How to make money on Yandex.DZen? 6 cases of authors who could

In early January, the Texterra blog published the confession of the Yandex.Dzen author - a cool case about how to monetize the channel. “More verbal gold is needed,” I thought, and asked another six authors of popular channels to talk about how to make money on Zen.

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Ivan Gusev, the channel "Super!"

- In March 2018, I started the blog "Super!" on the Yandex.Dzen platform. At first, the blog was called differently and was devoted to the Marvel and DC comics. I quickly realized that this was not very interesting for a wide audience, and switched to another hobby - positive web comics, which thanks to social networks are experiencing a real boom. And it worked. I restarted the blog, changed the name and adjusted the feed. Now I am not talking about comics, but about life in pictures - positively, defiantly, with humor.

Three months after the launch of the blog, impressions and subscriptions went up the hill. Earnings grew exponentially. The most "fat" months were summer and early autumn, when I could earn up to 8 thousand rubles a day. But Yandex is constantly experimenting with the algorithm, corrects the conditions of the game. It became difficult to earn at least 100 thousand rubles a month. Actually, now I do not get so much, although the income still justifies the forces invested.

Under the algorithms, I can not adjust. Just writing interesting and popular texts. The reduction of income from materials is partly compensated by advertising materials - on Nye, they now order native advertising quite well. I got a lot of natives: with Oral-B, MGTS, Mosigroy, Yandex. Each such order is a separate difficult project, but it pays well.

To monetize the channel, do everything perfectly. Do not think that you will be able to outwit the system and easily raise money. Every day I spend a lot of time on the blog: looking for new artists, translating comic books, doing interviews, writing texts, making out. But such work brings satisfaction and commands respect. I have a good relationship with the Zen team, at the end of last year I even received an award from Yandex as one of the best authors.

The most important thing is to be flexible, analyze data and adapt. If you write the same materials that you like, but they are poorly read - most likely, you will consider yourself an unrecognized genius and blame the “stupid” readers and the “Zen” algorithm for their failures. On the contrary, if something has started to turn out, work in this direction, experiment, look for new topics and directions that can shoot. Do not copy others, do not beat your forehead into the closed doors - this is the path to nowhere. Be in trend, but a little apart from others - and you will be noticed.

Evgeny Golovach, channel "Industrial tourist"

My channel has existed since November 2017. I originally built a monetization scheme. I had (and have) a great experience in blogging at Drive2 (21,000 readers) and LiveJournal sites. There it is extremely difficult to monetize content: you need to make a lot of moves in order to start getting profit from your material. Not the fact that they will lead to normal financial results.

Therefore, when “Zen” provided a platform for monetization, I analyzed the target audience and built up the subject of the channel so as to get the maximum coverage. There were several unsuccessful attempts to probe the audience and its interests. For example, the “just travel” format turned out to be unclaimed. But to describe the places where it is difficult to get, to show what others do not see is another matter. This format hit the bull's eye.

I recently returned from Venice. Before the trip I thought about the format of the material. I knew that simply beautiful pictures about the channels would not enter. Therefore, I made a material about tourist service boats. The result is 20,000 views. This is excellent, given that the posts about Europe usually do not gain a lot of views.

You need to think in the format of the audience and understand what it expects. People are interested in something with which they can associate themselves and compare. The audience of "Zen" is Russia, we write mostly about Russia, but we show what others do not see. For example, there is material about parking with trucks. Thousands of people pass by this parking lot, it is open for viewing. We made the material “How military trucks are stored in winter,” the result is more than 40,000 views.

In a month the channel brings from 170 000 rubles. This, together with special projects and nativkoy.

For special projects, we often work with car brands PR. We invent a project, stipulate conditions (desired coverage) and cost, quantity of materials, take a car and weave advertising into the outline of articles. So the project was done with Mitsubishi.

With the placement of native ads a little easier. There is a product, there are conditions and TZ, following which you need to make a material in the style of "Industrial Tourist". For me, a bright event was the cooperation with Yandex. For example, here’s how we made the native placement of the Yandex.Music service.

Speaking roughly, I do not write about something that does not make a profit. My channel on Zen is a commercial project. And I like it.

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Anastasia Petrova, channel "7 minutes for beauty"

I liked the Yandex.Den platform because it gives complete freedom of choice: you can create a channel on any subject. Write about what you love. And get for this pleasure official income. For me, the last point was fundamental: all taxes and fees are paid by Yandex itself, and the author already receives pure white income.

