To help create: 23 examples and one experiment to create quiz.


A knowledge test or a humorous survey with results that can be made available for sharing on social networks. To this end, and often created.


  1. [Test] Is it easy to troll you?
  2. [Test] What to choose to create a site: CMS or designer?


Content derived from the selection of values ​​from multiple fixed lists by users. Allows you to create dozens and hundreds of different variants of the result, because of what is used again and again.

Example: Generator for the blog.


A classic puzzle made by programming tools. It is created to test the knowledge of readers in a particular area.

Example: Crossword: "Internet marketing for beginners".

Play / Play Training

With such content, you can learn and play at the same time - get points and bonuses for learning, pump skills.


  1. Brain pumping with Wikium:

Clicking on the numbers in ascending order

  1. Learn English with Lingualeo:

Training "Savannah" in Lingualeo

To help create:

  1. What marketers can learn from game developers.
  2. Gamification - boost your business!

UGC content

This is any text, graphic, audio and video content created by users. You can learn about its features, types and methods of application in this article.

Content - the Universe!

The difficulties of creating content can disappear only from a glance at its great diversity. And if you carefully study all the examples and use our tips, useful content on the Internet will be many times more. Start creating it!

Watch the video: How to Make a Concept Map (December 2019).


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