8 unusual services for working with Instagram

I bet you didn't know about those? In our blog, we have never mentioned them. And this is not surprising, some of them are very fresh, and some of them do not glow at all. Today in the collection - useful and unusual online services to help those who promote their Instagram on their own.


What can: Want to know which hashtags are best? On the site displaypurposes, finding popular hashtags in a niche is easy.

And on the map, you can select a location and see popular tags in a particular place in the world:

Price: is free.


What can: analyzes content on social networks. This service will help you analyze and find viral posts not only in Instagram.

Available functionality:

  • Search for viral posts.
  • Comparison of competitors pages.
  • Sort pages by tags.
  • Subscribers growth schedule.
  • Report on the number of likes, comments and reposts.
  • Uploading data in a convenient format (Excel, PDF, PNG, JPEG).

Price: The first 5 downloads of analytics are free. Then for 299 rubles per month for one social network.


What can: Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an algorithm that determines how memorable your photo will be. After the photo is uploaded to the site, a heat map appears on it: the warmer the color of the fragment, the better it is remembered. The developers claim that the algorithm perceives the images as well as their live person would appreciate. Suitable, of course, not only for Instagram, but for any social network.

Price: is free.


What can: Online service for checking instagram accounts for cheating.

Price: from 199 to 2999 rubles, depending on the number of subscribers.


What can: Service for text formatting and working with tags. It helps to format the publication so that paragraphs are preserved when pasting this text into Instagram. At a paid rate, hashtags will be automatically saved so that later you can add them to the text in one click.

Price: depends on the tariff plan. There is a completely free fare, and two extended for 399 and 899 rubles per month.


What can: A unique service from Zengram will analyze which photos and people liked the person you are interested in, and will also form a report on those who sent him likes in response.

Price: the trial version is free of charge, one account is available for partial analysis. Over the next three analyzes will have to pay 190 rubles. In full access, you can see which photos and videos the user has rated, see private accounts, use filters by the number of likes and follow their dynamics.

What unusual online services do you use (optional for Instagram only)? Looking forward to hearing about them in the comments.

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