I published the first article on August 26th. Now there are more than 23,000 subscribers on my channel, and this figure is growing every day by at least 200-400 people. The maximum income per day was 4,335 rubles, it was at the end of December. For the whole of December 87,805 rubles were issued

In January, all channels experienced a sharp decline in views and, accordingly, a drop in income. The first week was the most disastrous. On holidays, the shows fell by 2-3 times. If in December I had more than 70-80 thousand visitors per day, then on the most disastrous day of January - only 27 thousand readers. And the minimum amount per day reached 1,031 rubles. But by January 20, I leveled the figures. Now I get 3 500 rubles a day. The audience record for the day was January 21 - 122,782 readers.

I used to think that the author’s income is made up of the number of visitors. However, in December I learned that only clicks on advertising are paid. At the same time, the cost of a click can vary significantly. December rates per click were clearly higher. After all, even with 90,000 visitors, I had amounts of 4,000+ per day. And now, with 122,000, 3,500 rubles come out.

How did I get to monetize? I have never had a goal to manipulate people's trust and give a hack in order to jump out of the coin as quickly as possible.

Every article I nurture:

  • I am looking for only the most interesting and unbroken topics;
  • I study many sources to form an objective opinion;
  • I structure the text to make it easier and more pleasant to read it;
  • looking for suitable illustrations;
  • check for possible typos;
  • I check how the article looks from the smartphone (for example, some decorative characters may appear in the form of question marks);
  • I am composing an article card (I think over the catchy headline and attractive illustration);
  • send for publication;
  • in the first hour I track the CTR (if it is low, I change the title and main illustration).

Some of my articles were ready before the opening of the channel. I saved up materials on improvement, wrote about the experience. I edited and published 4 articles on the first day (taking into account the narratives), and 3 articles on the second. At best, there were two publications at best: 1 article + 1 narrative. In such a frantic rhythm, I tried to stay almost until monetization - September 12th. By that time I had 43 quality articles and ... only 33 subscribers.

Then I continued to print on the article per day and was happy when some kind of publication "Yandex" gave 30,000 hits for all the time. But these were crumbs - for a week it was 280 rubles each. On the sixth of October, I published the last article - I decided that I could not spend 5 hours a day to receive a thousand rubles a month.

Out of curiosity, I went to the channel a month later, on 2 November. And stupefied. On the account - more than 750 rubles (From where? I did not print anything!) And 240 subscribers!

It turned out that Yandex changed the algorithm. If earlier in "Zen" the article was spinning in shows only for 2 days, now they began to "unscrew" old articles as well. It really inspired me. I began to lead the channel daily. More and more carefully chose topics, looked for something very interesting, tried it on myself.

The secrets of success in Yandex.Dzen are simple:

  1. Choose the theme that you yourself are very interesting. What you can write with enthusiasm, with heat and without interruption.
  2. Do not listen to those who say that long articles do not enter. The average time to read all my articles is 7 minutes 54 seconds. I do not publish "formal replies" of 1,000 characters. I have a publication where the average reading time is 22 minutes 40 seconds. And every fifth person who reads like it! At the moment, 23,548 people have read this article, and 4,272 likes have put them - this is the main indicator of quality for me personally.
  1. Remember - interesting topics have no limit on the number of hits. Record my article was shown over 5 million times! Another article, written back in November, gave more than 3 million impressions. Many publications passed the threshold of 2 million impressions, and even a million, some articles are now published in a couple of days.
  2. Write for people. When I see how I’ve added 450 subscribers in a day, I just cann’t. This indicator pleases the most. Now my channel is in the top - is on the 6th place. I really value the trust of my subscribers and channel.

Alexander Dementiev, channels "Fitness in Russian" and "Popular Science"

Channel "Fitness in Russian" I have been doing since the end of 2017, "Popular Science" launched a few months ago. "Fitness in Russian" is now in "Nirvana" (an affiliate program created for channel authors and website owners who make quality content).

I am a classic blogger, not a moneymaker. Therefore, I develop channels according to the classical scheme, working to create a loyal audience. My development hacks will be horribly trivial, but they work in practice.

