700+ best tools for integrated website promotion

In this material, we have collected everything that is necessary for the Internet marketer for the integrated promotion of sites: useful software (programs and plugins) and a lot of online services. Use the table of contents to navigate the sections.


SEO optimization

Tools for working with semantic core

1. Selection of the words "Yandex"

A well-known service for finding the most popular queries among users of the Yandex search system. Shows statistics of requests, helps predict impressions, shows similar requests.

2. Yandex Wordstat Assistant

Plugin for Google Chrome, which helps to work with Yandex.Wordstat. By installing this extension, you can copy the relevant keywords with one click, and then paste them into the Excel document in one pile. Very comfortably.

3. "Google Keyword Scheduler"

The Google Keyword Planner defines the key phrases that are most often used by users of the largest search engine in the world when searching for certain information. This tool allows you to predict traffic and budget for contextual advertising, group requests and download them to your computer in .csv format.

4. Key Collector

Price: first license - 1800 rubles for electronic payments and 1900 rubles for non-cash.

Professional tool for working with the semantic core of the site. Allows you to determine the most popular key requests, evaluate the cost of promoting a project on them, track the top keys of competitors, etc. This application has a lot of functions. Most of them you may never even need if you are not engaged in SEO professionally.

5. Slovoeb

Free replacement for the previous application (from the same developer), but with a restriction on functionality. Suitable for site owners who promote their own resources. All the main functions in this application are provided: search for keywords, tracking site positions, the ability to set a quick filter in the list of keys, etc.

6. Rush Analytics

Price: from 999 rubles per month. A free trial period of 14 days is available.

Rush Analytics automatically analyzes keywords from the Yandex Word Search service. In the project settings, you can specify the key evaluation parameters: add operators, fix word order. Collected keys and statistics can be exported. Rush Analytics collects tips from Yandex, Google and YouTube. With their help, you can expand the semantic core. Collected tips can be downloaded to the table.

7. SpyWords

Price: from 1950 rubles per month; The free version has strong limitations.

Russian-language service that allows you to receive information about advertising campaigns of competitors (ad text, positions), and also compare the semantic cores of selected resources (keys, positions, snippets in the output).

Tools for checking site positions

There are a lot of services and applications for checking site positions (here in this article, as many as 42 of them are described), and there is simply no point in re-listing them. Therefore, we dwell only on a few, the cheapest and most convenient, in my opinion, to use. Two of them have already been described in the previous paragraph - Sloboeb and Key Collector, and the rest will be discussed further.

8. Seogadget

Very simple service for checking positions online. No need to register. Just enter the keys and watch. Of the benefits - shows links to pages. Of the minuses - no more than 30 keywords can be checked at a time, and no more than 250 checks per day.

9. Allpositions

Price: 1 coin per 1 request in one search engine; a coin costs from 3 kopecks depending on the size of the deposit; The first 1000 coins are given free of charge immediately after registration.

Very simple service with an intuitive interface. The report made using this service is as follows:

The main advantages of this tool:

  • importing keys and exporting reports in a .csv table
  • different search engines (Yandex, Google, Mail.ru, Rambler, Tut.by)
  • the ability to set up an automatic removal of positions immediately after the update of Yandex
  • if you click on the "Details" tab, you can see the results for TOPU-10 and the snippet, which is shown in the issue for the selected query

10. TopInspector

Price: 60 rubles per month in two search engines every day, in one region for 100 requests; after registering on the balance is available 10 bonus rubles.

Very similar to the previous service. Of the benefits are the following:

  • import of words from Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics
  • up to 4 regions in one project
  • grouping and sorting phrases
  • Download reports in .csv and .xls format

Minus: the first report is formed quite a long time. Analysis of 7 keywords in two search engines took me more than a day, although the service warns about this.

Why promotion on positions is not suitable for business

Tools for tracking updates "Yandex" and "Google"

11. Promosite

Service for tracking updates "Yandex". It works very simply - the higher the column in the diagram, the stronger the "shaking" in the output.

