Why buy ads on Twitch and how?

Today I will tell you about an effective advertising platform - the Twitch streaming platform. Let us find out who is suitable for advertising on it, what formats you can order, what intricacies you should learn before negotiating with a streamer.

What the ... Twitch?

Twitch is a platform for broadcasting online games, or a streaming platform. Naturally, work on it streamers. They broadcast the passage of some games in real time or simply "live on camera" and get paid for it.

Streamer income consists of two components:

  • payment service for advertising on the channel;
  • percent of paid subscriptions to it.

Twitch is designed for gamers of different levels. Someone is playing different games on the camera, someone is watching how others do it. Players and fans just to relax in the evening at the PC in some shooter a lot. Therefore, the streaming platform gathers a huge audience around the world.

According to Twitch statistics, 15 million visitors spend on viewing streams every day about 95 minutes on average. 2.2 million streaming.

Why you need to pay attention to Twitch

  • The site is popular. According to the check on pr-cy.ru, she receives more than 112 million views from 29 million unique visitors every day. There are many users who may buy your product in the future.
  • Users are loyal to advertising. According to the same Twitch statistics, 82% of respondents believe that sponsorship is necessary for the gaming industry, and 80% are open to brands sponsoring a particular player or team.
  • The audience is solvent. Let's go back to the Twitch report. 81.5% of users of the site are men. 55% of them are at the age of 18-34 years. That is, more than half of men can buy a product, and at the expense of other users, you can increase brand awareness or make an advertising campaign viral.
  • There is a large proportion of Russian-speaking users. According to SimilarWeb, Russia ranks second after the United States in terms of the number of visitors. Our compatriots bring more than 42 million monthly visits to the site. For example, as of January 2019, they accounted for 6.99% of all site visitors.

With one ad on Twitch, you can get a lot of coverage - popular streamers collect 25-30 thousand viewers at a time. Successful broadcasts are gaining even more views. For example, the Russian-language broadcast of the finals of the tournament The International 2016 in the game Dota 2 at the peak watched by 135,739 spectators.

Many have already begun to advertise products on Twitch. For example, the Coca-Cola, Mars, Old Spice brands launch large-scale advertising campaigns. Back in 2017, Amazon has signed contracts totaling more than $ 1 billion. Gradually, Russian brands are entering the market.

So, the digital store Zaka-Zaka conducted its campaign and got excellent results:

  • 11 draws covered more than 199,000 people.
  • 69% of the draw participants completed at least one targeted action.
  • One transition from Twitch cost 0.7 rubles. Subscriber - 5.9 rubles. For comparison: advertising in "VKontakte" cost more - for each transition I had to give 14.8 rubles, for a subscriber - 50.5 rubles.

There are so few advertisers on Twitch. This is another sign of the viability of the platform. Those who run advertising campaigns now are already getting good results.

Who is suitable for advertising on Twitch

Audience sites - gamers. Therefore, they advertise products about game themes. For example, advertise manufacturers of consoles, online stores of games, joysticks and other equipment for games and so on.

Also on Twitch come major FMCG brands: those who produce consumer goods. A vivid example is the Old Spice advertising campaign, but about it a little later.

The main part of advertisers on Twitch is a business in the game theme and FMCG brands. But there more often you can see ads from other niches. This is due to the fact that the site is developing and opening new sections:

  • Creative for everyone who wants to show their talents to the world.
  • Music & Performing Arts for musicians.
  • Talk Shows & Podcasts for near-game themes.

What types of advertising are on Twitch

All advertising on the site can be divided into three large groups.

Direct advertising

It is available to those who are willing to spend a lot of money or strength. The meaning of the campaign is to sponsor an event like TwitchCon or create your own channel and attract viewers with unique content.

"From above" came many giants of the market. For example, in 2015, Old Spice created its own channel with a real game. The broadcast was conducted from a man’s helmet in the forest, and users who entered the channel received real power over him - they could vote for the next action. For example, the hero managed to shoot from a huge slingshot and taste the stone. 703 thousand people watched live broadcasts, and more than 2.65 million viewers watched the entire video.

Another example is the HP Omen Challenge. HP and PUBG launched their tournament between top teams in Counter-Strike during the Gamescom festival in 2016. Spectators could influence players - for example, to hit them with a current, throw tomatoes at them, let out stage pairs. This show through channels on Twitch and YouTube was watched by more than 1.5 million people.

Direct advertising is expensive - you need to come up with an idea, purchase equipment for broadcasts, attract viewers.

Twitch Ads

Twitch offers to place ads directly. But it is not available in all countries (there is no advertising unit for Russia). We will have to go for tricks - for example, write to the post office for advertising in the UK.