  1. Find your topic. Both channels are in the field of my expertise. I have been in sports for 14 years, worked as a fitness instructor, interviewed and talked with top athletes of Russia and the world. There is something to tell people, without all these “Why do I chew the bark of an aspen,” “How I lost weight on buckwheat in 2 days,” and so on. He was engaged in science in his youth - he worked in the laboratory of physics and taught philosophy at the institute.
  1. The main thing is interest. I choose a topic according to the principle - is it interesting for me to understand it? I would never start a channel about what is commercially important, but not close to me. It's not about ideology or contempt for opportunists. This is a banal laziness - otherwise I can not find the motivation to study and write further.
  2. Zen requires regularity. At the initial stage, when you accumulate an audience, you need to issue material per day. Two months later, you can go to a quieter mode. Now I am writing an average of three materials per week per channel.
  3. Bend your line. My principle is to give verified information. Yes, I also look and envy how the article “How I threw 40 kg off with dried carnations and plums” easily spreads my materials in views, in which I describe that any transformations of the body are difficult. On the other hand, it is difficult to gather a loyal audience on a dried clove. When playing for the future, I'm sure my way is better.

Thanks to the Zen team for noticing these works and taking to Nirvana.

Now about monetization. Everyone who has been working at Zen for years is not accustomed to instability in shows and earnings. My maximum income was 120,000 rubles per month, now the numbers are 2 times less. Current income through the fitness channel is 500 rubles per day, 15,000 per month. On the second channel - 1 500 rubles per day, 40 000 per month.

You need to monetize the channel wisely.

  1. Reading is a major factor. On all projects, the main growth went with stable readings above 90%. Therefore, the main life hacks are associated with them. Follow the logic of the story, otherwise there is a high risk that the article is not read to the end. In the first paragraphs you must base the topic open, add intrigue, which you promise to reveal at the end.
  2. One article - one thought. I often see how even experienced authors "spread their thoughts along the tree." Many articles are structured as follows: "Quasar is the light of distant stars. And there are starfish, they are in the ocean. Life came out of the ocean. Then came the land animals, from them people. People have their own stars too. So let's discuss Olga Buzova". Do not do it this way!
  3. Dry the text. Clean the water and all the excess, let the article be shorter. I run through the article on the final reading and remove paragraphs that are knocked out by meaning.
  4. Want to be remembered - joke. Almost any interesting idea can be poked around. At first, it may turn out to be clumsy, but then learn, see what kind of humor suits your audience. And do not be afraid to try.

Zen is a long-term platform. I follow all the updates and statements of the team, I agree with their vision. It seems to me that they are moving in the right direction. Soon from "Zen" will have an interesting product. It may not all work out right away, but remember the evolution of other sites! "Zen" is only two years old, it is still a kid by the standards of social media.

Really looking forward to the development of native advertising. Advertisers are taking their first careful steps. It takes another year and a half or two to gain experience and confidence in working with the platform.

Igor Poznyayev, System Administrator's Blog channel

My work on "Zen" is based on bare enthusiasm and without any sponsorship. I believe that my life hacking for users really helps people. I started writing solution notes as early as 2014 in my "System Administrator's Blog" on a separate site and now I continue to do this in Zen.

What was at the beginning? Article about me in the magazine "Yandex. Dzen" and the increase in subscribers. I was glad that I could get a little monetization (the site did not bring money). By October 2017, income was 500 rubles per week. I began to realize that this is not my full potential in Zen. From October 2017 to September 2018, the number of subscribers increased, but revenue did not increase much. There were successful articles that sometimes raised my income to 6,000 rubles a month, but in general the situation did not change much. That was until the end of October.

What happened next? In September 2018, I drew attention to the comment contest in the Zen community in VKontakte. I decided to take part in the second wave of this competition, and then it dawned on me: maintaining discussions in the comments had a positive impact on the involvement of subscribers. After that, I began to include comments in articles, regularly maintain discussions and help people.

As a result, I took the third place in the contest, provoked a surge in involved subscribers and increased the number of visitors by 3-4 times. From October 2018, their number does not fall below 15,000 people per day.

Back in October, information about the Nirvana program appeared. It was created with the aim of maintaining channels with high-quality content. I immediately applied for participation. The notification that I was in Nirvana came only in January - apparently there were a lot of applications.

Now the income from the channel on average is about 500 rubles per day - this is for the placement of ad units of Yandex itself. From the very first day I use simple earnings and have not tried to switch to the placement of direct sales and advertising networks. Although, perhaps, it would bring more income, but I do not think that dramatically. Plus, individual advertisers apply, there is already individually calculated the cost, depending on the task and the initial conditions. So far, there have been only a few such appeals, they didn’t come out more in a month than directly from Zen.