12. Mozcast

Service for tracking updates Google. It works on the same principle as the previous one - the higher the temperature, the stronger the change in the issue.

13. Searchenegines Forum

The main forum Runet on internet marketing. Registration in this community will allow you to always be aware of the updates of search engines. To do this, periodically look into the two main topics of the forum - "Yandex" and "Google".

Link Monitoring Tools

To track your website’s external links, it’s best to use Yandex.Webmaster and Webmaster Panel from Google. But to track competitor links, you should use third-party. There are a lot of them (here the 8 most popular ones are described - the review is old, but basically nothing has changed in popularity, only Yahoo Site Explorer has stopped working), but I will list only the one that, in my opinion, is the most convenient.

14. Linkpad

Price: from 1450 rub. per month for 20,000,000 data lines for uploading per month; in the free version there are some minor limitations.

Linkpad shows external links of the selected resource, as well as some other information important from the point of view of search engine optimization (the number of pages in the index, donor sites, anchors, etc.). The main disadvantage of the free version is limited by the number of lines. The main advantage is that you can view absolutely all links without any restrictions.

SEO technical tools

Tools of this group allow you to check the technical compliance of resources with the requirements of search engines, as well as to obtain other information that is important from the point of view of search engine optimization.

15. Google Search Console (free)

Using the Google Search Console, you can check the indexing status of a site, get information about search traffic, check the status of the sitemap file and URL parameters.

16. "Yandex.Webmaster" (free)

The service allows you to monitor the resource indexing, adjust the indexing parameters, define search queries, evaluate the site's position in the search and receive notifications of technical errors.

17. Netpeak Spider (Paid)

Price: from $ 9.80 per month when paying for the year. There is a free trial period of 14 days.

An application that allows you to analyze internal and external links, quickly find errors, including broken links, duplicate content and incorrect redirects. Makes detailed reports in Excel spreadsheet format.

18. Xenu Link Sleuth (free)

Finds broken links, makes a site map, searches for pages with a long return time and non-unique headers, provides compact reports. For more information on how this can be used to optimize your site, read here.

19. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool (shareware)

Price: € 149 per year. There is a free version with a 500 scan limit.

Allows you to quickly perform an SEO audit of the resource. It scans the site or a specific section of it and displays all the working and non-working pages with detailed data on each of them (title, description, h1, h2, keywords, the number of characters per page, the number of words).

20. Check My Links for Chrome extension (free)

The most useful Google Chrome extension - finds links on any page (regular and redirect) and shows whether they work or not. All bad links can be copied to the clipboard in 1 click.

Mastkhev-plugin for editors, marketers, SEO-specialists.

21. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights (free)

A service that determines the download speed of the site and gives recommendations for its increase.

22. Mobile-friendly test (free)

The Google service, which checks how well your site is optimized for mobile devices, indicates mistakes made and gives suggestions for improvement.

23. Plugin for Microsoft Excel Seo Tools (free)

A plugin that automates the process of collecting information on any pages of the selected site (publication date, title, number of words in the article, the category to which it belongs, and much more). Thanks to this plugin you will be able to determine the most effective content of your site and focus on it. Main advantages: there is integration with Majestic SEO and Google Analytics. To better understand what this plugin is for, read this article "Content Analysis. Part 1. Collecting Metrics with the Seo Tools Plugin".

24. RDS bar extension for Mozilla and Chrome (free)

Expansion for quick analysis of the main SEO indicators of the site: indexed pages, incoming links, citation index, traffic. You can quickly see the robots.txt file, sitemap.xml, find out the CMS on which the site is made, etc.

And what if there is no time to implement all these tools? When there is a need to put website promotion on the rails, you can always contact the search engine optimization department of TexTerra sites. Working together is the key to the success of site growth.

