The power of motivating techniques: how to turn website visitors into customers with their help?

Before we start exploring ways to use motivating techniques, let's first find out the meaning of this phrase. In English, it is expressed by the word "nudge", which translates as "slightly nudge with an elbow to attract someone's attention" or "give someone a signal." Here is an example of motivating reception:

Please help us protect the environment.
Save water
Every day we use tons of detergents and millions of liters of water to wash towels that were used only once.

This simple message encourages hotel visitors to save water in order to contribute to the protection of the planet. Try to guess how effective it turned out? This appeal has led to the fact that hotels, on average, began to save 2,300 liters of water and 150 liters of detergents every month. Not bad, is it? And now let's see how you can use motivating techniques to make your site visitors become your customers.

The pen is stronger than the sword

Words have tremendous power. By adding a word to the text or deleting it, you can significantly affect the conversion rate. The living proof of this statement is the 37Signals experiment, during which the call-to-action text was simply replaced. Instead of the phrase "Trial free version" wrote "To study the tariff plans." As a result, the number of subscribers increased by 200%.

Another example of a successful text change belongs to Neil Patel, who simply added the real price in the subscription window to his course and thereby increased the conversion rate by 22%.

Free course: "How to double traffic on your website in 30 days" + Secret bonus.
(The real price of the course: $ 300).
This course, step by step, will teach you how to double or even triple the traffic on your site within the next 30 days.

Conclusion: Adding or removing certain words from the text can have a significant effect on the conversion rate on your site. Just need to figure out which words your visitors are susceptible to and start using them profitably.

Design - a new marketing component

Visual information may also have a decisive influence on the conversion rate. And here is the proof. Most recently, MarketDialer decided to conduct AB testing of two sample subscription windows. The first is the cost of the offer. In the second - no.

Here is the first option:

But the new version:

Guess which of these options showed a higher conversion rate? The correct answer is the second. By specifying the cost of their services, the company has managed to increase the number of potential buyers by 100%.

Simplicity does not always guarantee success

Many people think that providing maximum convenience for users will increase the conversion rate. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In confirmation of this, you can bring the ordering process on the Crazy Egg website. Previously, it occupied only one page. But that all changed when management decided to test a two-step process. At the first stage, the user specified his name and e-mail address, and at the second stage, he entered the checkout page.

Checkout Page

Do you know what results this measure led to? The conversion rate increased by 10%.

By the way, the administration of Barack Obama obtained similar results by applying this tactic. When the president participated in the elections, his team decided to test the multistage process of filing applications for donations.

1. Test application. 2. Phased application

The end result is an increase in conversion rate of 5%. Pretty good indicator, considering that it is caused by a simple design change.

What conclusion can be drawn from all this? In many cases, a multi-stage application process is more efficient, since users, by providing some information about themselves, are already showing interest. Therefore, they will certainly continue the application process.

Correspondence with visitors stimulates sales.

One of the most effective motivating techniques is the establishment of a dialogue with visitors. If you subscribe to the Quick Sprout newsletter, then you will receive emails. In a certain sequence and at certain intervals (the so-called "drip marketing"). In one of these messages, you are asked to click on the answer button and communicate your opinion about this letter. If you click on the answer button, Neil Patel personally responds to your message and thanks for the response. At the same time, he does not offer you to buy something, but it turns out that 71% of subscribers who receive a response acquire his Quick Sprout Traffic System course.

Do not underestimate the power of correspondence with visitors to your site. Be sure to use this technique. And it doesn't matter if you will communicate with them via e-mail, via Skype or LiveChat, you will still find yourself in the black. After all, users like to buy goods from real people, not from robots. But here another question arises: how to make them enter into a dialogue with you?

One of the ways to increase the number of conversations with visitors is the correct web design, thanks to which your company will inspire confidence. If visitors understand that you have an open and transparent corporate culture, they are more likely to want to contact you.

An illustrative example of this is the site Crazy Egg, on the main page of which there is a very funny video with a French character in the lead role.

Look, doesn't this animated character cause you to have positive emotions? In fact, it turned out to be so efficient that thanks to it the site’s monthly profit increased by $ 21,000.

What are the consequences?

If visitors to your site refuse your products or services, then this always entails certain consequences. For example, without them they will not be able to increase their profits, or their life, in some way, will become more complicated. You can take advantage of this and convince them to become your customers by telling them about what will happen if you cancel your subscription or purchase. No, this is not about threats. Just visitors need to make it clear what they are losing.

Take, for example, again the site Crazy Egg. People buy a subscription to understand how to track user behavior on the site and improve the percentage of conversion. How did Neil manage to increase the number of subscribers? Adding one simple phrase to the text: "No, thanks - I don't care how users behave on my site." As a result of this action, the number of subscribers increased by 6%.

As you can see, sometimes, it’s just necessary to inform people about what they will lose if they do not become your customers. At the same time, it is not necessary to use whole paragraphs of the text for this purpose - one capacious phrase is enough to achieve the goal. The final phrase on the Crazy Egg website proved to be effective because it hints to visitors that ignoring detailed reports on user behavior will result in a loss of profits.

Do not bring the child to the pastry shop

When you bring a child to a candy store and tell him that he can buy only one dessert, what happens? He does not know what to choose, because he wants to try everything. A similar situation occurs with visitors: if you give them too many options, the conversion rate may decrease. With a limited number of alternatives, it will be easier for them to make a decision about the necessary purchase.

This fact was adopted by the specialists of KISSmetrics. They carefully worked out the main page of their site: they removed the navigation menu and a large amount of unnecessary text ("water"). After conducting three AB tests, it was found that the conversion rate increased by more than 70%.

Sign up for a free subscription and find out which customers are most valuable to you and how to increase their number. Sign up for a free 14-day trial version.

The Quick Sprout website lists only three social networks with which you can share information: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.. Recently, they conducted an interesting study, during which visitors were offered 5 options of social networks (all of the above plus LinkedIn and Pinterest). As a result, the number of visitors who share their content on social networks has decreased by 29%.

This result indicates that increasing the number of alternatives does not always help increase conversion. So if you ask your visitors to do something, don’t give them a choice. Otherwise they will do nothing at all.

Special offers

One of the easiest ways to stimulate sales is to hold special promotions. This is well aware of the leadership of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Periodically, they hold a campaign in which they offer a discount on tuition valid for 48 hours. The profit they received during these two days always exceeds the weekly proceeds at regular times.

One more example. Appsumo also makes special offers that are valid for a limited period of time. Here is one of them:

Profitable proposition
Benefit $ 3500
Remaining time: 128 hours 18 minutes 53 seconds

As you can see, the company’s website has a countdown clock that shows the validity period of this promotion. If you do not have time to take advantage of this offer, you will not be able to purchase the product at the indicated price. Using this technique, you can encourage visitors to make a purchase and turn them into your customers.


There are hundreds of ways to stimulate the process of turning site visitors into customers. You can use the above methods or come up with something of your own. The most important thing in this case is to show a little creativity and persevere towards your goal. At the same time, in no case should we forget about conducting AB testing, since this is the only way to determine the effectiveness of your changes.

What motivating techniques do you use? Tell about them in the comments.

Adaptation of the material of Neil Patel How To Convert Visitors Into Customers.

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