Google will see what is shown in the pictures. What will happen to SEO?

Significant stage in the life of SEO-specialists: Google launched a new tool for working with images. You can get to know him here.

The program gives a detailed and detailed analysis of images using the mechanism of machine learning. In other words - upload an image and get a report on how your image is seen by artificial intelligence.


What from that?

Innovation, first of all, will affect SEO-specialists, their work with image optimization will change.

Now the mechanism for optimizing images looks like this ... A title is written, a text is surrounding the image, tags are inserted, alt and title. But with this approach, optimization possibilities are very limited. In addition, by optimizing in this way for Google, there is a risk of getting negative sanctions from Yandex for a recap, which is too sensitive to the large number of keys used on the page.

Thanks to the new software from Google will be able to use the image that the machine recognizes correctly. In the future, you can count on the fact that products will more often be shown in a visual search.

How it works

The possibilities of machine recognition from Google are quite wide. Check them out on your own experience by uploading your picture to the Cloud Vision API. Please note that the maximum image size should not exceed 4 megabytes.

Here is what you can find out about the uploaded image.

1. Faces tab: shows whether a person’s face is visible, how happy he is, what emotions he feels at all, if there is a headdress on him, how his head is tilted relative to the space.

2. Objects tab Notes that specifically depicted in the picture. In my case, the car realized that it was a woman with a probability of 86%, but the fact that she was also a man was only 77%.

3. Labels tab: It shows what else is shown in the picture, in addition to the person (if there is one). Details and contextual aspects of the image are recorded. In my case - the sky, the beach, the sea, vacation and so on. Convenient for optimization!

4. Web Entities Tab - Another super-useful tab for SEO-Schnick. Here are the words from the Internet that are directly related to your picture!

5. Properties tab - here you will see the main colors that are present in your picture.

6. Safe Search Tab shows how safe your image is for viewing, whether it contains something shocking and defamatory (the picture I uploaded, for example, is completely safe - there are no elements of pornography, cruelty, hoax and racism, which means that the search engine will easily miss it).

Under the picture itself, its name is displayed. The one with which you downloaded the image to the program.

How useful will be the new technology from Google, and whether the predictions of experts will come true - time will tell. While the new software is working in test mode, developers accept comments from users about the system. If you need search engine optimization, you know who to go to.

Watch the video: Image SEO, Learn To Optimize your Website Images Now! @johnelincoln (January 2020).


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