Competitor Analysis Tools

25. Similarweb (shareware)

Price: from $ 199 per month.

Online service that allows you to compare multiple sites. Comparison evaluates Internet traffic, traffic, channel review.

26. Serpstat (shareware)

Price: from $ 19 / month.

The platform, which consists of four blocks: analysis of backlinks, SEO site audit, analysis of semantics and analytics of competitors.

27. Megaindex (shareware)

Price: from 1 490 rubles per month.

A platform for SEO analysis. You can analyze the site, analysis of visibility in Google and Yandex, pick keywords.

28. "Social intelligence" (free)

The service allows you to analyze the social activity of sites. To use the tool, simply enter the URL of the resources of interest in the field, select social networks and click the "Collect" button.

29. Rank2Traffic (free)

Analyzes the website: traffic, finds keywords, and increase / decrease in traffic over the past few years / months.

30. Be1.ru (free)

The service has the basic tools: comprehensive site analysis, anti-plagiarism, site position checking, and additional tools: Internet speed check, virus check, etc.

31. WayBack Machine (free)

Digital archive of the World Wide Web. You can track site changes, as well as see the original view for any date.

32. Socialblade (free)

Service for analyzing the statistics of channels on YouTube, so you can get data for Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and Dailymotion. There are many types of detailed statistics, data on the growth of subscribers, a place in the overall rating and much more.

33. Pepper.Ninja (paid)

Price: 490 rubles / month.

Service for fine targeting in VKontakte: it helps to find people by subject entries, find the right audience in other groups, find communities by keywords. Also carries out some queries for Instagram, Facebook and Odnoklassniki.

34. LiveDune (Paid)

Price: from 270 rubles / month.

Service deep analytics, not only of their social networks, but also of others. You can search for bloggers and watch rating. Information is constantly updated in the background.

Other useful tools for webmasters

35. Original texts (free)

The service from Yandex, with which you can tell the main search engine of the RuNet that you are the author of not yet published content.

36. "Yandex. Reference" and Google Local (free)

Services that allow your company’s contact details to be displayed on the search results page.

37. Schema.org (free)

Schema.org is a site that publishes micromarking schemes that are recognized by the world's largest search engines, including Yandex and Google. Schemas are HTML tags. With their help, search engines recognize the value and structure of information published on the site. This improves the quality of the search and improves the results.

38. "Валидатор микроразметки" и "Инструмент проверки структурированных данных" (бесплатные)

"Валидатор микроразметки" позволяет проверить семантическую разметку, внедренную на вашем сайте, и убедиться в том, что роботы поисковых систем смогут извлечь структурированные данные. "Разметка структурированных данных" позволяет показывать дополнительную информацию с вашего сайта в результатах поиска и сервисах Google.

39. Генератор UTM-меток (бесплатный)

Инструмент для UTM-разметки ссылок от Tilda. Есть шаблоны для Ads, "Директа", "ВКонтакте", Facebook и MyTarget. Additionally, you can shorten the link, for example, using bitly.

40. Google Trends (free)

The "Trends" service allows you to study the dynamics of the popularity of various key queries.

41. Google Tag Manager (free)

Google tool, with which you can quickly and conveniently manage scripts and codes of third-party services on your site.

Content marketing

Tools for searching content ideas

42. BuzzSumo (shareware)

Price: from $ 99 per month; The first page of issue is free of charge.

Foreign service that searches for the most shared content on the net. It works very simply: enter the request you need, select the type of content (article, infographics, guest post, survey, interview, video) and the time during which it was published (day, week, month, half a year, year) and see which materials received the most rassharivaniya during this time.

You can also use this tool to determine the most shared content for a specific site. To do this, enter the domain of the resource you need into the search box and click Search.

The main disadvantages of Buzzsumo are the lack of the Vkontakte social network and a fairly high price.

43. Popsters (conditionally free)

Price: from 399 rubles per month.