For those who want to start monetizing their channel, I will give advice: lead the channel in the first person. So the trust of subscribers will be higher and the results of advertising integrations will be better. After all, active subscribers are those who like the blog author.

Now my channel is in the top 50 "Nirvana" and in the top 20 of all channels in the section "Technology and the Internet." The highest place I was able to climb so far was sixth. The channel was after 3DNews, and iXBT, but was able to bypass Habr and Hi-Tech Mail.Ru. There is something to strive for!

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Vlad Gorbachev, the channel "The Book of Animals"

I lead a channel about animals. Do not think this is not just a memorial with cats. I write articles about wild and extinct species of animals. My materials are a little vulgar and rude, but this is a trick of my content, which allowed me to gather a large audience.

I have always loved zoology and spent a lot of my free time studying animals. A few years ago I created a book of animals in VKontakte. There I wrote my copyright texts, collected about 10,000 subscribers. Однако это было для души, я даже не думал, что такое возможно монетизировать.

В апреле 2018 года я узнал, что есть "Яндекс.Дзен". Чтобы выйти на монетизацию и зарабатывать серьезные деньги, надо писать действительно много и качественно. Это меня сразу остановило, ведь свои статьи можно продавать на бирже копирайтинга с таким же успехом. Change your mind made the fact that "Zen" allows you to upload your author's content, even if it already exists in the network, but if necessary, you can prove that it is yours. I connected my public with the channel in "Zen" and began to publish already written texts.

By publishing 1-2 articles a day on weekdays, I was able to monetize in a couple of weeks. As a full amateur, I expected that the monetization would immediately give me steep money, but a week it was 100 rubles or 150 rubles. This fact upset me. I began to treat Yandeks.Dzen lightly.

All summer, I have been lazily and gradually posting my articles from VKontakte to Zen without any special expectations. But at the end of August the platform made me happy. I noticed that subscribers are pulling up on my channel, the number of hits and readings has increased. Increased and earnings. It was about 1 000 rubles a week - also not enough, but it made pay close attention to Yandex.DZen.

At the beginning of autumn I studied the theoretical part of the work on “Zen” and talked a lot with technical support. I learned how to make narratives, work with headlines, competently arrange articles. For example, in narratives, correct alignment is important, readable on all devices. A nice combination of visual images and text blocks, as well as icons and a call to action that motivate you to go further, like, subscribe.

In the headlines it is important to understand the line between clickbate and a good quality header with a picture. In the articles, successful and meaningful alternation of text and pictures, proper text structuring, typography (subheadings, a different font that I use for different situations), captions to pictures, videos and gifs, calls to action (like, subscription) and calls to comment on the article .

Soon this approach gave its fruits. All indicators have improved, I began to get more money. In November, "Zen" brought me 40,000 rubles with a workload of 2-3 hours a day on weekdays. In December - already 55,000 with a similar load. Now the channel has become my main income, the opportunity to self-realize and receive symbolic capital through creativity.

Some tips to the authors:

  1. Write about what you love with heart and soul, otherwise your creative impulse can quickly fade.
  2. Never steal someone else's content. Even rewriting other people's successful materials will not bring anything good. Do everything yourself.
  3. Multiplatform will help you not to leave this business. Publish your work not only in "Zen".
  4. Do not rush to get to the top, do everything calmly and gradually. In order to get a decent income, I continuously published for half a year several articles a day with a break only on weekends.
  5. Do not be afraid to communicate a lot with customer support. Listen to their advice and implement it. Bad they do not advise.
  6. Do not be afraid of bright headlines and cool pictures. The main thing is that the reader should not be deceived and understand why the name of the material is exactly that.
  7. Use search engines and websites in other languages. This will help to find the most vivid topic for the article.
  8. Change the design of the article after publication, if you understand that it does not enter.
  9. Do not seek to artificially make cool stuff. This comes unexpectedly and when it is already written a lot.

From the author

Surprisingly, the authors of different channels on the subject say similar things. Hence, it is not so important what to write about - the secrets of beauty, rare animals or unusual travels. It is important how to do it.

I understood everything. While communicating with the authors and studying their channels, the thought came that the articles in Yandex.DZen were natural content marketing. Judge for yourself: you give subscribers free useful information and thereby add them to your channel. Yes, and earn on it - even fire. In order for the investment to pay off - you need to write well, regularly and take into account the rules of the platform. And you will be "Zen" yes with sweet "Nirvanoyu".

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