How to create websites: 33+ educational articles and videos

We recently published two collections of content marketing and copywriting materials, now it's time for a third one. It is for those who want to create websites with their own hands and / or know how to control contractors.

In the collection - 33+ articles and videos for entrepreneurs, designers, novice developers and webmasters.

Ready? Then let's go.

Stages of preparation for the site

You can not just take and create a website. First you need:

  • Understand the goals of the future resource.
  • See what competitors are doing.
  • Select the type of site, how to develop it, etc.

In this section - materials that will help in preparing for the creation of the site.

  1. "How to prepare for the development of the site?"

In one of the newsletters, Timur Fehraydinov, a marketing specialist at Texterra, spoke about the 5 main stages of preparation for the development of the site. Short and clear, without much detail.

  1. "Website creation: from idea to implementation"

The authors of CMSmagazine told about the steps that need to be taken in the process of creating the site. The article is quite large - with examples, schemes, algorithms.

  1. "Competitor Analysis: Goals and Tools"

Konstantin Ivlev, content strategist at Texterra, explained the benefits of competitive analysis, sorted out key errors, and so on. Keep in mind: the material is useful both before creating the site and in subsequent work.

Under the link - webinar video + presentation.

  1. "6 signs of an obsolete site"

Article by Dmitry Kovalev - for those who already have their own website. It will help to understand whether it is time to change it or not.

  1. "What to choose to create a site: CMS or designer?"

Test Dmitry Dementia will answer the pressing question - find out what tool is right for you. Then - depending on the result - go to the third or fourth section.

If you decide not to create the site yourself, but to delegate - read our blog about how to create T.Z. for development. Then you can send the technical specification to us :-)

Features of the choice of hosting and domain

If the site is the face of business, then the domain is the face of the site. Before you start a web resource, you need to find a convenient, suitable address, and determine where to place the site itself. That is, choose a hosting.

The articles below are about the wonders of hosting and domain selection.

  1. "Mini FAQ on domain names"

At 1PS, they explained which domains there are, and gave answers to frequently asked questions: about transfer, cost, etc.

  1. "Where does the site start? Or about the correct domain name of the site"

In Pixel Plus, they shared how to choose the right domain name and domain zone in terms of SEO.

  1. "How to choose a hosting: 4 main criteria"

The blog "Netologii" - about the main types of hosting services and the criteria for choosing a hosting.

  1. "How to choose a hosting for the site, so as not to lose money"

Dmitry Skalubo shared his many years of experience - he wrote a great guide. In it: about the types of hosting, important points when choosing, useful services, site transfer, etc.

Learn not to lose tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Designer Reviews

Designers simplify the creation of sites, but at the same time they have their drawbacks: for example, lack of flexibility and, as a rule, high cost. If you have already passed the test of Dmitry and decided in favor of the designers - it's time to read the reviews.

  1. "Website Designers: A Review of 8 Best Services with a Comparative Table"

Olga Kochkina described in detail the possibilities of the 8 best design platforms, as well as their pros and cons. If you need to decide quickly - just look at the comparison table (by the way, it can be downloaded to a computer).

  1. "33 of the best online site builder, presentations, business cards and much more"

If it seemed to you that there were few services in the previous article, study the Layhhaker compilation. True, there are no details: only brief descriptions.

  1. "How to make a website using the Tilda designer: a step-by-step tutorial"

We decided to use Tilda as tens of thousands of other users - a step-by-step tutorial from Dmitry Dementiy will help you. It contains a lot of information, including planning and setting up a site, connecting a domain, creating a menu, etc.

CMS Guides

We decided that the designers do not suit you, and - only CMS, only hardcore? Then our guidance will help you.

The section contains guides on Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal and, of course, Wordpress.

  1. "Which CMS to choose: a guide for choosing a" engine "for the site"

This is surprising, but CMS is quite universal: almost any of the systems will be suitable for the implementation of almost any project. You do not know how to choose a system - Dmitry will help you navigate and quickly make the right decision.

  1. "How to create a website on WordPress: a complete guide for beginners"

Dmitry Dementy (yes, yes, the same one) explains why Wordpress is not only for blogs, plus talks about choosing and setting up a theme, working with plugins, etc.

  1. "Creating a WordPress site: step-by-step video instruction"

This manual is for those who are inconvenient to work on the text and screenshots. A three-hour video where all stages are shown as clearly as possible is a good alternative to the previous article.

  1. "How to create an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce: a detailed guide"

It turns out that an online store can be made not only on OpenCart. WordPress + WooCommerce is a force, and Dmitry Dementy proved it.

As a bonus for WordPress, we have three more articles: a selection of 100 best free themes, recommendations and life hacks for advanced users, and an analysis of common mistakes when working with WP.

  1. "How to create a website on Joomla !: A step-by-step guide for beginners"

The name of the manual speaks for itself - in it you will find everything you need to set up a site, connect to web analytics systems, etc.