Convenient and simple service with which you can view information / statistics about the activity of the audience, about when and what content is better to lay out. You can analyze not only your account, but also someone else's.

44. Keyhole (shareware)

Price: from $ 179 per month.

The service tracks in real time all references to the hashtag, keyword or link on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and sends you email notifications (daily or weekly, as you choose).

File and Bookmark Tools

45. Feedly (shareware)

Price: from $ 5.41.

One of the best content aggregators. Works on the principle of RSS feeds - subscribe to all blogs that interest you, and then read them in one feed. The main plus - there is an official extension with notifications of unread messages. In the free version - up to 100 sources.

46. ​​Pocket (shareware)

Price: from 169 rubles per month / 1 449 rubles per year.

A service with which you can save all the pages you are interested in, found while surfing the Internet. Of the benefits that paid subscribers, you can select only that they can create a cache of articles in case their source ceases to exist.

47. Evernote (shareware)

Price: from 219 rubles / month.

Another service for saving pages and creating notes. The premium subscription offers the following benefits: searching by words in text files attached to notes, presentation mode, more space for downloading files and additional features for working on mobile devices.

48. Dropbox (shareware)

Price: from $ 13 per month.

Allows you to store your data on servers in the cloud and share it with other users.

Article in the topic: Overview of 10+ cloud data storage

Text Tools

49. "Glavred" (free)

Popular service from Maxim Ilyakhov. Insert your text into Glavred, and he will highlight stop words, informational garbage, and also give an assessment of your text on his own ten-point scale.

50. Orfogrammka (paid)

Price: from 300 rubles per month.

Domestic service for checking grammar, punctuation, style, spelling, typography and even cacophony. Able to find "meaningful" typos. Each error found is accompanied by an explanation.

51. Literacy.ru (free)

A site that should be bookmarked by any copywriter and editor. There is a spell check of words, but this is not the most important thing. The main thing is the information bureau where answers are given to controversial questions about the writing of certain words.

P. S. A word of advice: in order not to crawl around the site in the search for the word you need, immediately enter the phrase “how to spell a word… letter ru” in the search box of the search engine.

52. "Turgenev" (free)

The service has a simple and convenient interface. The text can be checked for repetition, style, readability and water content. A detailed explanation of the errors is given.

53. Advego (free)

Service that checks text for anti-plagiarism, number of stop words, word frequency, water content, etc.

54. Dictionary of Russian Synonyms (free)

One of the most normal online services to search for synonyms. The main advantages - offers many synonyms and does not overwhelm with advertising.

55. Typographical layout (free)

An application that allows you to enter rare characters directly from the keyboard. To do this, however, you need to remember their location. But as soon as you do this, your work speed will definitely increase.

56. Xmind (shareware)

Price: from $ 79, but you can safely use the free version - restrictions on the functions are insignificant.

Service for creating smart cards. A good overview of this service, see below:

57. Egg Timer (free)

Very simple online timer. You set the time you need to spend on the execution of a particular task, and after that time you hear a signal saying that it’s time to finish.

58. Google Docs (free)

A popular cloud text editor from Google. You can create documents using different templates.

59. Plugin for Google Chrome Simple Time Track (free)

An extension that allows you to add tasks and track their execution time. Runs in the background.

60. Plugin for Google Chrome Block site (free)

An extension that blocks access to sites that prevent you from concentrating. For example, social networks or mailbox.

Tools for working with visual content

Our blog already has material in which we have collected the best services and applications for working with images. Therefore, in order not to repeat, let me immediately give you a link to it - 30+ free tools for creating and processing images - and supplement it with tools that are not included in this review, but which will be very useful for content marketers.

61. Monosnap (free)

The best service for creating screenshots. Main advantages: you can make inscriptions of different colors, draw even arrows of different sizes, wash out unwanted elements of the image, there is a screen recording. To view the quality of the video shot using Monosnap, click on the link.