Streaming platform offers two types of advertising: video and images.

  • The video has four separate formats - cross, mobile, desktop, embedded in the broadcast.
  • The images have five formats - from the middle side of the rectangle to the entire background of the home page.

For each video format and images available its own geography, there are certain features and requirements. More information about them can be found in the description of promotional products.

Videos and images may be blocked by AdBlock and other similar extensions.

The cost of advertising is calculated separately. The average price is $ 3.5 per 1,000 impressions.

Advertise with streamers

The most common way to advertise products is to contact streamers right away. Despite the fact that they receive money from the site, some will agree to earn extra money. Streamers can advertise a product in several ways:

  • place a banner under the broadcast screen in the channel description;
  • impose a brand logo on the broadcast;
  • periodically write about the product in the chat and leave links;
  • mention the product several times in streams;
  • conduct a separate broadcast on the product;
  • use the brand name in the broadcast;
  • draw a prize on behalf of the sponsor;
  • place the product in the background or use it during the stream.

In addition, some streamers additionally advertise products on other platforms - they write posts on social networks, publish links on the YouTube channel.

AdBlock can block the banner under the video, but will not do anything with the name of the broadcast, chat messages, streamer story.

The cost of advertising depends only on the ambitions of the streamer. For example, a 30-second clip by Karina “Skuraming” of a streamer back in 2016 cost 60,000 rubles.

Features of advertising on Twitch streamers

With advertising from above, everything is clear - it is effective, but not everyone has so much money and effort. Advertising through the site itself is also standard, although it will have to be discussed individually. But interaction with streamers has its own characteristics.

On the platform broadcast video in real time. Streamers do not record multiple duplicates for each release, like bloggers on YouTube, but literally live in the frame, spend most of the day on the stream. They appreciate the trust of subscribers and try not to do anything extra. For example, do not advertise questionable products. In addition, few in principle agree to sell advertising space, because streamers already have income from the site.

Those who agree to advertise the product, take minimal part in the preparation of the campaign. Streamers do not develop strategies, do not prepare reports, screenshots and time codes. Yet they can not guarantee some kind of KPI. The maximum that can promise - to publish advertising in time. Therefore, it is better to come to them with a ready technical task, so that they can simply fulfill the requirements.

How to run ads on Twitch

If you want to go "on top", get ready to rob the bank. You can sponsor an event in a gaming environment. To create something of your own is much more complicated and expensive, but it is also possible. Take Coca-Cola as an example: the brand has organized a Game-a-Thon 1.0 tournament. The most accessible option is to open a channel and broadcast something of your own. But this “something” should be very interesting to users.

Life hacking: if you want to “go from above” and at the same time save money, you can simply create a branded channel and conduct regular broadcasts of popular games. Hire some unknown but artistic gamer for this.

If you want to run ads through Twitch, email the platform’s advertising department and arrange a campaign. You will be asked for promotional materials - order them in advance or make them yourself.

If you want to order advertising from the tape drivewill have to sweat. To find the right one, watch a few broadcasts. Pay attention to how streamers interact with the audience, whether they advertise something or not, what activity is observed in the chat. The more viewers, messages in the chat, interactive with watching, the better. Look at the profile description - if the tape drive sells advertising space, it can immediately indicate this and post the price list. Find out how many followers and people watch broadcasts: the more, the better.

When you choose 2-3 streamers, write to them on "VKontakte" or another social network. Tell us about the project, offer to run advertising, specify the cost. If received a refusal, it is not necessary to press. With a positive response, discuss the conditions of advertising: what format is needed, when it comes out, whether there will be additional support in the form of posts in social networks, links to YouTube.

Or use ready-made streamer catalogs - for example, AdsOnStream e-sports advertising agency has published its list of streamers. In such directories there are offers from those who are ready to advertise: with ready-made statistics - the number of “live” viewers, subscribers, a list of games. You just need to choose the right person and contact him to discuss the conditions.

Remember: it is better to come to streamers with ready TK, otherwise the result may be disappointing.

Briefly about the main thing

  • Twitch is a promising platform with a solvent audience. The capabilities of the platform in Russia are still undervalued.
  • Advertising on Twitch is best suited to companies in the near-game niches and to those who offer everyday goods.
  • You can advertise products in three ways: directly, through the platform itself or through streamers.
  • Streamers are already making money on the platform and value the confidence of the viewers, so they are reluctant to sell places compared to the same YouTube.
  • Streamers for advertising can be found independently on the site or in special catalogs.
  • Advertising on Twitch can be very effective, but like on other sites, with a competent approach to organizing a campaign.

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