  1. "How to create an online store on OpenCart: step by step instructions"

Detailed instructions for creating an online store on OpenCart. The author explained and clearly showed how to customize the CMS, expand its functionality using modules, edit the content and - of course - track sales.

  1. "How to make a site on Drupal yourself"

Drupal is a flexible and multi-tasking CMS, ranked third in the world in popularity (after Wordpress and Joomla). The guide will help to understand the installation, configuration, SEO-optimization, security and content management with the help of Drupal.

  1. "How to transfer a site to a new engine and save positions, money and mental health"

If you made a mistake when choosing a CMS, then suddenly realize it - without panic. Dmitry Dementy understood the peculiarities of working with different platforms and explained how to move the site. Without loss of money, nerves and positions in search results.

Nuances of developing specific types of sites

So, you have dealt with the preparatory work, the choice of domain and hosting, the features of various designers and CMS. Now is the time to learn the subtleties and nuances of creating certain types of sites: landing pages, business cards, etc.

  1. "Creating a landing page from A to Z. A detailed guide with examples"

It’s hard to talk about creating landing pages in one article, so keep the book. It is available for free, you just need to share it on social networks.

  1. "Creating an online store: what to look for, so that after 3 months and $ 5,000 not start over"

Dmitry Skalabo singled out unobvious points related to e-commerce. His recommendations will definitely help save time and money.

  1. "On how to create a business card site correctly"

On site KP - article on the sites of business cards. Inside information on the cost, a list of stages of development, etc.

  1. "How to create a corporate blog"

On great stuff about corporate blogs. In it - about the functions of blogs, their varieties, important elements, etc. If you scroll to the end, you can find 4 ready-made prototypes: take and implement.

  1. "10 important elements of a portfolio site"

The 1PS blog noted important elements that should be on the portfolio site. For each of the elements - real examples.

Design and Prototyping Tips

Design and prototyping are also important steps in the development of the site. Even if you order a site to a contractor, it will not hurt to understand the topic a little.

Keep up with three materials about design, layout and prototyping - all from our blog.

  1. "The Basics of Web Design: What a Business Website Should Look Like"

Svyatoslav Groshev, head of the design department, managed in 2 hours to teach the basics of web design. In the webinar program: site types, structure, competitor analysis, logo and other important points.

Follow the link to find a video, a presentation and a list of useful resources.

  1. "How to become a typesetter, or Why the basics of typesetting should know everything"

An article by Dmitry Dementiy - for marketers, webmasters and future professionals. Read it and find out what HTML-layout is and why you need it, where to study for a typesetter, etc.

As a bonus - an interview with Alexey Pechenkin, now a programmer of the Texterra backend development department.

  1. "Review of 22 tools for prototyping"

Thanks to Svyatoslav, you know what prototypes are. Now it's time to understand the top ten tools to create them.

Usability and SEO optimization

To create a website and fill it is good, but not enough, if you do not pay attention to optimization. It is important for the convenience of users, and for promotion in search engines.

Next are articles on usability tools and SEO optimization.

  1. "How to check the download speed and adaptability of the site: 10 free tools"

That the site is loved by both users and search engines - it is important that it is fast and friendly to any devices and browsers. In the article you will find links and descriptions of ten tools to check the download speed and adaptability.

  1. "How to set up a turbo page, AMP, Instant Articles. Guide with video instructions"

You can live like this, but it’s better to speed up - we recommend another power from Dmitry Dementiy. Inside there are instructions for setting up the turbo pages of Yandex, AMP from Google and Facebook Instant Articles. All clearly - screenshots, gifs, video.

We also have manuals on Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console. Both are understandable even for beginners.

  1. "A complete guide to internal linking site"

Even if you just started to fill the site - the manual is useful. It’s better to do it right away, because without links it’s impossible to imagine normal SEO promotion, increasing the viewing depth, etc.

  1. "How to make a redirect: a detailed review for the humanities"

You need to be able to set up redirects - redirect users from one page to another - otherwise you can spoil the user experience and "attitude" of search engines.

Dmitry - our almost permanent author in this collection - explains what types of redirects are, where to get the code, how to set up, etc.

  1. "How to make a multi-language and multi-regional site"

If the business operates worldwide, multilingual and multi-regional optimization is essential. The article describes how to do it correctly, that is:

  • Select URL structure.
  • Prepare content for different groups of users.
  • Provide targeting.

Inside - detailed instructions, links to plugins and services, informative screenshots.

  1. "Checklist for site optimization, or 100+ reasons not to bury SEO"

SEO is buried year after year, but it is very much alive. So the check list from Alexander Ageev will be useful for beginners and inhaus marketing specialists.

100+ points can be used both before the creation of the site and during the audit of the existing web resource. By the way, if it is more convenient on paper - at the end of the article there is a link to download the checklist.

We hope, the selection was useful for you. We will be grateful for the reposts and comments.

And - good luck in creating sites and their promotion.

Watch the video: How to Make a Blog - Quick & Easy! (December 2019).


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