62. LICEcap (free)

Application for creating gifs from the selected part of the screen. An example of a gif made using this tool:

63. Gifcam (free)

Analog Licecap, however, with one significant advantage - this application allows you to make the movement of the screen. An example of a gif made using this tool:

64. Meme generator (free)

A service that allows you to create your own memes using ready-made templates or your own image. To use the service registration is required.

And separately, three more reviews with useful resources and services:

Other useful tools for content marketers

Content marketing is not just articles and pictures. In addition to these two types of content, there are many more, no less interesting. For example, videos, polls and quizzes. In this section, we will list the tools that will be of interest to content marketers who are not limited to any framework and are always looking for new ways to interact with the audience.

65. Surveymonkey (shareware)

Price: from 749 rubles per month; in the free version only 10 questions and 100 answers are available.

Popular service for creating and conducting surveys. Allows you to choose a design theme, type of question (with or without answer choices) and their number. There are quite detailed statistics and protection against markups.

66. Pollservice.ru (free)

In function, it is slightly inferior to the previous service, but completely free. Of the advantages, the following can be distinguished: protection against markups, the ability to create a poll with multiple choice and free answer, detailed statistics.

67. Qzzr (shareware)

Price: $ 199 per month.

Service to create quizzes and tests.

Email marketing

Email Distribution Services

There are quite a lot of services for sending letters to the database of subscribers today. We chose the foreign Mailchimp service and recommend it to everyone. I can’t say anything about the rest of the email clients - they didn’t test it, so I’ll just provide links to their reviews. But on the "Mailchimpe" I will stop in more detail.

68. Mailchimp (Paid)

Price: from $ 10 per month, 12 thousand letters per month and the base of no more than 2000 subscribers is free of charge.

The main feature of Mailchimp, which from the very beginning inclined us to choose this particular service, is a high percentage of letter delivery (for many Russian-speaking competitors, this percentage suffers slightly). Also I liked the detailed reports (which can be downloaded in Excel spreadsheet format), support for adaptive layout, the ability to link it with Google Analytics and conduct A / B testing. Plus, the service is constantly updated, there are new features, some improvements. The tool is "live", and it pleases the most.

69. Unisender (shareware)

Price: from $ 10 per month.

A platform for email-mailing, which allows not only to create letters from templates, but also to automate the mailing (letters will be sent to each client individually, following the compiled algorithm). You can view statistics and compare mailings with each other.

70. SendPulse (shareware)

Price: from 590 rubles per month / from 5 664 rubles per year.

A service with which you can email. The process can be automated, and then pass a split test, which will show the level of probability to pass spam filters.

Subscriber Collection Tools

71. Hellobar (shareware)

Advanced service for creating pop-ups.

72. Plugin for Wordpress Viperbar (free)

Analogue HelloBar, only for sites on the Wordpress engine. Of the differences are the following:

  • Shows exactly which pages were converted.
  • Allows you to remove the logo.
  • There is an opportunity to add a thank you page.
  • Available in 5 different panel styles.
  • Users can hide this panel if it annoys them.

73. List Builder (free)

Simple and beautiful pop-up for collecting email addresses. There is a text setting, design and time of appearance on the screen of the user.

74. Wordpress plugin for Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box (free)

The window that appears on the side of the screen and invites users to leave their email. The main advantage of this plugin over standard pop-ups is that it does not block your content, but modestly hangs in the corner of the screen.


Tools for crossposting and creating deferred publications


IFTTT allows you to connect two services together so that an action on one of them causes an action on another. For example, you can make it so that when you change your avatar on Facebook, it automatically changes on Twitter. There are a lot of variations of such bundles. Plus, new ones appear daily.

76. Buffer

Price: $ 10 per month.

Service for cross-posting in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, App.net and Google+. A free subscription allows you to use one account in each of the networks, and a paid one allows you to connect several at once.

77. Hootsuite

Price: from $ 19 per month.

