How to remove spam links to your website: 8 recommendations for communication with webmasters

Sometimes the tool to reject links is not enough to zero the impact of garbage links on your site. In this case, you have to write to site owners. Do you think this is a waste of time, since most webmasters will ignore your request? Use the tactics described below, they will increase the likelihood of removing spam links.

1. Use the correct email address

How would you respond to an email asking you to remove the link from your site if it came from [email protected]? If the message somehow escaped spam filters, you would surely ignore it. What about a letter from an address like [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]?

When you write a request to delete links, use a corporate email address such as [email protected] Pay attention to this recommendation if you use the services of SEO-freelancers. Create for them an email in your corporate domain.

By the way, put yourself in the place of the webmaster. Some vbnz requests to delete a link to a solid resource. Perhaps this is an evil competitor or a black SEO trying to deprive your buyers of a reference mass. You act logically, ignoring such a request.

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2. Explain clearly what you want

Imagine the situation: you have an email address [email protected], from which you send a letter to the webmaster with a request to remove the link to your website. The webmaster receives your letter and agrees to help you. But here's the bad luck: this person has 24 sites from which he sells links. He would be happy to write you and clarify the information, but this webmaster receives 50 letters a day asking him to remove the link.

When you write a letter with a request to delete a link, specify the address of the page on which the unwanted backlink is located. Also indicate the address of your site. This increases the chances of effectiveness of the letter.

3. Justify the request

Explain to webmasters why you are asking to remove the link. For example, explain that you have changed the strategy for promoting your resource and no longer need paid links. Say that the search engines punished your resource for unnatural reference environment. Talk to the addressee as a webmaster with the webmaster. Perhaps professional solidarity will make the other person meet you.

The explanation should not be too big and detailed. Just write a few sentences that motivate your message.

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4. Be polite

Do not threaten the webmaster, do not call his site linkbreaker. What would you do if you received a letter in which you are threatened with sanctions by search engines or imprisonment in case of refusal to remove the link? How would you react if you were asked to remove the link, because your site is of poor quality?

That's right, a normal person in this case will put three more links from the most real g **** sites. And he will offer to check in the evening on a waste ground, whose site is in fact poor quality. Remember, there are no really working laws that can force webmasters to delete a link. Of course, if your site does not distribute extremist content. Therefore, you need to find a common language with the webmaster. Threats and insults will not help here.

5. Give important details in the letter.

Want to save time? Then include the following items in the link removal request:

  • Yes, you know the link rejection tool, but you want to delete the link.
  • No, closing the link with the nofollow attribute is not enough. You ask to remove it.
  • You thank webmasters in advance for fulfilling your request and any response to your letter.

Worst of all, if the site owner simply ignores your message. Even if he refuses, you will have a chance to bargain. So try to establish a dialogue.

6. Write briefly

If the webmaster falls asleep while reading your letter, he will not delete the link. Try to limit to two or three paragraphs, that's enough. In doing so, you must follow the above recommendations: explain and justify the request and establish a dialogue.

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7. Contact the webmaster personally

If you can find the personal data of the site owner or webmaster, do it. Name the other person by name. This will help to establish personal communication and increase your chances of success.

How to find out the personal data of the site owner? Here are some ideas:

  • Use the whois service. In most cases, the owners of r **** sites close their personal data, but suddenly you are lucky.
  • Check out the "Contact Us" section on the site.
  • Try to find the owner of the email using a search engine.
  • Find the personal email address of the site owner by domain.

8. Promise something in return

This tactic should be used only as a last resort: if persuasion does not help, and you need to remove this link by all means. Remember, you risk becoming the object of blackmail: webmasters will put links to your website to get some bonuses for their removal. If you still decide to take a chance, offer the following in return:

  • Buy from the webmaster a dozen links to abandoned blogs on LJ.
  • Recommend his wonderful link farm to friends.
  • Give a discount on your product.
  • Link to the webmasters site from your personal blog or profile on the social network.
  • Tell the other party that you have beer when you next come to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Suggested recommendations ...

... do not guarantee the removal of each link. But with their help, you will significantly improve the efficiency of removal requests. This will help you dramatically reduce the number of spam links to your resource and improve its reputation in terms of search engines.

Have you ever had to delete links? How did the site owners respond to this request? Share your experiences in the comments.

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