The direct competitor Buffer with very similar functionality and personally I like a little more.

78. Novapress

Price: from 350 rubles per month.

Manager of automatic publishing in all popular social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Odnoklassniki.

Tools for promotion "Vkontakte"

79. Widgets "VKontakte" (free)

Official widgets of the social network "VKontakte".

80. Socialstats (free)

The service, which shows detailed statistics on photo albums, video recordings and public in general. The feature that seemed interesting was the opportunity to see the most popular communities among the subscribers of the selected page.

81. "Deserter"

Shows new subscribers and those who left the group. For more details on how this is done, look at the video:

82. Antidogs (shareware)

Price: 299 p.

Check group "VKontakte" for the presence of "dogs" (dead users) is free. Cleaning - for 299 r.

83. "Repost Tree"

Service to identify those users who repost your record. SMM-specialists will help track the effectiveness of viral posts.

84. SMM-box

Price: from 299 rubles per month.

Plug-in for autoposting "VKontakte". How it works, you can see in the following video:

85. Advertising account "VKontakte"

The official advertising account of the social network "VKontakte".

86. Allsocial

Shows statistics and rating of VKontakte communities. It is useful when searching for publics for advertising.

87. Sociate

Price: depending on the subject and quality of the campaign.

Popular advertising exchange for VKontakte.

88. "Cerebro Target"

Price: from 1,225 rubles per month.

Service for effective retargeting.

89. "Competition Manager"

The application helps to determine the winners in competitions, organize instant contests "guess the number", "random user" and send a notification to the winner.

90. AntiSpam

Price: from 99 rubles per month.

The service scans the community wall and removes all spam entries and comments.

Facebook promotion tools

91. Social Book Post Manager (free)

Chrome extension - Facebook post manager. Allows you to massively delete them, change privacy settings, manage likes.

92. Facebook Social Plugins

93. Plugin for Wordpress Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

A popup window that appeals to your Facebook page.

94. Facebook Poll

A service that allows you to conduct surveys in the social network Facebook.

95. AgoraPulse Timeline Contest Manager

Another great service from AgoraPulse is the contests manager. To hold a competition, you must go through 4 stages:

- Select the page where you want to spend it

- Select a post that will participate in the competition

- Choose the type of competition (random selection of the winner who liked and / or commented on your post, quiz or photo contest)

- Select the conditions that the user must fulfill in order to participate in the competition

96. Likealyzer

Analyzes the page on Facebook and gives recommendations for its improvement. For example, fill out company information, increase the number of publications, use more visual content, etc.

Also using this service you can search by community. To do this, select the subject and country.

97. Facebook Social Plugins (free)

Graph Search is a Facebook search engine that performs a search based on social connections and user preferences. For more information on how to use this tool, read here - "How to use Facebook social search in marketing."

98. Official Facebook Advertising Service

The official cabinet of targeted Facebook ads.

99. Services from Wishpond

Price: from $ 49 per month.

5 services for promotion on Facebook: for creating landing pages, holding contests, creating personal discount coupons that are activated using likes, as well as creating forms and pop-ups.

100. TimelineCoverBanner (free)

Service to quickly create original covers for Facebook.

Twitter Promotion Tools

A lot of the tools are listed here in this article - "59 tools for working on Twitter", so I will list below only two of my favorite ones.

101. Followerwonk

Price:from $ 29 per month.

The service allows you to analyze followers of any account on Twitter. The following features are available for free.

  • Search for people by profile information:
  • Comparing profiles of different users:
  • Analysis of followers specific account. The time of their activity, the most popular keywords, place of residence, when the last tweet was made and other statistics.

102. Nuzzel

The app is looking for content that is most popular with your Twitter followers.

Instagram promotion tools

103. Minter.io

Price: from $ 9 per month / $ 99 per year.

Analytics accounts in Instagram. There are detailed statistics. You can download as a presentation or pdf.

104. Instasize

Service for publishing photos of any size.

105. Instarepost

Service for repost favorite records.

106. InstaFollow

Service to keep track of who has become a follower, who has gone, etc.

107. Top-hashtags

Popular hashtags in Instagram. There is a search by category.

108. Search Instagram

Search on Instagram from the computer.

109. 4k Stogram

Allows you to download all the photos of the selected account.

110. Webstagram

Allows you to view photos of any user, comment and like photos from a computer.

111. Bluestacks

Android and iOS emulator for computer. Allows you to use Instagram from a computer. Read more about how this tool works here.

112. Gramblr

The application that allows you to post photos in "Instagram" from your computer.

Other SMM tools

113. Social Media Image Maker

An indispensable tool for any SMM box. With it, you can easily adjust any image to the size of any popular social network (except "VKontakte").

114. Pablo

The easiest tool for creating images for social networks. For a minute you can upload photos, select a template and format, add text. Source images and texts can be copied to Pablo in one click from any resource.

115. Epicstars

Exchange direct (native) advertising in VK, FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. In the database of tens of thousands of sites. A lot of filters, there is a safe deal.

116. Chotam

Price: from 190 rubles per month.

Service for tracking comments VK, FB, Instagram, OK, YouTube, Twitter. You can monitor both your own and other people's communities and profiles. Alerts - by mail, Viber, PM VK or Telegram. Free trial period - 1 week.

Two more reviews with useful tools:

Web analytics

Три главных инструмента по веб-аналитике

117. Яндекс.Метрика

118. Google Analytics

119. Liveinternet

Инструменты для коллтрекинга

120. Alloka

Цена: от 560 рублей в месяц.

121. CallTracking

Цена: от 1500 руб. в месяц.

122. Comagic

Цена: от 2100 руб. в месяц.

123. Ringostat

Цена: от 3 199 р. в месяц / от 2 399 р. в год / 1 919 р. на три года.

124. Calltouch

Цена: от 5 400 рублей в месяц.

Сервисы по отслеживанию упоминаний бренда

125. Яндекс.Блоги

Сервис дл отслеживания упоминаний ваших материалов и вашего бренда.

126. Google "Оповещения"

Сервис, позволяющий получать уведомления о новых публикациях по установленным вами ключевым запросам.

127. Поиск "ВКонтакте"

Введите в строку поиска название своей компании или статьи, и смотрите, какие упоминания о вас появились за последнее время.

128. Поиск "Твиттера"

По такому же принципу работает и поиск "Твиттера".

Обратите внимание! Если вы мониторите "ВКонтакте" и "Твиттер" вручную, делайте это оперативно, т.к. many results disappear from the issue literally 4-5 days after publication.

Tools to increase the number of rassharivaniya

Sharing Buttons

There are a lot of buttons for sharing, so here I will list only those that I think are the most beautiful and safe.

129. Share from Yandex

130. Share42

131. Po.st

Other tools

132. Pay with a tweet

Price: from $ 49.99 per month.

A service that opens access to your content only after a user shares it or likes it in one of the social networks. Read more about this in our article.

133. "Social lock" (paid)

Price: from $ 5 for 6 months.

Service that allows you to hide any post / content and open only after a person fulfills a certain condition.

134. Plugin for Wordpress Viral Lock

Price: From $ 20 for 6 months / from $ 5.63 for a year.

The same, only for sites on Wordpress. Available social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

135. Plugin for Wordpress Revive Old Post

Price: from $ 75.

A plugin that automatically posts your old posts from your blog on social networks with the amount of time you set. The tool supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr.

136. Plugin for Wordpress WP-PostViews

Shows the number of page views.

137. Surfingbird (free)

Advisory service.

138. Stumbleupon (now mix.com) (free)


Site builders

139. Tilda Publishing (shareware)

Price: from 500 rubles per month.

Website Designer, for the use of which do not need to have special skills. Any template can be customized to your taste preferences.

140. LPgenerator (paid)

Price: from 559 rubles / month.

Landing generator with a large selection of templates for various purposes.

141. WIX (shareware)

Price: from 123 rubles / month.

Website builder with a huge amount of tools and variations.

142. uKit (paid)

Price: from $ 4 / month.

Website Builder, with which you can create a business card site, landing page or a small online store.

143. uCoz (shareware)

Price: from $ 3 per month.

The system for creating and managing the site as a whole, as well as individual tabs.

144. Nethouse (shareware)

Price: from 225 rubles per month.

Popular platform for creating websites. Most features are available for free.

145. 1C-UMI (shareware)

Price: from 110 rubles per month.

Service not only to create a site, but also to promote it.

146. Setup (shareware)

Price: from 199 rubles / month.

Constructor for creating ordinary sites and landing pages on various subjects.

You can read more about each constructor in our review.

Wordpress Plugins That Increase User Session Length

147. Plugin for Wordpress UpPrev

A plugin that offers users who have read the rest of the article to read the previous material on your blog. A link appears in the window that appears and a small entry.

148. Plugin for Wordpress

Encourages users who complement the end of the article to read similar materials.

149. Plugin for Wordpress WordPress Popular Posts

Shows the most popular posts in the sidebar.

Tools for creating forms for the site

150. Jotform (shareware)

Price:from $ 19 per month.

One of the best form designers with a variety of templates and flexible settings.

151. Main-ip

152. Form Master

Layout and programming

Since I am not an expert in this field, I have added to this list only those tools that I use myself and that will be useful even to those who are just starting to master the layout and programming.

153. "Reformer"

Clears content copied from the Word document from unnecessary tags and attributes and generates code in accordance with the XHTML standard. Just a few clicks are enough: select and copy the necessary content from the Word file, paste it into the "Reformer" window, click the "Original HTML" button, and then click "Clear HTML".

154. Sublime Text

Price: 80 $.

One of the best editors for webmasters with a very large number of useful features. We will not list them here. It is better to look at the review immediately, so it will be clearer. And if you decide to use this editor, then this cheat sheet, in which all the hotkeys and commands of this application are painted, is also useful to you.

Watch the video here.

155. NerdyData

Price: from $ 50 per month.

A service that allows you to search by code. For example, you want to know which sites use the Hellobar application. Enter the appropriate query and see - more than 7 thousand results. Also, using this service, you can track backlinks, look for errors in your codes, and be inspired by other people's work.

Online consultants

156. ChatHelp (shareware)

Price:from 250 rubles per month.

Free online consultant. There is an opportunity to see how it will look on your site.

157. JivoSite

Price: from 592 rubles per month.

158. RedHelper

Price: from 960 rub. for 1 operator per month; There is a free version with strong limitations.

Uncategorized Tools

159. Disqus (free)

Free service for commenting. Its main advantage is that it allows readers to log in to the site using their social media accounts.

160. Google+ Hangouts

A tool to hold a hangout with your users or colleagues. Read more about this service here.

Hangout example using Google+ Hangouts


Perhaps you are thinking why the article is called "700+ best tools" when there were only 160 on the list. Let's count together:

160 tool from the list + 42 tools for checking website positions + 8 for monitoring links + 26 services for analyzing competitors + 17 programs for creating mind maps + 59 services for administrators of Vkontakte and Facebook + 12 call tracking services + 10 monitoring services + 10 cloud storage + 30 + 40 + 20 + 6 for working with visual content + 57 for promoting on Twitter + 50 plug-ins + 6 tools for conducting polls in social networks + 203 plug-ins for Wordpress + 43 plug-ins for Joomla = about 735.

With such a smart set of software and services, only the lazy will not achieve results.

P.S. Like a selection? Repost please.

Watch the video: Fastest Way To Make Money With Clickbank - Even As A Beginner (January 2020).


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